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Sputnik's Most Overrated

If this list is predictable, then you're on this website too much.
1La Dispute
Somewhere at the Bottom of the River...

Rating- 4.2. Whenever I listen to this(which isn't by choice and not very
often), I always think I'm listening to a high school kid groan about his
pathetic excuse for a life. Between the over-the-top lyrics and the
annoying vocals/spoken word, this album is nothing more than a speech in
group therapy. New rating- 3.1

Rating 4.1 Just because a band experiments doesn't automatically make it a
progression. Thrice(a band that was never as good as advertised) had
supposed made a near-classic with this. The only thing this album tells me
is that Dustin Kensrue can read a book. Unfortunately for him, so can 3
billion other people, some of whom aren't as gullible as the others. New
rating- 3
The Shape of Punk to Come

Rating- 4.6 While Shape of Punk is an enjoyable album, I always seem to
struggle to notice how "legendary" it is. Considering it doesn't have any
replay value for me nor anyone else I know off of Sputnik, I find it odd that
it has such a high rating. The vocals are sub-par at best, and where's the
hardcore? Where's the punk? I feel like this band was trying to
revolutionize the genre(s), but all they did was make an album that's highly
forgettable. New rating- 3.3
Fake History

Rating 4.1 When I saw that this album was over a 4, I almost threw up in
my mouth a little bit. When Glassjaw, Jr. came out with Fake History, the
amount of dick-riding that went on was disturbing. The vocals are
annoying, and the music comes off as a schizophrenic Glassjaw-ripoff.
While I don't like Palumbo's vocals anymore than Jason Butler's, at least
Glassjaw's music is somewhat enjoyable. New rating- 2.9
Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

Rating 4.0 I understand the hype surrounding Defeater. The EP "Lost
Ground" and the first full-length "Travels" showed a band with a lot of
promise. Unfortunately the band seems to have fallen in love with
themselves. The concept idea has run its course, and the addition of
4912846912644987 too many acoustic ballads is ridiculous. If you're going
to be a hardcore band, be a hardcore band. I understand the need to
experiment and discover new ground, but you don't need to tarnish what
you've created by trying to appeal to the masses. Entry-level hardcore and
power-pop ballads for people who've never heard another hardcore album
in their life. New rating- 2.7
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