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10 Best Movie Villains

Fuck all of you.

Commodus(Gladiator)- I have never walked out of a movie theatre and hated a character so much in my life. The treachery mixed in with his "slight" incestual behavior made him vile and repulsive all at once, all the while making you want more of him.
2The Swarm
Parasitic Skies

The Joker(The Dark Knight)- Yes, this might be a bit cliche, but never has the Joker been played so insanely brilliant. The mixture of paranoid schizophrenia and all out anger management issues brought the Joker to a who'..... nudda...... level.
3Off Minor

Hans Gruber(Die Hard)- A not very well-known Alan Rickman took on a character that was really meant to be just a support of Bruce Willis' John McClane, but ended up practically stealing the whole show.
4Black Ships

John Doe(Se7en)- You really didn't meet the character himself until the movie had almost reached its' conclusion, but the grimey, disgusting, repulsive acts that were committed in his name throughout the movie showed that the unknown was truly scarier than the tangible.
5Iron Lung
Sexless //No Sex

Frank Booth(Blue Velvet)- Hopper took what was supposed to be a vile movie character and turned him into something so frightening that my wife still won't watch Blue Velvet for a second time. "MOMMY! MOMMY! BABY WANTS TO FUCK!!!"
6 Neanderthal
Fighting Music 7

Bill the Butcher(Gangs of New York)
Busy Signal At The Suicde Hotline

Max Cady(Cape Fear)
Obscene Humanity

The Terminator(Terminator)
9Skinny Puppy
Last Rights

Mr. Blonde(Resevoir Dogs)
10Brutal Truth
Need To Control

Big Boy Caprice(Dick Tracy)
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