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Rad Film Samples In Songs

Music is cool. Movies are cool. Movies in music is really cool.
Dark Space III

Dark 3.16 - Prince of Darkness - "Suppose what your faith has said is essentially correct. Suppose that there is a universal mind controling everything, a god willing the behaviour of every sub-atomic particle. Now every partical has an anti-partical, its mirror image, its negative side. Maybe this universal mind resides in the mirror image, instead of being in our universe as we wanted to believe. Maybe he's anti-god, bringing darkness instead of light."
2Children of Bodom
Something Wild

The Nail - Ben-Hur ? "Your eyes are full of hate, 41. That's good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength."
None So Vile

Crown of Horns - Exorcist III: Legion ? *ferocious growl* ?I do that rather well? Don?t you think??
4Pig Destroyer
Phantom Limb

Rotten Yellow - Bad Lieutenant ? *chants of ?body of Christ?* ?Mommy, they?re coming.?

Napalm in the Morning - Apocolypse Now - "I love the smell of napalm in the morning! It smells like...victory."
6 Shining (Swe)
III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie

Nagonting Ar Javligt Fel - Ginger Snaps - "Wrists are for girls. I'm slitting my throat. You should definitively hang."
Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse - Dawn of the Dead ? "They're after us. They know we're still in here." "They're after the place. They don't know why, they just remember. They remember that they want to be in here." "What the hell are they?" "They're us; that's all. There's no more room in Hell." "What?" "Something my granddaddy used to tell us. You know Mokumba? Voodoo? Granddad was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us, when there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth."
8Spawn of Possession

The Forbidden - Exorcist III: Legion - ?Who are they?" "I cannot tell you. It is... forbidden."

The Golden Streams of Lapland - Full Metal Jacket - "I am in a world of shit.?
10Napalm Death
Utopia Banished

Awake (To a Life of Misery) - They Live - "We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery."
11God Dethroned
Bloody Blasphemy

Serpent King - Death Wish 2 - "Do you believe in Jesus?" "Yes, I do." "Well, you're gonna meet him."
12The Funeral Orchestra
Slow Shalt Be the Whole of the Law

Rite of Lust - Tales of Terror - "Sit very still and listen... is your heart beating in the same rhythm "

Living Dead - The Masque of Red Death - "Each man creates his own Heaven, his own Hell. Death has no life." (Also, "There is no other God! Satan killed him!")
14Brutal Truth
Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

Wilt - Joe Versus the Volcano - "Do you believe in God?" "I believe in myself.?
15Officium Triste
Giving Yourself Away

Inside the Mind - Fight Club - "For six months. I could not sleep. With insomnia, nothing is real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy."
16Solitude Aeturnus

Midnight Dreams - The Wolf Man - ?You have killed the wolf." "Well, there's no crime in that, is there?" "The wolf was Bela." "You think I don't know the difference between a wolf and a man?" "Bela became a wolf, and you killed him. A werewolf can killed only with a silver bullet, or a silver knife, or a stick with a silver handle." "You're insane, I tell you I killed a wolf, a plain ordinary wolf!" "Take this charm, the pentagram, the sign of the wolf. It can break the evil spell." "Evil spell, pentagram, wolvesbane, I'm sick of the whole thing. I'm gonna get out of here!" "Whoever is bitten by the werewolf and lives becomes a werewolf himself.?

Defiance - Rocky Horror Picture Show - "Yes...I have that knowledge. I hold the secret to life itself!"
Liquid Swords

Liquid Swords - Shogun Assassin - ?When I was little, my father was famous. He was the greatest samurai in the empire, and he was the shogun's decapitator. He cut off the heads of 131 lords for the shogun. It was a bad time for the empire. The shogun just stayed inside his castle and he never came out. People said his brain was infected by devils, and that he was rotting with evil. The shogun said the people were not loyal. He said he had a lot of enemies, but he killed more people than that. It was a bad time. Everybody living in fear, but still we were happy. My father would come home to mother, and when he had seen her, he would forget about the killings. He wasn't scared of the shogun, but the shogun was scared of him. Maybe that was the problem. At night, mother would sing for us, while father would go into his temple and pray for peace. He'd pray for things to get better. Then, one night the shogun sent his ninja spies to our house. They were supposed to kill my father, but they didn't. That was the night everything changed??
19Guns N' Roses
Use Your Illusion II

Civil War - Cool Hand Luke - "What we've got here is failure to communicate."
20Children of Bodom
Hate Crew Deathroll

Bodom Beach Terror - American Psycho - ?My pain is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others.?
21Front Line Assembly

Vigilante - Falling Down - ?Feels good to exercise your rights??
None So Vile

Orgiastic Disembowelment - Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness - "That's it... Go ahead and run. Run home and cry to momma."
Holding This Moment

Both Guns Blazing - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - ?I've been looking for you for 8 months. Whenever I should have had a gun in my right hand, I thought of you. Now I find you in exactly the position that suits me. I had lots of time to learn to shoot with my left.? Se7en - ?Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.? Unforgiving - ?It?s a hell of a thing killing a man, to take away all he?s got and all he?s ever gonna have.? ?Yeah. Well, I guess he had it comin?.? ?We all have it comin? kid.?
Dreaming Neon Black

Ophidian - Lord of Illusions - ?Taste the darkness, D'Amour, it's been waiting for you.?
25 Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle

Squeeze Me Macaroni - Blue Velvet - ?Where's the glasses? That beer's going to get warm... One thing I can't fucking stand is warm beer. It makes me fucking puke.?
The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste

Cannibal Song - Hellbound: Hellraiser II - "The mind is a labyrinth..."
27DJ Shadow

Transmission 1 - Prince of Darkness - [dream scene]
28 Cipher Kenni
Crimes Against Humanity

From Hunger (Ft. Hectic) - V for Vendetta - ?So I read that the former United States is so desperate for medical supplies that they have allegedly sent several containers filled with wheat and tobacco. A gesture, they said, of good will. You wanna know what I think? Well, you're listening to my show, so I will assume you do... I think it's high time we let the colonies know what we really think of them. I think its payback time for a little tea party they threw for us a few hundred years ago. I say we go down to those docks tonight and dump that crap where everything from the Ulcered Sphincter of Ass-erica belongs! Who's with me? Who's bloody with me? Did you like that? USA... Ulcered Sphincter of Ass-erica, I mean what else can you say? Here was a country that had everything, absolutely everything. And now, 20 years later, is what? The world's biggest leper colony. Why? Godlessness. Let me say that again... Godlessness. It wasn't the war they started. It wasn't the plague they created. It was Judgement. No one escapes their past. No one escapes Judgement. You think he's not up there? You think he's not watching over this country? How else can you explain it? He tested us, but we came through. We did what we had to do.?
29Strapping Young Lad

AAA - Predator 2 - [sound effect]
302 Live Crew
As Nasty As They Wanna Be

Me So Horny - Full Metal Jacket - ?Me so horny. Me love you long time.?
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