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05.18.23 A.I. metal albums on Spotify CONSPIRACY04.14.23 i saw Obliteration last night
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pretty solid start to the year. everything melodic black and death and in between. * designates a personal favorite and something that you absolutely must cheque!!!
Akt III: Erl​ö​sung

January | Melodic Black *

some really interesting melodic black metal unlike the melodic black metal you're probably used to. Narzissus isnt afraid to get weird at times but still brings the sick riffz

check: Empor zum Ideal

January | Melodic Death / Folk

this Japanese band formerly known as Gyze put out a decent new record under the name RYUJIN and if it weren't for the Matt Heafy feature going so damn hard I probably wouldve skipped it. they also cover the Attack on Titan season 1 opener and it goes so insanely hard holy shit

check: Raijin & Fujin
3Bloody Keep
Rats Of Black Death

January | Lo-fi Melodic Black

same dude thats in Old Nick and Curta'n Wall. very inoffensive, fun, and catchy. not as meme-y as Curta'n Wall but also not svper kvlt.

check: Rats Of Black Death
4Dark Oath
Ages of Man

January | Symphonic Melodic Death *

8 years later, Dark Oath drop their sophomore album that is some of the most epic and symphonic melodic you'll hear. catchy is an understatement. Ages of M/en!!

check: Silver I (A New King)
Ecclesia Gnostica

January | Melodic Black *

pretty forkin solid melodic black metal featuring some members from Griffon. the French are damn good when it comes to this kinda music, though sometimes you gotta triple check the metal archives for fash. they seem safe. some of these riffs will be stuck in your head for weeks

check: De la Gnose Eternelle
6Upon Stone
Dead Mother Moon

January | Old School Melodic Death

sounds like Gatecreeper covering old In Flames. wont blow your mind but its still a fun little nostalgic romp.

check: The Lantern
Behind the Veil of Innocence

January | Old School Melodic Death / Metalcore / Emo ?? *

solo project from a 17 year old kid from Tbilisi, Georgia. as such, production is a bit amateur but its grittiness honestly adds to the overall experience. sounds straight out of the early 2000s American melodic metalcore scene. riffz like its from Gothenburg

check: Life in Monochrome
The Incessant

January | Melodic Death / Doom *

another solo project from a teenager, this time its a 16 year old from Croatia. excellent mix of old school melodic death with melancholic doom metal.

check: Stagnant
Swords of Dajjal

February | Melodic Black

with a name like Necrowretch, would you be surprised if I told you they sound like Necrophobic? well they do, but fall a little flat in comparison. not bad by any means, just not amazing.

Check: Daeva + Total Obliteration
The Fallen Leaves

February | Atmospheric Melodic Black / Folk / Dungeon Synth *

very lovely medieval/D&D/whathaveyou vibes from this one. if you dig Sojourner or Duskmourn, czech ASAP.

check: The Journey to Dawn
11Gates Open
Voice After Silence

February | Melodic Death / Thrash

thrashy and abrasive melodeath FFO At the Gates, The Crown, Bloodred Hourglass

Check: The Awakening
12Eternal Storm
A Giant Bound to Fall

February | Progressive Melodic Death *

sput really fucked with their debut, so it ought to follow that they fuck with this one. since its better n shit. perhaps the next Insomnium, In Mourning, or Be'lakor?? wishful thinking, but its certainly plausible

check: An Abyss of Unreason
13Darkest Hour
Perpetual | Terminal

February | Melodic Death

love my hometown boys. go caps. fuck the haters, this rules.

check: New Utopian Dream
The Way of Ancients

February | Melodic Black

more meloblack from the States never hurt anybody. riffz ahrd

check: Birth Of The Nephalem

February | Melodic Tech Death

nice lil EP from a newer band that sounds a bit like Revocation and Shadows Fall

check: Over The Worlds They Create
Unleashed Abyss

March | Old School Melodic Death *

man, Spotify sure is an interesting platform. shit pay to artists aside, the shuffle algorithm will either give me AI bands ( or the sickest most obscure Japanese melodeath. thankfully, the AI bands dont come on as much anymore but I do be getting the obscure Japanese melodeath. this is like HM2 melodeath overload. think the God That Never Was by Dismember mixed with even more In Flames. this is their first album in 14 years and it RIPS. check their others too, seriously

check: Mutilate without Killing
17Words of Farewell
Stories to Forget

March | Melodic Death *

kinda wish we'd get a new full length instead of being drip fed EPs but the EPs have been great so I guess it cant be all that bad. this is probably the best thing they've released since their debut. deep melodeath for fans of Insomnium and Countless Skies

Check: This Mirage, My Likeness
18Fall of Serenity
Open Wide, O Hell

March | Melodic Death

solid german melodeath thats blackened at times. this band had a split with Heaven Shall Burn in 1999. pretty neat.

Check: A Winter Song
Nocturnal Will

March | Melodic Black / Crust *

Dodsrit dial the crust back a bit on this one and ramp up the meloblack compared to their last album, Mortal Coil. I know some people probably wont like that but its still there. riffz on riffz

check: Utmed Gyllbergens Stig
20Eternal Autumn
Below the Lightless Heavens

March | Melodic Death / Black / Thrash *

underrated asf og melodeathers Eternal Autumn return after two decades to drop this absolute beast of an album. seamlessly shifts between death and black and thrash. first couple of songs will knock your socks off

check: Empty Pages on a Dusty Shelf
Beyond the Palest Star

March | Atmospheric Melodic Black

spacey and atmospheric melodic black to listen to while traveling the stars.

check: Terminal
In The Twilight Grey

March | Melodic Black

in what seems to be quite the contrary to others here on Sput, I really dig this album and dont dig the new Necrowretch. a few more spins will either change my mind or solidify my beliefs, I suppose. both are still good tho!

check: Shadows of the Brightest Night
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