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A list of my favorite everything.
10Dream Theater
Images and Words

Favorite graphic novel - Blankets - There are many more graphic novels that I own that are probably more technically interesting, but this one just warms my heart more than any of those. I can also just stare at the artwork forever and never get bored so that’s another major plus. This is more of a “feelz” than any other actual reason.
Crack the Skye

Favorite video game - Shadow of the Colossus & Crash Bandicoot 2 - Fuck you, I'm not choosing. Shadow of the Colossus is the most artistically gorgeous game I have played in my life, and really makes me feel like I am in some classic epic poem but Crash Bandicoot 2 is my entire childhood wrapped up in one video game. I can play Crash with my eyes closed and beat the whole game, and still never get bored. Both get the top spot.
From Mars to Sirius

Favorite comic mini- series - Preacher - It was between Y: The Last Man, but the gross out factor just tickles the horror fan in me. Every character is incredibly memorable, Garth Ennis’ pitch black, cynical sense of humor actually works here (unlike some of his other projects), and so much unbelievable weirdness that you’d have to be dead not to be shocked. Probably the biggest page turner out of anything on this list.
None So Vile

Favorite author - Edgar Allan Poe - There are a lot of authors that may be even technically better than Poe, but his pros and poetry really transport me to a different universe. I can pick up my gigantic hardcover Poe collection and flip to any page and be sucked in moreso than any other author and for that alone, he gets #1 spot. If I have any liver problems when I get older, I’ll blame Poe for the amount of wine he makes me feel like drinking while reading his stories.
6Cannibal Corpse
Tomb of the Mutilated

Favorite book of all time - Frankenstein - This one was a bit harder than all of the other categories. The Odyssey has my favorite pros, Carrion Comfort is probably the most fun, Pet Semetery is the scariest and House of Leaves made me rewire my brain to learn how to read differently and rethink what the art form really meant in general, and The Haunting of Hill House deserves a shout out as well. But Frankenstein is still top dog for me. The story is only about 200 something pages, but not a single word is wasted. It’s terrifying, it’s philosophically interesting, and it’s just overall the most beautiful story I have ever read and only gets more interesting the older I get. I could write an entire book just on why I love this book so much.

Favorite movie of all time - Evil Dead II - So I acknowledge that this isn’t exactly a Kubrick or Orson Welles film, but it’s my list so BUG OFF. My two favorite genres are film are horror and comedy (horror much moreso, but still). There are some that come close to mastering that art as well as this one - Return of the Living Dead, Dead Alive and Re-Animator come to mind - but this one defeats all of the rest. Absolutely hilarious slapstick combined with some of the most horrifying practical imagery that has yet to be topped to this day. I can watch this movie 3 times in one day and still want to watch it a 4th time before bed. Sam Raimi’s insane camera use, Bruce Cambpell’s extreme charisma and that sweet 80’s cheesy haunted house atmosphere. Mmmm, so delicious.
Catch Thirtythree

Favorite band over all - Meshuggah - This has been my absolute favorite band of all time ever since I saw the music video for “Rational Gaze” in 2002 at my cousins house. I know there are some people on this site that scoff at users who give out too many 5’s, but I genuinely think that this bands entire discography is basically perfect. Sure, I have my preferences - for example, I am not nearly as into DEI as almost everyone here. I much prefer their later work - but DEI is still a harder 5 than so many of my other 5’s. Every single member is so ridiculously talented that it doesn’t make any sense. Their lyrical content actually got me more into writing, so I credit them for leading me on the path to becoming an English major in college.
3Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

Favorite album of all time - Ocean Machine - It just is.
2Alice in Chains
Jar of Flies

Favorite movie trilogy of all time - The Before Trilogy - I know it’s not Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or whatever, but this trilogy hits me straight in the feels more than any of those more popular options. I’ll take the long one shot takes, the beautiful scenery and the A fucking plus dialogue over anything. Best/most real characters in anything I have ever seen other than SFU. I revisit this trilogy at least once a year.
The Mantle

Best TV show of all time - Six Feet Under - Saved this for #1 because I actually like this more than any book, more than any movie, more than any album. Nothing has moved me more than this show, and I can’t really talk about why in great detail without spoiling the ever loving shit out of it. I read 1-2 books a month and have yet to find characters that I connect with as strongly as in this show. The writing is not as tight as something like in The Wire, but I don’t care. Never fails to make me cry, but in the best way. Every time I watch it I find another piece of it that I relate to more than anything else. Number one of the number ones.
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