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Sloth's 23W1

This is a weekly series, mostly for my personal amusement, and early onset dementia.
Higher Lonely Power

Indie Rock with 1 post hardcore song
Rating: 3.2
Initial thoughts: Confusing album, was going in expecting pop punk, came out with a heavy intro, and the rest of the album being indie rock. Nothing punk about this.
Will I listen again (WILA): For sure, need to figure this thing out, and can feel it growing on me.
Lies They Tell Our Children

Pop Punk
Rating: 1.2
Initial thoughts: What the fuck happened to this band. Overproduced drivel, with guest performances that add only to the desperation Anti-flag.
WILA: Fuck no, this is turning me off their back catalogue as well. Still a fun festival band.
3Iggy Pop
Every Loser

Punk/ Garage Rock
Rating 3.3
Initial thoughts: A solid Iggy album, some great tracks, and some run-of-the-mill fillers.
WILA: Yeah, there are a few tracks I want to hear again.
4Young Lions
Make a Rainbow and Put It in the Sky

Alt Rock
Rating 2.3
Initial thoughts: forgettable alt rock.
WILA: nope, twice was enough, can't remember a thing.
5Swiss army wife
Medium Gnarly

Twinkly emo punk
Rating: 3.7
Initial thoughts: Pretty good twinkly emo. Great vocals.
WILA: Yeah a lot to like here, probably be a grower too.

Snotty nose melodic Punk
Rating 3.7
Initial Thoughts. Great EP, cannot find any artwork yet. Messy melodic hardcore with some very bratty vocals that work on this.
WILA: Yeah, added to my playlist.
Human Coward Coyote

Crust Punk
Rating: 3
Initial thoughts: OK, but I'm not really into this genre
WILA: nah
8Wreckage (USA-CT)
Our Time

Hardcore Punk
Rating: 3.3
Initial thoughts: Good hardcore, but nothing new.
WILA: Yeah, will check, but like most hardcore of this style, can only listen to a couple of tracks at a time, unless I'm working out.
Endelig Elendig

Norwegian Skate Punk
Rating: 3.3
Initial thoughts: Good skate punk out of Norway, a couple of snoozefest songs here, so will have to sift through the album.
WILA: Yep, i will give it a couple more spins to add the best tracks to a playlist, the rest I could do without.
10Static Means
Disko Disco

German Post Punk/Garage Punk/Riot Girrl
Rating 3.8
Initial thoughts: its punkier post punk, or more polished garage punk. Check if you like Brutus or Petrol Girls.
WILA: Yes, this is really good, and should only grow on me.
Pus II

Peruvian Blackened Hardcore
Rating: 3.5
Initial thoughts: Fast, angry and full of passion. Great death vocals on this, and the band is pulling their weight.
WILA: Yeah, there is a time and place for this type of hardcore.
12oedipus apartment complex
The Blissful Sounds of Miracula

Progressive Electronic Ambient
Rating: 3.3
Initial thought: Checked for the band name alone. This is some real smooth electronic ambient, great morning music.
WILA: Probably, wanna try with some good headphones
13Asian Glow and sonhos tomam conta

screamogaze/ post hardcore/ harsh 5th wave emo
Rating: 4.0
Initial thoughts: Good shit, harsh noisy gaze. I've been waiting for this to drop, might take a bit longer to unpack.
WILA: Yeah.for sure.
14don jonte

Instrumental Experimental rock/Post industrial
Initial thoughts: One very talented man, experimenting with sounds brings together a pretty good album. Kinda industrial sounding.
WILA: Maybe, it isn't bad, just might not find the time.
Inner Self EP SPLIT

Hardcore Punk
Initial thoughts: 2 hardcore bands Mongrel out of Ireland, and Guff out of Norway. Old school sounding hardcore, fast loud and abrasive. Makes me want to check their other stuff.
Exercises In Simplicity

Hardcore Punk
Rating: 3.3
Initial thoughts: Very raw, early 80s sounding melodic hardcore out of Germany. Only 5 minutes long, easy to listen to EP.
WILA: Yeah, i will find another 5 minutes to check this, would have liked more songs.
May I Recommend Therapy?

Late 90s pop punk
Rating: 3.4
Initial thoughts: An easy listen late 90s style pop punk. 2 vocalists, one good, one not so.
WILA: yeah there a couple of standout tracks.
18Duck You
Duck Sounds

Duckcore Punk
Rating: 2.9
Initial thoughts: Argentinian hardcore punks who like ducks.
WILA: nope, the novelty wore off already.
Shower Thoughts

Rating: 3.1
Initial thoughts: at times it is Motorhead sounding punk, then adds some skramz, then some hardcore vibes
WILA: Yeah, not bad.
20said the dreamer

Instrumental Proggy Math Rock
Rating 2.7
Initial thoughts: Some great elements here, but need some bass, and better percussion.
WILA: Not this one, will wait for their next effort. Their bandcamp states they are looking for a bass, drummer and vocalist.

Hardcore/ Post Hardcore
Rating: 3.7
Initial thoughts: Great EP of 4 hardcore/post-hardcore tracks
WILA: yep
22Smear Campaign​/​Forest Fucker
Smear Campaign​/​Forest Fucker Split

Initial thoughts: Smear Campaign's half is brutal hardcore, where as Forest Fuckers is more straight up hardcore. Both good
WILA: yeah

Initial Thoughts: Female fronted garage hardcore. Production is fuzzy and raw, making the vocals very one dimensional. Not bad, but change it up a bit.
WILA: maybe a track or 2, but the band needs to shake things up.
24Closed In
Fugue State

Sludge Hardcore Punk
Rating: 3.2
Initial Thoughts: Some dirty, sludgy hardcore. Maybe a little repetitive.
WILA: Maybe

Colombian Hardcore
Rating: 3.5
Initial thoughts: Raw, spacey distorted hardcore out of Bogota. Female vocals own on this. Music is great too, production could use some work, as the wavy distortion is to overpowering, making this too same-z
WILA: maybe, will def keep an eye on them.
26The Pieces of Shit!
Bad to the Bone Truckers That Give No Damns and Sh

DIY Garage Punk
Rating: 3.5
Initial thoughts: Lot of potential here. Great song structure, great vocals, just needs better production.
WILA: Yeah, will follow these guys.

Czech Indie Punk
Rating: 3.7
Initial Thoughts: Great sounding 6 track Indie Punk EP. The individuals in this outfit shine, however the band does not quite come together, this is really evident with the vocals. Still really good, and the messiness adds endearment. Reminds me of Restorations.
WILA: Yeah another good EP to start the year.
28Neighborhood Shit
Draw The Line

Hardcore Punk
Rating: 3.4
Initial Thoughts: Solid hardcore out of Boston. Fast, aggressive with tight musicianship.
WILA: Yes should be good gym music
29Admission of Guilt
Boot Camp Demonstration

Hardcore Punk
Rating: 2.8
Initial thoughts: Do not like vocals. Drumming is great.
WILA: nope
30Shift Meal
86 Serotonin

Midwest Emo
Rating: 3.9
Initial Thoughts: The opener is a jam, 2nd track a snooze, 3rd track is fucking great and the 4th is good too. Sounds like The Front Bottoms
WILA: Yeah, all but the 2nd track.
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