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STEAK 2022

Like last year, just gonna do small line/couple line blurbs for all but number 1. Good music year! Hope you all enjoy my ramblings and find stuff you enjoy.
ERRA (Deluxe)

Almost put this as 1 honestly lol but that'd be cheating!

Honorable Mentions
A Continent Named Coma - And Cicadas Will Be...
The Sound of Animals Fighting - Apeshit
Joji - Smithereens
Lorna Shore - Pain Remains
Bilmuri - Goblin Hours
Drumcorps - Creatures
Stray From the Path - Euthanasia
Muse - Will of the People
Ithaca - They Fear Us
Scarcity - Aveilut
Coheed and Cambria - Vaxis II
vianova - Looking For...
Dir En Grey - Phalaris
The Eating Cave - Ingurgitate
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence MOGARI - Shi E Fukeru Omoi Wa Rikujoku Sura Kurai
Cave In Heavy Pendulum
Windwaker Love Language
Erase Them - Crawling From the Negative
Monuments (UK) - In Stasis
Meshuggah - Immutable
Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade
Wolves at the Gate - Eulogies
Mondo Grosso - Big World
Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
Yeule - Glitch Princess
Military Shadow - Violent Reign
Rich Brian - Brightside
Honningbarna - Animorphs
Soichi Terada - Asakusa Light
Wane Into It


Vibes! Emotion! Space! Background Noise!


Very chilly atmoblack with a rad cover!
84City of Caterpillar
Mystic Sisters


sputcore skramz of old make a return!
The Signal Heard Throughout Space

Prog Metal in Space

Prog Metal in space!
82Anthony Green
Boom. Done.

Indie Rock/Singer Songwriter

Antonio Verde!
81Birds In Row
Gris Klein

Screamo/Post Hardcore

The Birds are back in row! Think this is better than previous but I don't really remember the previous so who's to say

Tech Death

This is rad tech death with a hint of prog up in there, peep the marsman review
79The Sawtooth Grin


The sassy veterans are back! 2022 the year of old fucks
Overdrive Dreams


2022 was the year I got addicted to breaks, this genre has so much variety and so much to offer
77Locked Club
It's My Rave

Industrial Techno

Many a bleep and bloop to be had here!
76The Halo Effect
Days of the Lost

In Flames core

This is an old In Flames album in today's environment!
75Ninth Realm
A Fate Unbroken


Righteous crossover thrash stuff, my buddy is on guitar
74L.S. Dunes
Past Lives

Post Hardcore/Alt Rock

Antonio Verde with pals!
73Johnny Booth


A fun little ripper to hold us over until new album
72Candy (USA)
Heaven Is Here

Metalcore?/Powerviolence?/idk heavy stuff

more like HEAVY is here bro lol this shit bricks
71The Machinist (USA-NY)
All is Not Well


Deathcore moment!
70Denzel Curry
Melt My Eyez See Your Future

we makin curry
Warthog III




These prog metallers come through with the A T M O S P H E R E
Diner Coffee

~~Experiemental~~ Black Metal

Ohhhhh mama she leekin
stolen bastards

Hardcore Breaks

This shit hard and goes breaks mode
The Great Below

Melodic Black Metal

Probably doesn't do anything new but does it well!


There is no mayo here for your sandwich pal

Deep House/Tech House

We are in the rave together my friend
62Nostromo (CHE)

Metalcore/D J E N T

Altered Pasts


This was a ripper please jam
60Faceless Burial
At The Foothills Of Deliration

Tech Death

This melts face and shreds ass
59Blue October
Spinning the Truth Around (Part I)

Pop Rock/Alt Rock

Probably shouldn't have started this massive discog here but it's good!
58Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
When The Lights Go


This was super fun synthy pop stuff ty big granite for the rec
57The Callous Daoboys
Celebrity Therapist

Mathcore/The Dillinger Escape Plancore

I wish I liked this as much as the other core bros but it is very good and cool
56White Ward
False Light


Very cool atmoblack and there are saxophones
Cult Mentality

Alt Metal/Metalcore

This shit is FUN and a few tracks go randomly hard lol
54The Mall (USA-MO)
Time Vehicle Earth

EBM/Synth Punk/Darkwave

very rad synth heavy punk stuff


who up playin wit they worm
52Atlantis Chronicles

Metalcore/Prog Metal

Pretty slick slice of techy prog stuff with some tech death elements ala their previous material

Blackgaze/Post Hardcore

Fun mix of almost J-Rock and gazey black metal
50Pale Ache
Mourning As A Metaphor


goes hard
49No Devotion
No Oblivion

Alt Rock/Synthpop

Kinda has hints of Tears for Fears on this, really dig the synth work on this
Blue Rev

Indie Pop/Shoegaze/Noise Pop

After the Earthquake, just listen to it

Alt Metal/Metalcore

Not as good as previous two albums but still consistently solid, albeit with a random cover of Don't Speak in there lmao
46Animal Collective
Time Skiffs

Animal Collective

Animal Collective moment
45Domestic Terminal
All The Stories Left To Tell

Emo/Indie Rock

VERY good stuff Jack, this was up to the hype
Little Green House

Emo/Emo Pop

Liked this way more than I thought I would going in, very catchy stuff and the closer is beautiful
43Soshi Takeda
Same Place, Another Time

New Age/Ambient House

This dude's album last year is incredible and this is a nice chill followup
42The Berries
High Flying Man

Indie Rock/Jangle Pop

Riffy indie rock let's go fellas
The Generation of Danger

Nu Metalcore

I hate this genre but this goes super hard and is righteous unfortunately
Light Bends

Progressive Metalcore

Been following these guys since 2015 and waiting for an LP for so long, it was worth the wait!

Footwork Jungle/Breakcore

I've been uploaded into the bonzi buddy code structure
38Drug Church

Post Hardcore

Not as good as Cheer but still really good and honestly underrated!
37Elder (USA-MA)
Innate Passage

Stoner Prog Rock

These stoned cavemen make another solid offering of prog let's go
36Lexie Liu
The Happy Star

Electropop/Dance Pop

Super fun dancey pop
" ( mutilator. ) "

Post Hardcore/Alt Rock

This is VERY solid, and winner of most pretentious album title
34Ginger Root

City Pop

Music video for Loneliness is goated, this dude is so funny please go listen and watch his stuff
I Don't Know What I Am

Alt Metal/Prog Metal

This is very cool and bouncy metal, her vocals are so nice too!!
Have A Good Cult

Alt Metal/Metalcore

Sharp left turn away from what they were doing on the previous albums but it's a vibe and very fun, title track is one of my favorite songs of the year.
31Nocturnal Bloodlust


These guys are heavy as fuck and tickle that dormant enjoyment of deathcore for me
30Kaizo Slumber


Very chill EP akin to his Volume 0 demos, and stay tuned for another Kaizo entry further in

Hardcore Breaks/Scouse House/Jungle

More breaks more fun more jams, also what in the goddamn fuck in Scouse House lmao
28Foreign Hands
Bleed the Dream

Poison the Wellcore

These guys wear the influence on their sleeves and I don't care, they rock
27Rolo Tomassi
Where Myth Becomes Memory

Post Metalcore

They are back with another posty core banger, and while this doesn't have the highs of Time Will Die, I think it's more consistent and therefore better!

Hardcore Breaks/Drum and Bass

Slightly more vibey than Digimaiden and slightly has the edge over it for that reason
Out of Office

Deep House/Outsider House

Very solid and fun house jam, did a lot of coding at work with this on in the background powering me through

Metalcore/Nu Metal (gasp)

This vocalist is actually batshit insane, he can do so much with his voice. Ryo Kinoshita feature!
23Purity Filter
Immortal Spirit

Hardcore (EDM)/Breakcore

Insane production chops make this breaks album go insanely hard
22Tears for Fears
The Tipping Point

Old man core

I am a Tears for Fears SIMP bro and this comeback album warmed my heart
21Shadow Academy
Shadow Academy

Alt Rock/Pop Rock/Prog Rock

Dan Avidan's new project, and it honestly might be his best yet. Always wanted more Skyhill but this might satiate that need if we get more.
A Couple of Good Days

Deep House/Outsider House

Look at the kitty!
Shine and Fade

Metalcore/Post Hardcore

Aussie pals back at it again, not as good as the last album and they add some MALE clean vocals which means less Shontay cleans which is a step backwards imo! Bryant is a beast tho
18Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Cocoon for the Golden Future


The boys are BACK with what they do best, rapid pace trancecore!
This Bright and Beautiful World


Man the rollout for this was stupid, like 5 months lol. Really good guitarwork on this and Brent's vocals are rad as hell
Burying Brightness

Metalcore/Melodic Hardcore

When they go hard they go HARD, and the melodic moments are beautiful. Wish we could've heard more of that vocal variety in the final two minutes of the last song all over the album tho lol
15Static Dress
Rouge Carpet Disaster

Post Hardcore/Metalcore

NOSTALGIA! Sounds like a lost project from 2005 fr lol, they bring those 04-08 mall metalcore vibe hard

Post Hardcore/Alt Metal

Man this was really good, what a comeback. Didn't expect to like this as much as I did but I couldn't stop spinning this at one point over the summer
13optic core

Atmospheric Drum and Bass/Breaks/Jungle

Came outta nowhere like the day before 2022 ended lol, that's why I WAIT until the year is OVER to post these
12Oceans Ate Alaska


We don't talk about that album without James, cause he came back with a ferocity unmatched. Dude's highs and lows were always a shining point on the band. Almost a lofi core thing going on here that I'd like them to explore more on the next album
Remember That You Will Die

Trap Prog/Have a Lot of Haters Who are Mad core

These guys are honestly so rad, loved a lot of the tracks on here and would love more without some questionable features. I wish my dad could've heard some of these tracks
10Bad Omens
The Death of Peace of Mind

Alt Metal/Metalcore/Electropop now I guess

Shift in sound to a more electronic style, Noah is solidifying himself as one of the best vocalists in the scene (cue botb and cold saying how much they hate him lol)
Diaspora Problems

Hardcore Punk Screamo Trap

The Loser

Post Hardcore Screamo Prog

More like the WINNER cause this was so goddamn good lol
7Chat Pile
God's Country

Noise Rock/Sludgy Industrial Post Hardcore I guess

Good shit pjorn, this album is one of the coolest most insane sounding albums I've heard in a long time. Your guitar work is dope as hell and Tropical Beaches is stupid fun
6Artificial Brain
Artificial Brain

Art Brain

Who up fartin they brain
5Conjurer (UK)

Atmo Sludge Metal/Post Metal

Heavy, mean, beautiful. This goes hard as bricks dude please jam it and feel the weight of the world crushing down on you
A Eulogy for Those Still Here

Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore/This got a lot of sput people mad for some reason lol

The boys are BACK with the SAME ALBUM and it's GOOD AGAIN WOOO (after much listening it's behind NLTL and Prophets lol)

Hardcore Breaks/Acid Breaks/Drum and Bass/Breakcore

Man this snuck up in late November like I wouldn't notice, this is SO GOOD. I am in a goddamn video game press a to jump and please press a and b together to drop kick.
2Kaizo Slumber
The Kaizo Manifesto

Hardcore Breaks/Hardcore (EDM)/Acid Breaks

Man this dude rules, breaks rule, you rule, I rule, Ja Rule. Pepsi man on the cover !
1Royal Coda
To Only a Few at First

SWANCORE/Post Hardcore

Kurt you beautiful man. Dance Gavin Dance (the now disgusting mess) also released an album this year, and then this came out and blew it out of the goddamn water. Will and Sergio's guitar play is next level, big Joe Arrington on the kit is as immaculate as ever, the bass does bass things, and Kurt sounds almost better than he ever has. Please read Brandon's wonderful review for this, RIP you beautiful man you are dearly missed on this site by everyone :[
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