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2002 AOTY

These are the 100 albums released in 2002 that I heard this year. Some were new, some were revisits down nostalgia lane, so it was a good time. Let me know your favorites of this year in the comments!

Release Date: ???
Genre: Chamber Pop
Label: Palm

Highlight: Heavy Weather
99Steve Roach
Darkest Before Dawn

Release date: ???
Genre: Dark Ambient
Label: Timeroom

Highlight: The whole thing, it's one hour track
98Ayumi Hamasaki

Release date: December 18th
Genre: J-Pop
Label: Avex

Highlight: We Wish
97Fair to Midland
The Carbon Copy Silver Lining

Release date: January 25th
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Self Released

Highlight: See, Saw
96The Frozen Autumn
Emotional Screening Device

Release date: April
Genre: Darkwave / Synthpop
Label: Eibon

Highlight: Silence is Talking
Storm Before Calm

Release date: January?
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Hammerheart

Highlight: Suns First Rays
At Sixes And Sevens

Release date: May 21st
Genre: Gothic metal
Label: Napalm

Highlight: Sister Nightfall
Resurrection Through Carnage

Release date: November 25th
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media

Highlight: Death Delirium
Killing the Dragon

Release Date: May 21st
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Spitfire

Highlight: Killing the Dragon
The Metal Opera Pt. II

Release Date: August 26th
Genre: Power Metal
Label: FM

Highlight: No Return
90The Notwist
Neon Golden

Release date: February 25th
Genre: Indie Pop / Electronica
Label: Domino / City Slang

Highlight: This Room

Release date: September 23rd
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers

Highlight: Y
88Mourning Beloveth
The Sullen Sulcus

Release date: December 15th
Genre: Doom
Label: Aftermath

Highlight: My Sullen Sulcus
87Blind Guardian
A Night at the Opera

Release date: March 1st
Genre: Power Metal
Label: Virgin

Highlight: Precious Jerusalem
The Last Bewitchment

Release Date: April 22nd
Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Season of Mist

Highlight: Neutral

Release Date: June 4th
Genre: Experimental Pop / Noise Rock
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Highlight: Hark the Umpire
You All Look The Same To Me

Release date: March 12th
Genre: Alt rock
Label: hangman / East West

Highlight: Again

Release date: February 25th
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache

Highlight: Spheres of Madness
How Far to Asgaard

Release date: January 2002
Genre: Folk Metal / Doom
Label: Tutl

Highlight: Ten Wild Dogs
Critical Mass

Release date: September 2nd
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut

Highlight: Phenomenon
80Carissa's Wierd
Songs About Leaving

Release Date: August 6th
Genre: Indie Folk / Slowcore
Label: Sad Robot

Highlight: You Should Be Hated Here
79Heaven Shall Burn
Whatever It May Take

Release date: January 22nd
Genre: Metalcore / Melodeath
Label: Lifeforce

Highlight: Whatever It May Take

Release date: November 18th
Genre: Alt Rock
Label: Epic

Highlight: Light My Way
77Count Bass D
Dwight Spitz

Release Date: December 10th
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Metal Face

Highlight: Reign or Shine
76Chris Isaak
Always Got Tonight

Release date: ???
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Label: Reprise

Highlight: Courthouse
In Their Darkened Shrines

Release date: August 20th
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Relapse

Highlight: The Blessed Dead
74Killswitch Engage
Alive or Just Breathing

Release date: May 21st
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Roadrunner

Highlight: Self Revolution
Catch 22

Release date: February 25th
Genre: Death Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast

Highlight: Destroyed
Souls Highway

Release Date: April 2nd
Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm

Highlight: Illusionate
71...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Source Tags and Codes

Release date: 2002
Genre: Alt Rock
Label: Interscope

Highlight: Another Morning Stoner
Dying for the World

Release Date: June 11th
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Metal-is

Highlight: Hell For Eternity

Release Date: January
Genre: Avant-Garde / Jazz
Label: Wide

Highlight: Solar Anus

Release Date: June 12th
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Necropolis / Candlelight

Highlight: The Fallen
67Peter Gabriel

Release Date: September 23rd
Genre: Art Rock
Label: Geffen

Highlight: Sky Blue

Release Date: May 27th
Genre: Post Metal
Label: Stickman

Highlight: Evaporate

Release Date: July 2nd
Genre: Trip Hop
Label: WEA

Highlight: Slow Now

Release Date: April 9th
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Steamhammer

Highlight: Brave New World
63Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

Release Date: December
Genre: Ambient / Glitch
Label: raster-noton

Highlight: Duuon
They Will Return

Release Date: April 30th
Genre: Melodeath
Label: Spikefarm / Century Media

Highlight: Hollow Heart

Release Date: July 9th
Genre: Screamo
Label: Ebullition

Highlight: Loft Party
60King Diamond
Abigail II: The Revenge

Release date: January 29th
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Metal Blade

Highlight: Slippery Stairs
59Tarantula Hawk
Tarantula Hawk

Release Date: December?
Genre: Post metal / Psychedelic
Label: Neurot

Highlight: Untitled 2
58Sigur Ros
( )

Release Date: October 28th
Genre: Post Rock
Label: FatCat

Highlight: Untitled #8
57The Cinematic Orchestra
Every Day

Release Date: May 13th
Genre: Downtempo
Label: Ninja Tune

Highlight: All That You Give
56Azure Ray
Burn and Shiver

Release Date: April 9th
Genre: Dream Pop
Label: Warm

Highlight: The New Year
55David Bowie

Release Date: June 11th
Genre: Art Rock
Label: Columbia

Highlight: Sunday
Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik

Release date: ???
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Wounded Love

Highlight: IV
53Napalm Death
Order of the Leech

Release Date: November 4th
Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: FETO / Spitfire

Highlight: Forced to Fear
End Transmission

Release Date: September 24th
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Victory

Highlight: First Word
51Today Is the Day
Sadness Will Prevail

Release Date: September 3rd
Genre: Experimental / Noise / Hardcore / Metal
Label: relapse

Highlight: The Descent
Worship and Tribute

Release Date: July 9th
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Warner / Century Media

Highlight: Illusionate
Turn on the Bright Lights

Release date: August 20th
Genre: Post punk / Indie Rock
Label: Matador

Highlight: NYC
48The Roots

Release date: November 26th
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: MCA

Highlight: Sacrifice
Hold Your Horse Is

Release date: March 19
Genre: Math Rock
Label: 5RC / Frenetic

Highlight: 1-800-GHOST-DANCE
46Poison the Well
Tear From the Red

Release date: February 19th
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Trustkill / Roadrunner

Highlight: Lazzaro
45High on Fire
Surrounded By Thieves

Release date: May 28th
Genre: Sludge
Label: Relapse

Highlight: Hung, Drawn and Quartered
44Coheed and Cambria
The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Release date: March 5
Genre: Post Hardcore? / Progressive Rock? Shaburi!
Label: Equal Vision

Highlight: Devil in Jersey City
43The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Release date: July 16th
Genre: Psychedelic Pop
Label: Warner

Highlight: Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
42Nina Nastasia
The Blackened Air

Release date: April 9th
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Label: Touch and Go

Highlight: I Go With Him
41Red Hot Chili Peppers
By the Way

Release date: July 9th
Genre: Alt Rock
Label: Warner

Highlight: By the Way

Release date: September 3rd
Genre: Sludge / Doom
Label: Relapse

Highlight: Greenthumb
The Mantle

Release date: August 13th
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Folk Metal
Label: The End / Grau

Highlight: Odal
38The Gathering
Black Light District

Release date: June
Genre: Post Rock
Label: Psychonaut

Highlight: Broken Glass
Heavy Rocks

Release date: April 26th
Genre: Metalcore / Melodeath
Label: Quattro

Highlight: Korosu
Woven Hand

Release date: March 25
Genre: Alt Country
Label: Glitterhouse / Bang! / Sounds Familyre

Highlight: The Good Hand

Release date: August 6th
Genre: Djent
Label: Nuclear Blast

Highlight: Rational Gaze
An Evil Heat

Release date: March 19
Genre: Experimental / Noise Rock
Label: Neurot

Highlight: Sawmill
Sons of Northern Darkness

Release date: 2002
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast

Highlight: One By One
Judas Christ

Release date: February 18th
Genre: Doom / Gothic Rock
Label: Century Media

Highlight: Vote For Love
El Cielo

Release Date: Ocotber 8th
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Interscope

Highlight: Same Ol' Road

Release Date: October 21st
Genre: Slowcore
Label: Rough Trade

Highlight: (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
29Queens of the Stone Age
Songs for the Deaf

Release Date: August 29th
Genre: Alt Rock / Stoner
Label: Interscope

Highlight: Go With the Flow
28Steve Von Till
If I Should Fall to the Field

Release Date: October 1st
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Label: Neurot

Highlight: Breathe
27Burnt By the Sun
Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution

Release date: January 22nd
Genre: Mathcore / Sludge
Label: Relapse

Highlight: Dracula With Glasses
The C.O.M.A. Imprint

Release Date: July 2nd
Genre: Jazz / Post Hardcore / Metalcore
Label: Lakeshore

Highlight: Paradigm Shift

Release Date: November 4th
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Music for Nations

Highlight: Master's Apprentice
24Porcupine Tree
In Absentia

Release Date: March 9th
Genre: Progrressive Rock
Label: Lava

Highlight: Blackest Eyes

Release Date: June 11th
Genre: nu-metal
Label: Immortal

Highlight: Embrace
Í Blóði og Anda

Release date: 2002
Genre: Black Metal / Progressive Metal
Label: Ars Metalli

Highlight: The Underworld Song
Nordland I

Release Date: November 18th
Genre: Viking Metal
Label: Black Mark

Highlight: Vinterblot
An Anthology of Dead Ends

Release Date: October 15th
Genre: Mathcore
Label: Hydra Head

Highlight: Vietmam
19Lacuna Coil

Release Date: Ocotber 29th
Genre: Alt Metal
Label: Century Media

Highlight: Swamped
18Tom Waits

Release Date: May 6th
Genre: Singer Songwriter / Dark Jazz
Label: Anti-

Highlight: Flower's Grave
17Tom Waits
Blood Money

Release Date: May 6th
Genre: Singer songwriter / Dark Jazz
Label: Anti-

Highlight: Misery is the River of the World
16Frou Frou

Release Date: June 4th
Genre: Pop
Label: Island

Highlight: Let Go
15Alanis Morissette
Under Rug Swept

Release date: February 26th
Genre: Pop
Label: Maverick

Highlight: A Man
14System of a Down
Steal This Album!

Release Date: November 26th
Genre: Alt metal
Label: American / Columbia

Highlight: Innervision
Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow

Release date: March 26
Genre: Sludge
Label: Elektra

Highlight: The Man That Follows Hell
12Spiritual Beggars
On Fire

Release Date: October 8th
Genre: Stoner Metal
Label: Music for Nations

Highlight: Fools Gold
11Dark Tranquillity
Damage Done

Release Date: July 22nd
Genre: Melodeath
Label: Century Media

Highlight: Monochromatic Stains
10Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man
Out Of Season

Release Date: October 28th
Genre: Folk / Trip Pop
Label: Go! Beat

Highlight: Show
9The Dillinger Escape Plan
Irony Is a Dead Scene

Release Date: August 27th
Genre: Mathcore
Label: Epitaph

Highlight: When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
8The Mad Capsule Markets
The Mad Capsule Markets 020120

Release Date: July 10th
Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Speedstar Int'l

Highlight: Fly high
200 km/H In The Wrong Lane

Release Date: December 10th
Genre: Pop
Label: Interscope

Highlight: Not Gonna Get Us
6Bohren und der Club of Gore
Black Earth

Release Date: October 28th
Genre: Dark Jazz
Label: Wonder

Highlight: Constant Fear
5Nostromo (CHE)
Ecce Lex

Release Date: November
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Overcome

Highlight: Sunset Motel
Century Child

Release Date: May 24th
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Spinefarm

Highlight: Everdream (SOTY)

Release Date: June 3
Genre: Progressive Metal / Sludge
Label: Relapse

Highlight: Crusher Destroyer
Natural Born Chaos

Release date: March 25th
Genre: Melodeath
Label: Nuclear Blast

Highlight: Song of the Damned

Release Date: September 16th
Genre: Post Metal
Label: Ipecac

Highlight: Weight
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