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Pangea's 2021
50Wasted Space

Pop Punk/Emo
United States
i would never barf in yr urn, brenda!

Great little pop punk ep from your favourite sputuser madrigal and others. Great energetic performance with nicely distorted instrumentals and good vocals. Check!
49Genesis Owusu
Smiling with No Teeth

Hip Hop/Soul
Don't Need You

Very fun listen that is catchy and has energy and variety. Excited to see where he can go next!
And I Found Nothing There

United States
and i found nothing there

I don't always feel as strongly about IDM as I used to, but this one was a good time. Great beats and the shorter tracks gives it the ability to explore various sounds without dragging much anywhere
47Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Shyga! The Sunlight Mound

Psychedelic Rock
Mr. Prism

Psychadelic rock that is quirky and catchy but can also rock pretty hard sometimes. A lot of fun

United States
Pale Interior

Shade is, as all Liz Harris projects, extremely quiet. Only few artists are able to match the intimacy that Grouper can bring. She always manages to sound like she right there in the same room as you
45The Armed

Post Hardcore/Noise Pop
United States
An Iteration

Ultrapop uses mostly poppy song-structures put under a really loud and chaotic filter. It creates an intriquing sound
44John Tejada
Year Of The Living Dead

Tech House
United States/Austria

Nice sparsely produced techno with great atmosphere

Black Metal

Very old school black metal. Reminiscent of early Darkthrone era. Great stuff
42Someone (NL)

Indie Pop
The Netherlands
Paris At Midnight

Tessa Rose Jackson already showed herself in 2013 as a promosing indie artist in the Dutch music scene with the great single (All The) King's Horses. Now under the Someone moniker, she releases this extremely cozy indie pop album with pretty melodies and great instrumental variation
41Paysage d'Hiver

Lo-fi Black Metal

Not sure what happened between the release of Im wald and this, but something must have seriously pissed Wintherr off. Im Wald was harsh, but was also able to find the beauty in the winter with some nice synth work. Geister, though, is unforgiving and claustophobic, akin to being stuck in a terrible blizzard for weeks.
40King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
L. W.

Psychedelic Rock/ Jam rock
See Me

Really fun, high-energy jam rock. L.W is an album that is always moving without it being super clear in what direction.
39The Raging Nathans
Waste My Heart

Pop Punk
United States

Full of anthemic and incredibly infectious songs. Perfect album to belt along to
38Erika de Casier


Sensual and chill R&B. I really like the production, it mostly stays in the background but it is full of life regardless
The Machine Is Burning...

Post Rock

Epic post rock with strings, which i will always stand behind. Reminds a bit of GYBE, but still very much its own thing. Some slight electronic influences as well, which work really well
36Black Midi

Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion
United Kingdom
Ascending Forth

Schlagenheim was an album that sounded cool sometimes but also annoyed me quite a bit, especially the vocals. Luckily, this is a different direction and i like the vocals more too. Love the dynamics, especially love the jazzy stuff.
35Bruno Pernadas
Private Reasons

Psychadelic Pop
Family Vows

Lovely sunny & hypnotic pop music. It has great vocal melodies and i especially love all the orchestral stuff, Recife is gorgeous! Would have been top 20 if it wasn't too long
34Thy Catafalque

Progressive Metal
Koszontsd a hajnalt

I missed the folkier bits of Naiv here a little bit, but a great album nonetheless. Love the scope of it all, every song sounds huge. The riffs are good too!
33Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
Nightmare Withdrawals

Technical Death Metal
New Zealand
....and You Will Try To Speak

This kind of dissonant death metal doesn't often work for me, but i just gotta love the energy here. Always love it when bands can use bonkers technical ideas into high-energy bangers
32Lil Mariko
Lil Mariko

Trap Metal/pop/shit posting
United States

I remember very well when Johhny first introduced the confusing masterpiece that is Shiny in the SOTD threads. I quickly became obsessed with and subsequently with this ep. Lil mariko is full chaos with electro beats, screams and funny lines. Definitely the most fun I had with a 2021 release.
Eternal Hails

Doom metal
Lost Arcane City of Uppakra
A more doomy and atmospheric approach for Darkthrone. They even nail some synth stuff like in the closer. One of my favourite production in their ablums too. And you know the riffs are great, it's darkthone!
30Trophy Scars
Astral Pariah

Blues Rock/Post Hardcore
United States
Pestilent Star

Astral Pariah was a puzzle for me. Trophy Scars have never been a grower band for me, a band where all the best qualities are immediately at the front. Astral Pariah, though, took me like 6-7 listens to fully appreciate. In a way, it's just as extravagant as their earlier stuff, but it's somehow a little more hidden away, and as those moments started to appear in my view, I really came to appreciate how well this album is structured and how little time it wastes.
29Ethereal Shroud

Atmospheric Black Metal
United Kingdom

Big ups to DarkNoctus for making this mammoth of an album. I love the structure, it flows incredibly well, while still managing the explore various ideas. It's enourmous in scope and incredibly emotive. You can definitely tell years of extremely hard work was put in to it and yeah great archievement,
28Laura Stevenson
Laura Stevenson

Indie Rock
United States
Continental Divide

It makes sense that is her selftitled record. This is probably the most comfortable she's been in her sound. The music is as inviting at the cover art
27Andy Stott
Never the Right Time

UK Bass
United Kingdom
Repetitive Strain

A great cold and modern atmosphere. Andy Stott has the ability to make every production sound huge as hell. Even the key notes of When It Hits have a certain weight to them.
26Rota Fortunae

Neo Folk
United States

Great work from our resident DungeonBoy. Excactly how I like my neo folk. Beautiful guitar melodies with cello accompanies. Reminds me of Vali.
Bloodmoon: I

Gothic Metal/Sludge
United States

Converge & Chelsea Wolfe collab that brings the best in both. Wolfe's doomy and atmospheric style works really well with Converge's intensity, making a very dynamic record.
The Heavy Frigate

Indie Pop/Dream Pop
United Kingdom
Three-Dog Nights

Beautiful atmospheric album made by Anat. The dreamy ambience is so easy to get lost in
23Lord Huron
Long Lost

Indie Folk/Country
United States
Love Me Like You Used

Sort of dismissed this as just a pleasant indie album at first, but I came to release there is a lot more to it in how it is arranged. Love the sunny, dreamy atmosphere throughout. Last track is still bullshit though
Ice Fleet

Post Rock/Metal

Ice Fleet may not be the most orginial album in the genre, but Kauan nail the most important aspect: atmosphere. Especially the last couple of tracks are gorgeous pieces.
21Drinking Boys And Girls Choir
Marriage License

Skate Punk
South Korea

Glossy and uplifting punk album. Has a great balance of longer, more melodic tracks and shorter punk bangers.
20Porter Robinson

Synth Pop
United States

Definitely one of the more potent emotive releases of 2021 for me. The poppier songs remind my somewhat of a more anime-inspired Passion Pit, but there is a lot more to Nurture. The ambient sections are genuinely beautiful. The whole album has the bittersweet warmth to it that is really uplifting.
Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking

Atmospheric Black Metal
The Netherlands
Verscheuring in de schermering

Fluisteraars have done it again. While, last years suberb Bloem was quite beautiful for black metal standards, is their 2021 release a lot more aggressive and large in scope. Luckily, though, it's just as good. The 20 minute closer, in particular, is one of the most impressive things black metal had to offer in 2021
18Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The LSO

United Kingdom/United States
Movement 6

Promises is based around a repeating motif. Understandably a little boring for some, but I love how the entire album is built around this motif. It serves as a baseline for Sander's soulful saxophone passages and the orchestra's string sections to do their magic

Lo-fi Black Metal
Зима (Winter)

Ice-cold black metal from, fittingly, Siberia that takes obivous inspiration from Paysage d'Hiver. It, similarly, embodies the winter with its harsh riffs and freezing atmosphere. Also does have the toaster-quality recording as well.
16Black Country, New Road
For the first time

Post Punk/Post Rock/Jazz Fusion
United Kingdom

There sure was a lot of discourse about this album, but I do really like it. I love the interplay of instrumentals, it's so full of life and the jazzier sections are really nice. The lyrics are more silly as meaningful, but I don't mind that either. I see them more as stories that are ment as vessels for the anxious music do it's job,

Euro Pop
Just a Nation

Opener 'I Still Have Faith In You' is more of self-assurance as anything else. ABBA raise the question whether they have it in them after being away for all those years, and for whatever its worth, Voyage sounds as if the band has been around all this time. If I were to pinpoint ABBA's greatest strenghth, it's their ability to make simple statements sound like the most honest and important thing in the world and that magic hasn't been lost here. I, for one, still have faith in ABBA

United States
The Question Is To See It All

I have become such a fan of Nicolas Jaar in the past 1.5 years or so and the second Darkside release (together with Dave Harrington does not dissappoint. I love melancholic atmosphere it creates and really nice vocals. The tracks are layered so well with various elements without it ever being overwhelming.
The Turning Wheel

Baroque Pop
United States
Little Dear

I do go nuts for this kind of artsy orchestral pop. The Turning Wheel is an exceptionally pretty album, and in contrast to some others, I love her vocals as well. The arrangements are so varied and full of life on here. Kinda wish I liked the second half more though.
12Wolves in the Throne Room
Primordial Arcana

Atmospheric Black Metal
United States
Spirit of Lightning

Primordial Arcana is an immaculate written album; no note is out of place and every instrumental ties in perfectly together to create this layered atmosphere. I immediately was drawn to it to the point it was an AOTY contenter for a long time. In the end, I never formed a personal connection with it that is neccesary for that. But, man, what an album.
11Japanese Breakfast

Indie Pop
United States
Be Sweet

Really varied and well done indie pop album. Works excellently as a summer record. I love how colourful and bright the song-writing is. It's catchy as hell too. Kind of just the complete package.

Tech House
Arc De Trimophe

No other producer can me their production sound as organic as Stimming can. I love how much life there is in the production and the arrangements are often beautiful. Ludwig is his most cohesive work yet, moving along with such fluidity that it makes the 45 minutes feel like 20.
9Violet Cold
Empire of Love

Blackgaze/Post Metal
We Met During The Revolution

Empire of Love is a lot. Blackgaze is no stranger to uplifting music, but Violet Cold takes this to an extreme tribute to love and acceptance. The music is often ridiculous, pairing the typical brickwall guitar sound with various electronic animals and tradional folk elements. But it's an album that is album to present its most silly moments with the most gleeful smile that is impossible to deny.
Glow On

Post Hardcore/Alternative Rock
United States

The most fun album of 2021 with its incredibly high energy and huge anthemic choruses. It's a really nice mix of various genres and ideas that keeps the music sound super fresh throughout the entire run time (and the many, many repeated listens)
7Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
We're OK. But We're lost anyway.

Art Rock/Jazz Fusion

Late find for me through the December SOTD (thank you Milo!), but it had an immediate impact. Great artsy rock with a lot of instrumental variability and interesting dynamics. So much life in the arrangements that are so exciting to explore
6Little Simz
Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Hip Hop/Neo Soul
United Kingdom
Point & Kill

I'm a big fan of these huge scale & ambitious hip hop projects and this is the best one I heard in a while. It's so well-realized, varied and personal. Utilizes various genres as afrobeat and soul seemlessly into the hip hop sound and each song has its own identity within the album.
5Null (USA)

Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk Metal
United States
The Clearing

Hiraeth is the sound of adventure, a fantasy metal soundtrack to all your forest hikes, mountain climbs or whatever. With its powerful riffs, acoustic guitar segments and the generously sprinkled on flute, few other albums could match the exctitement that is on display here. It's undoubtly cheesy, but would you want your adventure to be 100% serious?
4Joana Serrat
Hardcore from the Heart

Dream Pop

Hardcore from the Heart's fuzzy & warm dream pop with country leanings serves as a warm blanket of relaxation and beauty. It provided me with so much comfort over the last couple of weeks during times of sickness and sadness. A really nice album
3For Those I Love
For Those I Love

House/Spoken Word
I Have a Love

For Those I Love is about David Balfe's best friend's suicide. It serves as a beautiful tribute that is so articulate in how it tells the stories the two had together. Every story is told with a lot of passion and love. It never loses itself in grief too; it's just often funny and euphoric, helped with the production that is full so of life. And In the end, despite how much things are said, it is the words "I have a love that never fades" that linger on the mind.

Darkwave/Art Pop

It's so impressive how well this album makes the 110 minute & 17 track length work. It's something I normally wouldn't get into, but Iosonouncane does so well to keep the entire album engaging and intriguing. IRA is dark, weird and somewhat uncomfortable, but there is much hidden away to appreciate and love.
1Arab Strap
As Days Get Dark

United Kingdom
The Turning of Our Bones

It took me a few listens until As Days Get Dark clicked, but once it did, it never let go. This was the best album of 2021 in many aspects: it's the most clever, the most insightful and the most human. But it isn't just a lyrical masterpiece, the song-writing is top notch as well, combining indie, electronic and some chamber elements in perfect manner. In the end, I see As Days Get Dark as an album about uncomfortable, ugly truths, but by shining light on them, it makes them more relatable and brings beauty in them as well.
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