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2021 Releases Ranked

As every year, here is my end of the year list! Overall a great year for new music, very Deathcore-heavy this year for me, less Black Metal than last year. Let's see what the next one will bring. Thanks for reading and enjoy the music!
1Don Broco
Amazing Things

Beautifully transgressing genre boundaries, incredible vocals from both vocalists, had each song stuck in my head for a period of time. The record holds a balance between being incredibly fun to listen to and deep lyrics and heavy topics.

Favorite songs: One True Prince, Easter Sunday, Gumshield, Uber, Endorphins, Revenge Body
2Tigers Jaw
I Won't Care How You Remember Me

Although there are some tracks in the middle of the record I don't really care about, the rest of it is fantastic, even a step up from their last record and maybe on the same level as their self-titled record. Catchy and at times thought-provoking emo/pop-punk done right.

Favorite songs: Anniversary, New Detroit, Hesitation, Cat's Cradle, I Won't Care, Commit, Never Wanted
3Brand of Sacrifice

Pleasant surprise, after not being able to get into their last record this one really hit the spot. Versatile and impressive vocal performance paired with relentless breakdowns, while still being memorable.

Favorite songs: Demon King, Animal, Ruin, Altered Eyes, Foe of the Inhuman
4To The Grave

Deathcore with a political edge, disgusting vocals with a nice flow and filthy breakdowns, not a bad song on this record!

Favorite songs: Hear Evil, See Evil; Miserable Summer, Terrorist Threat, Death by a Thousand Cuts, Recoil in Horror
5Rivers of Nihil
The Work

Took me some time to get into, but this rather atmospheric death metal release seems to have stuck with me ever since. The lyrics focus on issues of expectations, self-doubt and burn-out (it seems), which make this record very personal and relatable.

Favorite songs: The Void from Which No Sound Escapes, MORE?, Terrestria IV, Episode, Clean
6Los Males Del Mundo
Descent Towards Death

Atmospheric black metal dealing with the caducity and meaning of life, haunting vocals that are spot on and are able to transport the meaning behind the words.

Favorite songs: The Silent Agony, The Heavy Burden, Eternal Circle of Vain Efforts
7Spectral Wound
A Diabolic Thirst

Rather melodic black metal that is more riff-focused, which does also not tone down on the evil sound. Catchy and cold.

Favorite songs: Frigid and Spellbound, Fair Lucifer, Sad Relic; Soul Destroying Black Debauchery
8Darko (US)

What a slapping debut full-length blend of deathcore and metalcore. Sometimes rather raw and with a nu-metal edge to it, whilst incorporating just the filthiest vocals and breakdowns I heard in a while.

Favorite songs: Pale Tongue, Pretenders, Mars Attacks, The Last Of Us, Insects
Bleed the Future

Just the fastest and most technical Death-Metal band around I guess? Despite this, they still have very memorable parts on this record, it just needs its time to get into and remember stuff. Overall just incredible.

Favorite songs: Drone Corpse Aviator, Bleed the Future, Acrid Canon, Golden Mouth Of Ruin

The progress and repertoire this band is showing is lovely, might even be a slight step up from their last record. A good mix between beautiful ballads and relentless riffs that have a proggy edge to them.

Favorite songs: Anticure, A Bloodsoaked Symphony, Lost Boy, To The Wolves, History Is Silent, Without Us
11Humanity's Last Breath

Proggy Deathcore, dark and heavy.

Favorite songs: Hadean, Spectre, Earthless, Dehumanize, Sirens
12Knocked Loose
A Tear in the Fabric of Life

Knocked Loose delivering the heavy. Although this EP is fantastic it sometimes lacks memorability and versatility in the vocals, another feature or two might have been a great addition. Still, great record and music that is as heavy as the topic of the songs.

Favorite songs: Contorted in the Faille, Where Light Divides the Holler, God Knows

Definitely better than the last, but lacked some punch overall. Still a good record.

Favorite songs: Born For One Thing, Grind, New Found, Amazonia
14Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine

Maybe the biggest surprise for me this year, probably their hardest record to date with some incredibly well-crafted metalcore with some forgettable tracks and the abomination that 'Bastards' is.

Favorite songs: Paralyzed, Can't Escape the Waves, No Happy Ever After, Death By A Thousand Cuts, Knives
Worldwide Warfare

Another pleasant surprise. Local death metal band with some slam influence, absolutely nailing this record. Deep and inspiring lyrics. Actual record is: Operation: Mental Castration.

Favorite songs: My Mental Castration, Compulsory Consumption, Drained, The Burning Emptiness in Me
16Julien Baker
Little Oblivions

Great stuff as always, staying true to her sound and relatable lyrics. Keep fighting!

Favorite songs: Ringside, Heatwave, Relative Fiction, Crying Wolf, Repeat, Favor
17Harakiri for the Sky

Not sure what it is about this one, but it somehow did not stick with me as much as the last two records. For some reason the (Austrian) accent and some mistakes in language did not make it better either. Lyrics also felt edgy in a cringy way every now and then.

Favorite songs: Sing for the Damage We've Done, Three Empty Words, I'm All About the Dusk, Us Against December Skies, And Oceans Between Us
18Rise Against
Nowhere Generation

Also a surprise, as critical as ever, but with a self-reflective twist. Might be a step up from the last, although some songs sadly had annoying choruses.

Favorite songs: Talking to Ourselves, Broken Dreams Inc., Sooner or Later, Middle of a Dream
19Like Pacific
Control My Sanity

Highly anticipated and kinda delivered, could add some more variation and distinctability to their songs, some just were not rememberable at all. The better songs however really stuck with me.

Favorite songs: Ketamine Jesus, Rest in the Dirt, Fail to Speak, Waste of Breath
Dusk of Anguish

Just a solid deathcore EP with some highs and lows, didn't find the time to check their full-length sadly.

Favorite songs: Cryogenesis, The Eternal Lament, Dusk of Anguish
21Gold Necklace
Gold Necklace

Kurt Travis and band delivering the viby post-hardcore with some jazz influences. At times incredible, at other times mediocre.

Favorite songs: Vibe With Me, Call Me Back, Tootsie Roll
22Hot Mulligan
I Won't Reach Out To You

Somehow every song had at least some parts that didn't feel right for me, still a good effort, but not even close to their last. Hopefully the next one will hit home again.

Favorite songs: Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh)

Great record with questionable production, as so often with Beartooth sadly. However, they really progressed from their last record, having some songs with some black metalesque-riffs and others with pure pop-choruses, very versatile and worth a listen!

Favorite songs: Skin, No Return, Dominate, Devastation, The Past Is Dead
Societal Lobotomisation

To be honest, the Acrania songs are incredible, never really cared much vor Vulvodynia and this record proved no different - therefore overall a good EP, but not top notch.

Favorite songs: Guillotine Necktie, Legions of the Unenlightened
25Begotten (CAN)
Nothing Worth Remembering

Fake advertising, although sometimes hard to remember, it's definitely worth remembering. Atmospheric and depressing black metal.

Favorite songs: Nothing Worth Remembering II
26Berried Alive
The Mixgrape

Such a fun listen with some incredible guitar work and catchy parts, but lack in lyrical depth, sometimes feels like a rap diss-track gone weird metalcore.

Favorite songs: Strawberry Serenity, Illemonati
27Mare Cognitum
Solar Paroxysm

Chill and athmospheric spacey black metal that has less memorable parts than their last and sometimes really drags on forever.

Favorite songs: Ataraxia Tunnels, Frozen Star Divinization
28Bound In Fear

Great EP, although the use of bass drops and extremely low tuning sometimes affects the enjoyability of songs. Vocals as gurgly and disgusting as ever.

Favorite songs: Cardinal Sin, Everblack, Left To Drown

Another nice and chill atmospheric black metal release that somehow did not stick with me as much as it should have maybe.

Favorite songs: Triebe II
30Lowlife (MI)
Abhorrent Misanthropy

Although this record does nothing wrong I just never came back to it, despite thinking it was great. Usual deathcore stuff, extreme breakdowns, nasty vocals.

Favorite songs: Deadweight, Deliverance, RIS, Godfiend

Didn't feel this one as much either, despite some great songs on it the overall expression was rather meh.

Favorite songs: Already Dead, Terracide Compulsion, War Within Our Walls, The Eye of the Swarm, Celer et Audax

Didn't understand the hype and still don't, maybe the war-theme is putting me off. Has some high points but the rest was rather forgettable.

Favorite songs: Der letzte Flug, die Schlacht bei Tannenberg
33Ice Nine Kills
The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood

Sure, some songs are catchy as hell with great instrumentation and vocals, but the whole gimmick makes some songs so much worse and plain out annoying, I feel like they have much potential, but this whole lyrical theme and theatraticalness is not for me.

Favorite songs: The Shower Scene, Hip to be Scared
34We Butter The Bread With Butter
Das Album

Sometimes great, sometimes meh, sometimes annoying, average record overall.

Favorite songs: Piks mich, N!CE, Jump 'n' Run
35Lorna Shore
...And I Return To Nothingness

I guess my biggest problem is not with the music, but with the fanbase, acting like Will Ramos reinvented the fucking wheel while other vocalists did similar (or better) stuff for ages. So my rating might not be fair, but musically same critique as for the last record: seems overloaded with sounds and not a fan of the mix, but better than the last.

Favorite songs: To the Hellfire
As Above, So Below

Pretty good but not as much fun or as catchy as the last.

Favorite songs: Home
37Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Feature part on Immortal gave me PTSD to the point of being unable to enjoy other songs in fear of the guest part to start, sorry. Most of the other songs were also not that rememberable, I don't know.

Favorite songs: Am Rande der Dunkelheit, Monument
For Those That Wish to Exist

Well, after the absolut masterpiece of Holy Hell it was almost imposible to not be let down by this one, but the record just lacked quality in every regard and just came down to a medicore stadium-metalcore-rock record, which I already hated with Parkway Drive, so, yeah. No Bleghs either. Sadlife.

Favorite songs: Animals, Dead Butterflies
39Dying Wish
Fragments of a Bitter Memory

Kind of torn about this one, at times I absolutely love it, at others it annoys the fuck out of me. Seems like an homage to 2000s metalcore, a mix between old Bullet, old Parkway Drive and Knocked Loose with some relentless breakdowns, but kind of repetitive and unchanging.

Favorite songs: Drowning In the Silent Black, Hollowed by Affliction, Severing the Senses
40Frozen Soul
Crypt Of Ice

Death metal that has some nice rhymes and therefore stays in your head, but apart from that, kinda same as everything.

Favorite songs: Beat to Dust
41Wage War

Step up from the last, but not seeming genuine about it somehow. Some songs slap, the others are just there.

Favorite songs: Death Roll, True Colors
42Thy Catafalque

Too progressive and just unimpressive for me, sure it experiments with lots of instruments and stuff, but it just doesn't sound that great. Also feels like they have seen Drive a little too often with their similar use of synths (which is actually one of the few parts I really enjoyed).

Favorite songs: Az energiamegmaradas
43A Day To Remember
You're Welcome

Yeah, well, didn't hate it as much as others, as some songs are still great, but overall just a disgusting pop-infused abomination of ADTR with braindead lyrics and stupidly annoying melodies.

Favorite songs: Everything We Need, Last Chance to Dance
Lost In The Waves

Also rather unimpressive and chaotic record that didn't seem to know what it wants to be, with weirdly mixed genres, but the potential to be something great. Maybe next time.

Favorite songs: Lost In a Wave
45Pale Waves
Who Am I?

More radio-friendly and uninspired than the last with a focus on appealing to young edgy wannabe-goths I guess?

Favorite songs: You Don't Own Me, Easy

Too much chaos, just leave one of the guitars out and you have something listenable, great potential, but most of the time just meh.

Favorite songs: Kingslayer, Deicide
47The Plot In You
Swan Song

First time I checked stuff from them out and apart from Face Me this record just did not resonate with me at all, plain boring, sorry.

Favorite songs: Face Me

Well, same as the other record by them, maybe less quantity and more quality would be the way to go.

Favorite songs: Posthumous
Survivors Guilt: The Mixtape//

Hollywood sucks is a banger, otherwise forgettable record.

Favorite songs: Hollywood sucks
Downer Part. 1

Great, you can play a note a minute while not being doom-metal and follow the trend of incorporating trap. Boring and annoying mostly. Boy is incredible tho.

Favorite songs: Boy
51Old Wharf

Beatdown that does nothing wrong, but also not much right, songs blend into each other.

Favorite songs: -
52Wolf Skin
The Fifth Circle

Can't really remember much about it, other than not liking it, which may already tell the story about the problem here. Actual record is Scorpion.

Favorite songs: -
53Cvlt Ov the Svn
We Are the Dragon

Ugh, how hard can you try to be edgy and evil while being nothing other than cringe? God damn.

Favorite songs: -
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