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02.24.19 Every Gojira song ranked from worst to 01.01.19 My 50 most listened to records of 2018
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Every Gojira song ranked from worst to best

I was kinda possessed with Gojira for the last couple of months and decided to rank all their songs, which was a much more challenging task than expected. Anyway, after ~100 hours of listening to Gojira, in order to give an accurate representation of my taste, this list is done. Some songs of course might be a couple of positions higher or lower, depending on my mood. Let me know what you think, which song should be higher or lower. Of course my rankings are totally subjective and the songs at the end of the list are still great. Thanks for reading :)
Terra Incognita

1990 quadrillions de tonnes

by far my most skipped track, i see what they were going for and it makes sense, but it is not enjoyable to listen to, for me at least
The Link


Piano instrumental, campfire sounds, also pretty nice


Accoustic instrumental, pretty cool, relaxing


another nice sounding instrumental
The Way of All Flesh

The Silver Cord

e-guitar instrumental, dark sounding

Yellow Stone

dark instrumental, but pretty cool overall
Terra Incognita


another interlude :^)


those lyrics seem more metalcore-ish than anything else to be honest
"There's no taking back
What you said to me
There's no coming back
On what you did to me"
The Link


xylophone interlude, sound pretty upbeat and interesting
Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita

good interlude, kind of unsettling vibe to it
Terra Incognita

5988 trillions de tonnes

sense of impending doom, weird drums
The Link


decent instrumental track, fits into the album theme, I find myself skipping it from time to time tho, because of its length
From Mars to Sirius


great interlude, the whales in the background fit the albums theme
L'Enfant Sauvage

Liquid Fire

The different vocal styles combined in this make it not that enjoyable for me :/
"Infinite power lies all around us and in the heart
The flashes find a way, stealing through these broken walls
And when this fire grows, it does it so we can remember
The meaning of this life, we'll be marching until the end"
The Link

Over the flows

"And speak the words
Already know
And now I learn
To open the door"

End Of Time

nice riffs, not so nice sound quality, also didn't find lyrics for this one, so no quote, sorry :)
Terra Incognita

On the B.O.T.A.

"And I open, my mind is so clear
There's a door in the wall of time
And I open, my mind is so clear"


I don't like the sound of the chorus somehow, the guitar solo is catchy tho
"Dead bodies falling from the sky
We are the ape with the vision of the killing
A rain of shame that fills the mines
No other blood in me but mine"

Rigor Mortis

Can we please get a re-recording? This is actually pretty cool, apart from the sound quality.
"Endless torture pain and fear
You will hate the human race
Violation, devastation
Welcome to where dreams are dead"


heavy riffs, already sounds good, kinda funny lyrics when compared to the later stuff.
"Unholy on the altar
Death smile on his face
Die in pain
Until extremes meet"
L'Enfant Sauvage

The Wild Healer

my favorite instrumental track, catchy, upbeat, pretty nice


not a fan of the intro, Nice Heavy Riffs but the sound quality on this one...
"Kill the beast inside of me
Kill the lord of pain
Domination of the dark
Am I lost forever?"
From Mars to Sirius

From mars

very calm sounding song, good lyrics
"But why do you say that you are lost
If you don't even try to find yourself?
My words are a stair I put my feet on
And I climb through starless night to my place"
From Mars to Sirius

Escape (Metallica cover)

not a big metallica fan, good cover still. "To escape from the true false world
Undamaged destiny
Can't get caught in the endless circle
Ring of stupidity"
The Link


"You're not the one you think you are
since you were born you're only love"

Sentenced To Life

best song on the Victim EP, although it does not quite yet sound like Gojira. Would very much like to see this re-recorded.
"Who said they weren t you
You who think you're free
Who said you weren't a slave
Of what you will not see"

Brutal Abortion

Didn't find lyrics for this one, still fun to hear Gojira's early work.


"Parasite a state of which you'll be proud
Under my soothing shroud
This systems roaring howl
Deafens all reason
Questions reduced to silence"
L'Enfant Sauvage

Of Blood and Salt

interesting guitarwork, but somehow i can't get into this song
"This life is so dead, consuming to the bone
Expand the pieces crushing to the face of all
From equal slayers of the earth, I hear the moan
A wretch destroys to wipe us from this race."
The Link

Inward movement

Nice lyrics, but the song seems a little drawn out.
"I walk inside to the heart of my kingdom
Climb up a mountain and stand on the top of it
I am the king and I am the servant
Follow the rules of loving mighty power"
The Way of All Flesh


"Borrow this body for a lifetime, earthly material
My soul unraveled out of mental
the shell returns to dust"

Low Lands

"All the voices trapped in my head
Let 'em all scream in the night
Find the power lost underneath the ground
Let it all blow in the sky"
L'Enfant Sauvage

Planned Obsoledence

"Created weakness for the numbers on the board
Absurd amount of things, obsolete creation
The lust for always more, indulgence in hunger
A greed for power, the demon needs to feed"
L'Enfant Sauvage

Mouth of Kala

"I'm nowhere to be found
Nothing matters, truth out of sight
In the air I dissolve
I'm fading away"

The Shooting Star

"Everlasting love is ever-growing
Hang on to what you have and let it grow
Everlasting love is ever-dying
It's in the past, you have to let it go"


Kinda sad they didn't re-record this one.
"I wish I've never been born
Your vision of life
I'll fight until the rise of dawn"
L'Enfant Sauvage

Born In Winter

"All was created out of the night
We're all born from the burst of a star"
Terra Incognita

What a nasty riff in the middle of the song, otherwise not one of my favorites.
"Implode, explode, both at the same time
Destruction, let me disappear, fill my empty"


"The poison slowly spreads
Through the body and the mind
Close your eyes and drop your things
Be ready to fly"
The Link

The Link

"Find a link between wrong and right
Understand, you create what you are
Be the link, you are what you create"
Wisdom Comes

Locked In A Syndrome

"All the fears and the fights
They were standing so close
And the silence is watching me"


"No faith in your world
Create my own to thrive
No faith in your world
Create my own to thrive"
L'Enfant Sauvage

This Emptiness

"Myself away so long, I've been refusing to feed
I always kept the flame, my will is to grow
Unfolded vision, a force is unveiled
It's all around me, from a void now explodes"
Terra Incognita


great variations in speed.
"Present at my funeral
I know I'll rise
And meet myself reborn"
From Mars to Sirius

World to come

I feel like this should be higher ranked, beautiful lyrics and relaxing sound.
"I'm sitting by a lake
But it's not of this Earth
The water is so clear
And the birds are alive
A mirror for the sky
All they see themselves and fly away"
L'Enfant Sauvage

The Fall

"Leaves are falling, the wind is blowing so cold
The end, cycle, peel to the core
Vision faces disintegrator
It all came back to me"
The Way of All Flesh


"It seems like I always knew this
Since I'm a child I can feel it
My inner light everlasting
Revolving within a circle"
L'Enfant Sauvage


"You ignored this fury too long, I explode
Bring back to life this anger, let it grow
Put aside mind traps and false beliefs
These heavyweights created pull you down"
From Mars to Sirius

Where dragons dwell

"But I grow impatient, cannot stand the wait
And I start to dig within me this tunnel to I
In this region of me, a great dragon is lying
On the wealth of a mighty world, my own world inside"
L'Enfant Sauvage

My Last Creation

"You wield a secret dark and so cold
Never bow and obey to soul control
Are these creatures a part of me insane
And their shadows my only shelter, last creation"
The Way of All Flesh

Toxic garbage island

"Take this pestilent destruction out of my way
The great pacific garbage patch is exhausting
And the world is sliding away
In a vortex of floating refuse
With the sacred one you have lost"
From Mars to Sirius

To sirius

"For God's sake, they have never heard of you
"You'll never reach this master race"
Our force sickening, killing all the time
Human laws already slayed many lives"
Terra Incognita

Satan Is a Lawyer

"Satan is a lawyer
You choose the appearance of the futile
Trapped, a corner stops your back, you're out
Before you grow you will die..."
The Link


"Remember the past, present, future
Memory is a force
So many things have happened
To me the hardest of all"
Terra Incognita

Space Time

"But my legs are now so tired
Climbing all alone, all space, and all the time
So I fix my attention now
On this perfect planet revolving around this star"
Terra Incognita

Fire Is Everything

"Hypnotizing power I can't resist
Reach out my hands, I feel the light
Increase flames, the heat is oppressive
Disturbs my brain, I want to dive in..."
Terra Incognita

Lizard Skin

"I reserve myself the right to protect, I
From intenions around
I see a thousand faces
In no one but myself I trust
I don't get love or care from this world of pain
Made my skin turn to stone"
From Mars to Sirius

In the wilderness

"Planet Earth will overcome
Men destroyed, scorned and killed their lives
But the world is on her way"
L'Enfant Sauvage

The Axe

"I lost my fears and the notion of time
I healed my sorrow
All boundaries are illusion
When you reach the centre light"
The Link

Death of me

"From now on I'm "this", and not "me"
I feel like I I'm rising from the dead
From up here I see my inner world is dying
I'll overcome my pain"
The Way of All Flesh

Esoteric surgery

"All illness can be healed
The cell regenerates
Disambiguated situation
There is a secret code
In the structure of the mind
You have the power to heal yourself"
The Way of All Flesh

Adoration for none

"Destined to rule my life
And go the way of the flesh
Nature is my only master
I will bow to no one"
L'Enfant Sauvage

Pain Is A Master

"I went through this cycle of pain deep in myself
Destroyed by awful hands, a demon of illusion
The pain now awaken, I'm cracking wide open"
The Way of All Flesh

Wolf down the earth

"You eat all the creation
Swallow the trees the lakes and all the valleys
Crush the moon, and drink the rivers flowing
Deep rolling ocean blow
Burning all that lives"
The Way of All Flesh

The art of dying

"I cannot stomach these forms and colors anymore
But I'm here to continue, after all I have been through
I try to keep my eyes open, I am realizing
This life and death more precious than anything"
From Mars to Sirius

Ocean planet

"I'm in a mental cage, I'm locked up
Imprisoned, I live deathlike, sickening
Strong is your hold on my resignation
I don't see the stars, my memories are veiled"
Terra Incognita


"For those who know, I want to be
As clear, as real, as I protect
Nothingness is all around
I hate the taste of your words"
From Mars to Sirius

The heaviest matter of the universe

"Overtaking time and now understanding space
I feel united, I do cross light, feel the living
Here in the centre stands the light of love
That never can be touched from greater silence shall return"
Terra Incognita


"Now for the weak an abortion
Celebrate perfection that grows
The flesh, a gift of science
The soul a fault of a god"

The Cell

"No control over anything
I'm dying to learn, I'm dying to forget
Overcrowded in my mind
I have to let it go now"
The Way of All Flesh

One of the most powerful track lyric-wise, but I am not the biggest fan of the instrumentation.
"The light of this world has faded completely
But the light of the next world have not yet appeared"
From Mars to Sirius

From the sky

"I do feel like no one can save me I am so alone
And yet I cried, I called for help, forsaken
But now I know the only way is understand the living
Obey the rule of light and face the fear inside out"
The Link

Wisdom comes

"Ease your pain
I cannot
With suffering
I don't"
From Mars to Sirius

Global warming

"I feel like I'm not from humankind down there
I feel like glaciers are my eyes
And mountains are my head, my heart is ocean
And I feel all alone
'Cause everybody's wrong, I fear the living"
L'Enfant Sauvage

L'enfant Sauvage

"This righteous anger boiling inside of us
Won't last forever, don't fear to let it out
Branches have grown through
The wolf is your master"

Only Pain

"Just wanted to be good
Just wanted to be gold
Just wanted to be god
Just wanted to be"
Terra Incognita

In the Forest

This has one of my all-time favorite riffs in it. Also i ignored the silence and hidden track part. This hidden track is ranked seperately as Terra Incognita.
"I want to live in the forest forever
The power of trees, I want to feel forever
Connection with life, animals, and stars
On the moss I sit, I want to rest by the river"
The Link

Embrace the world

"I close my eyes
I'm all around, I feel so present
Embracing it's vastness I hold
Facing the world
I become a part of it
I'm not alone anymore"
The Way of All Flesh

All the tears

"Now enter the storm and feel electric sword
My entire life is about to burn
I am struggling, life is illusion
But I keep the dream of a better time"
The Way of All Flesh

Yama's messengers

"I've killed so many, I don't want to count
I spent a life raping the world
Both far and near before you now I come, please help
Creator, faultless one!"
From Mars to Sirius

Flying whales

There is a reason this song is one of the most known Gojira songs around - every bit of it is great.
"Beneath the seas, I searched and had a different view
Of us on Earth, the sinking ship of me"
Terra Incognita


Probably their most hard-hitting song, always gets me hyped and the music video fits perfectly.
"Now take the path, don't ever lose your time
Just watch the light you have inside"
The Way of All Flesh

A sight to behold

Great representation of their overall sound and messages, great build-up and beautiful rhythm.
"We drain the oceans and suck all the blood out of the soil
We spend the time we have left fighting and killing each other
Lust for comfort, entertainment becomes an obsession
And there is so much time to kill"


Very emotional song, great to shout along to, also very catchy riffs.
"Leave the moment alone"
From Mars to Sirius


Holy heavy - I always seem to have fun listening to this one.
"Don't bow down before the walls
Of fear and madness, they try to counter me
And strike me down to the ground again"
L'Enfant Sauvage

The Gift of Guilt

This song was the one that started my love for Gojira. Great instrumentation, great lyrics, amazing bridge. "We're left as starving orphans, the vital core is gone
Our sins are all over and over again we swallow
We're sick and tired when this wind blows, the reflex is insane
We must forgive and stop blaming ourselves for this love"
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