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2019 releases ranked

It is time to rank all the 2019 releases I payed attention to. Although I did not listen to every record I intended to, I am happy that I found so many great records this last year. As always, I will give brief descriptions, my rating and my favorite songs. Also let me know what I missed this year and tell me what I should look out for 2020. Thanks for reading!
70fever 333
Strength In Numb333rs

This was really disappointing. While the EP was still ok, this one really didn't work for me, hopefully the next one will be somewhat closer to the letlive. sound, although I doubt that.
Favorite song: AM I HERE?
69Wage War

Another big disappointment for me, Wage War decided to go from solid metalcore to a way poppier sound. Ugh.
Favorite song: Low
68Rotting Christ
The Heretics

The first half of this was somewhat solid, then the second was just straight up annoying for me.
Favorite song: Vetry Zlye
Periphery IV: Hail Stan

I was never on the Periphery hype train, still decided to give this one a go. Still not convinced, although there are some good parts on this record.
Favorite song: Blood Eagle
66Inter Arma
Sulphur English

This did not click with me, probably because most of it just didn't stick and was kind of too slow for my taste.
Favorite song: Citadel
Peach Club

Pretty much as always with Emarosa for me, there are songs I really like and other songs I just find annoying, which makes an average record for me.
Favorite songs: Givin'Up, Cautious
I: Voice

At first I was really convinced that I like this record, but as time progressed I almost started avoiding it, probably because it is rather unstructured and all over the place at times. Still a nice attempt I guess.
Favorite songs: The Color of My Memory, Beneath the Forest Floor

Some decent industrial metal on here, but that's it. The cover of Pumped Up Kicks is amazing though.
Favorite song: Pumped Up Kicks

Deathcore with some good songs and a majority of rather forgettable songs, but I see some potential for the future.
Favorite songs: Sullen, Habit
61Dawn Of Demise
Into the Depths of Veracity

Some Death Metal that is not usually down my alley, but still was enjoyable on some parts.
Favorite songs: Collapse, Disgusting
60And Hell Followed With
Chimerical Reality

I am familiar with some of their older material and though I give this one a try, turns out it does not live up to their older material for me - this one was less brutal and less engaging.
Favorite song: Empty & Hollow
59Annotations Of An Autopsy
World Of Sludge

Fun listen, nothing that will stick around though.
Favorite songs: Killing the Industry, World of Sludge
58Car Bomb

Got some Gojira-vibes here with some weirdness that doesn't always work out for them, still some songs on here are pretty good and heavy.
Favorite songs: Dissect Yourself, Eyecide
Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now

This is actually "Into the Light" by Awakening Sun, might add this to the website eventually. A mix of thrash and metalcore I'd say, with some great riffs on it. Will be nice to see what they drop in the future.
Favorite songs: Bloodthirst, Void Silence
56In Flames
I, the Mask

Rather average record by In Flames with some catchy songs and some annoying songs on it.
Favorite songs: I Am Above, I, the Mask
55Venom Prison

Female fronted mix of Hardcore/Metalcore/Death Metal. Enjoyed this at first but the more I listen to it, the less I seem to like it. My biggest problem is probably the vocal style here.
Favorite songs: Unterine Industrialisation, Megillus & Leana, Naraka
54Sum 41
Order In Decline

I was curious to hear if they would make a record that could be on par with some of my favorite records from my teenage years. Although Order In Decline isn't quite that, there are still good songs on here that impressed me, especially the balads. The more energetic songs however not so much.
Favorite songs: Never There, 45

Fun deathcore listen with some parts that really stay in your mind. Also liked the clever incorporation of Whiplash samples in the song Blackball.
Favorite songs: Blackball, F(r)iends
52Employed to Serve
Eternal Forward Motion

Same problem as with Venom Prison here, not really into the vocal style, but still a decent record.
Favorite songs: Bare Bones On A Blue Sky, Force Fed, Owed Zero
51Motionless in White

Avoided to listen to this for a while because I doubted there would be any good songs on here, was proven wrong with some bangers. However, the record is not consistent with quality and the second half especially is pretty bad in my opinion.
Favorite songs: Thoughts & Prayers, c0de
50Bound in Fear
The Hand of Violence

If you like slow and heavy deathcore there might be some songs on here for you.
Favorite songs: Hate Circuit, The Rot Within
49Crafting the Conspiracy
Human Error

The record is actually "The Cosmic Key, Pt. 1". Also some nice deathcore.
Favorite songs: Dimension Door, The Traveler

Breakdowns, bass-drops, even slower breakdowns. Fun listen that becomes repetitive throughout the record though.
Favorite song: Heirs of Torment
We Are Not Your Kind

Not that convinced by this as most people seem to be, just because there are so many songs that just did nothing for me.
Favorite songs: Solway Firth, Orphan, Unsainted

Death metal with war themes and one song about Ted Bundy in the middle of it. Great riffs.
Favorite songs: The Hunter, Abominate, The Great One

Post-black metal that is more on the chill side of things.
Favorite songs: Portrait of Pieces, Adore
Heaven that Dwells Within

I think this is a good record, the only problem with it for me is that no song stays in my mind. I constantly find myself randomly listening to songs from this and asking myself "Damn, this is great, which band is that?", which makes this one not higher on the list.
Favorite songs: Vernal Womb, Two Wolves, Spirit Braid
Lebe Dich Leer

Black metal with haunting vocals.
Favorite song: Verdaut in klaffenden Mäulern
The Return

Solid Black Metal from a band long absent.
Favorite song: The Prophecy
41Misery Index
Rituals of Power

Death/Thrash with powerful riffs and songs that stay in mind.
Favorite songs: Hammering the Nails, Decline and Fall
World War X

The usual Carnifex record. I mean it is pretty good, but it gets repetitive. Another huge problem I have with this are the rediculous lyrics on this that feel like a 14-year old wrote them in an attempt to be "very ebil".
Favorite songs: All Roads Lead to Hell, World War X, Hail Hellfire
39Ethereal Darkness
Smoke And Shadows

This is pretty impressive for the debut of a solo project. If he can write a whole record that is as great as the better songs on this, it would be sick.
Favorite songs: Forgotten Shadows, Apocalypse on Your Mind, Time

PVRIS now with a pop-sounding record that has back the energy they had on their debut record, which is a step in the right direction from their last release that lacked power in my opinion.
Favorite song: Nightmare

Solid EP, great vocals, great songs.
Favorite songs: Teacher, Teacher; Perennial
Pantheon of the Nightside Gods

Solid black metal record from a band that does not seem to take itself too serious, which is refreshing. The only problem I had with this one is the production - I feel like that could have been done better, so the songs are easier to remember.
Favorite songs: Cathedrals of Mourning, Blackened Call
35Wounds of Recollection
You Were A Garden of Empyrean Light

Atmospheric black metal that is really relaxing and enjoyable. This would be higher up if it wasn't for the weird interlude songs on here.
Favorite songs: Hemingway, Fog Over Appalachia, Irrevocably
34Tiny Moving Parts
For the Sake of Brevity. Fishbowl

Re-Recording of two older songs from one of my favorite Pop-Punk bands.
Favorite song: Fish Bowl
The Root of All Evil

Deathcore with its own sound.
Favorite songs: The Offering, Killzone
Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now

This is actually Cvlt Ov the Svn with Luna in the Sky Forever, a black metal record with rock'n'roll influences.
Favorite songs: Whore of Babylon, The Murderer
31Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Black metal with haunting female vocals.
Favorite songs: The Sphere, Exaudi Domine
30Fit for an Autopsy
The Sea of Tragic Beasts

Was a little bit disappointed with this record. This is less hard-hitting and dark as their last one that I enjoyed quite a bit, nonetheless a good record.
Favorite songs: Warfare, Mirrors
First Strike

This is actually Dealer with Soul Burn, a hardcore band with sick breakdowns.
Favorite songs: Crooked, Pretty Stupid
Damp Chill of Life

Cold black metal that rememberd me of some of the earlier Burzum records. Really intense at times with great guitar work.
Favorite songs: It's Painless to Let Go, The Damp Chill of Life
27Dust Bolt
Trapped in Chaos

German thrash metal with some heavy-metal influences that round up another solid record by them.
Favorite songs: Trapped In Chaos, Killing Time, Shed My Skin
26Funereal Presence

Experimental black metal with some interesting innovative ideas.
Favorite song: Wherein a Messenger of the Devil Appeared

Superior to Micro in my opinion, because of the different styles they incorporate into this one, which also makes it such a fun listen with remembrable parts.
Favorite songs: Judgement (& Punishment), Pausing Death, The Prophecy
24Downfall of Gaia
Ethic of Radical Finitude

Black metal that reminds me a lot of Harakiri For The Sky. Some beautiful songs on here.
Favorite songs: We Pursue the Serpent of Time, Guided Through a Starless Night
Kingdom of Lies

Deathcore with some variety on it, was really surprised by these guys and the vocalists abilities.
Favorite songs: Red Hue Upon a Lunar Equinox, Telluric Necromancy, Abattoir

Another deathcore record that is really solid. Wish they would have cut off some of the rather experimental parts on this.
Favorite songs: Bloodthirster, Radiance in the Light of a Dying Sun, Requiem
Old Star

I only listened to the old stuff from them, therefore I was surprised that this was pretty good as well, although it is quite different and a lot slower than their old material.
Favorite songs: The Hardship of the Scots, Alp Man
20Bleeding Utopia
Where the Light Comes to Die

Some Death/Trash-Metal with amazing riffs, like really amazing riffs.
Favorite songs: Crown of Horns, Already Dead, Enhance My Wrath
19American Football
American Football (LP3)

Emo/Pop-Punk with a mature sound and mature lyrical content that is relatable, chill and sad at the same time.
Favorite songs: Heir Apparent, Uncomfortably Numb

Black Metal with incredibly sounding guitar work.
Favorite songs: Orgia, Alsaela, Med Svipur a Lofti
17As I Lay Dying
Shaped by Fire

For me probably their best sounding record to date, the only problem I have with it is the lyrical content that is literally the same on every song on the album, which becomes pretty boring. Otherwise amazing vocals, breakdowns and catchy parts.
Favorite songs: My Own Grave, Gatekeeper, Take What's Left, Redefined
Age of Excuse

Black Metal that really sucks the listener in.
Favorite songs: VI, II
15Knocked Loose
A Different Shade of Blue

Hardcore/Metalcore. This just recently clicked with me after giving it some tries. Great vocals, lyrics and breakdowns, definitely something to check out.
Favorite songs: A Serpent's Touch, ...And Still I Wander South, Belleville
14Traveler (CAN)

Heavy Metal. Reddit brought my attention to this, and although this is not the music I usually listen to it is amazing. Great catchy songs.
Favorite songs: Fallen Heroes, Speed Queen
Triumphant Master of Fates

Black Metal. This is some raw and cold sounding black metal that also slaps pretty good. Really enjoyed this throughout the year and came back to it again and again.
Favorite songs: Consumed by the Source, Adversarial Impetus Ignition
Spiritual Instinct

Post-Metal. A dreamy and chill album that was perfect for the autumn months.
Favorite songs: Protection, Sapphire, Les jardins de minuit
11Tiny Moving Parts

Pop-Punk/Emo. I feel like TMP hit their high with Celebrate and after that didn't really go out of their comfort zone too much. Still, there are the same great emo songs with mathy elements on here that I came to love in the first place, therefore it is still a good record, but I would wish that their next one is a step away from that into new directions.
Favorite songs: The Midwest Sky, Bloody Nose, Vertebrae

Folk/Death-Metal. First (non-acoustic) full-length since the female singer changed and the new one really nails it here. Eluveitie convinces the listener with their variety of instruments that are beautifully incorporated into their songs.
Favorite songs: Rebirth, The Slumber, Ambiramus
9Bring Me the Horizon

Alternative. Yeah, I know, probably a bit weird to see this up here, but as a long time BMTH-fan i actually enjoy this new sound more than the sound on the previous record and thought this one had some innovative and catchy moments on it that did not become boring, even after countless listens.
Favorite songs: wounderful life, nihilist blues, MANTRA
8Shadow Of Intent

Deathcore. The vocals on this are soo good, holy shit. Also the breakdowns hit hard, the melodies are great, amazing record.
Favorite songs: Malediction, Barren and Breathless Macrocosm, Melancholy
Ageless Fire

Black Metal. I seem to come back to this album again and again for its chill black metal that is still aggressive at times.
Favorite songs: Eternity, Ageless Fire

Black Metal. Just started to listen to this last week and I should have given this a listen earlier. This record calms me down like no other on this list, amazing vocals and instruments all over. Can recommend.
Favorite songs: Arctic Light, The Isolationist, The Achromatic Road
5Infant Annihilator
The Battle of Yaldabaoth

Deathcore. Infant Annihilator have again put out an amazing record that delivers everything they stand for: almost disgusting levels of brutality and vocals that are spot on. This would be higher if they did also cut some of the meme-parts out.
Favorite songs: A Rape of Sirens, The Battle of Yaldabaoth, Ov Sacrament and Sincent, Three Bastards
4Thy Art Is Murder
Human Target

Deathcore. Altough most people I talked to didn't seem to like this record that much, I really enjoyed it. The whole mood it brings across is kind of apocalyptic in its own way, while not having the craziest breakdowns or vocal parts on it.
Favorite songs: Voyeurs into Death, Death Squad Anthem, Chemical Christ
The Valley

Deathcore. On this record Whitechapel incorporated a lot of clean vocals into deathcore - and it works perfectly fine for them. Phil Bozeman is also an incredibly singer and hits those notes live just as they are on the record. Was blown away from this.
Favorite songs: When a Demon Defiles a Witch, Brimstone, Sea of Trees, We Are One
2oso oso
Basking in the glow

Pop-Punk. The catchiest record on this list for me. Could sing along to every song on this time after time and still not get bored. Melodies, vocals, pretty much everything here is great.
Favorite songs: basking in the glow, a morning song, charlie, the view, one sick plan
Forgotten Paths

black metal/folk. And my favorite this year is from Scottish band Saor. Their mix between black metal and folk elements on this record is just perfect and, apart from their earlier records, the production fits just perfectly too, making this a true masterpiece in my opinion.
Favorite songs: Bròn, Forgotten Paths
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