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Ashcrash's 2021 List

The last two years when I've tried submitting my year-end list the site broke and I didn't have the motivation to re-try 'em. Fingers crossed this one works - nothing better to do this morning while I'm ice storm'd in. 250-ish releases total this year, top 100 here; first half unranked, top 50 sorta ranked.
The Idyll Opus (I-VI)

Folk rock/emo. Initially dazzled but its bloat increasingly didn't hold up and the word-for-word deliveries of its prosaic liner notes can feel pretty clunky. Astounding highlights though.
De Doorn

Post-metal. Cool tones.

Horrorcore/hip-hop. Expanding in some neat directions but I prefer God Has Nothing Do With This.

Prog metal/death metal. Super solid musicianship and momentum in the songwriting but I didn't end up revisiting it much.
Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine

Hip-hop/pop. Their best in some time but the hype machine ain't what it used to be.
95Bruno Pernadas
Private Reasons

Psych jazz. Eclectic mix of influences on here tempered by some dull patches.
94Cold Collective

Emo/alt rock. Posthumous vocals render it sadder. Why you don't publish Best of Year lists before December [1].
Infinite Granite

Shoegaze/post-rock. Shit on the removal of their black metal elements as I have and will, this still does its thing really well.
92Delta Sleep
Spring Island

Math rock. Super tight musicianship. Songwriting took a little step back compared to their previous work though imo.
91Emma Ruth Rundle
Engine of Hell

Gothic/acoustic singer-songwriter. Deep-endy and downcast and kinda monotonous but cool.
90For Those I Love
For Those I Love

Hip-hop. B R I T I S H P O E T R Y B R U V

Mathcore. One of the more rewarding headaches I've induced on myself this year.
88Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Post-rock/drone. Rendered almost irrelevant by this list's #1 pick (write down your guess now!)
87Hiatus Kaiyote
Mood Valiant

Neo-soul/jazz. Discombobulating and sexy and by the end I'm a little tired.
86James Blake
Friends That Break Your Heart

Soul/pop. More singer-y than producer-y but I prefer that side of Blake so whatever.
85Jim Ward

Rock. Half of this is cheesy and half of this slaps and it's so short I sat through it all on the regular.
84Jon Hopkins
Music for Psychedelic Therapy

Ambient. Floaty and soothing and thoroughly fine.
A Martyr's Reward

Hip-hop. Introspection and life lessons.
82King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Butterfly 3000

Gizzcore/synthpop. The general vibe is nice, wish they expanded some of the ideas with more depth though.
81King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
L. W.

Gizzcore. Not as fulfilling on its own as K. G.
80Kishi Bashi

Indie folk/Americana. EP Honorable Mention.
79Knocked Loose
A Tear in the Fabric of Life

Metalcore. B R U T A L but leaves me wanting more. EP Honorable Mention.
78Kowloon Walled City

Spacious, slow-burning post-hardcore. Samey overall but good stuff.
77Lil Nas X

Pop/hip-hop. Better track-for-track than most of us anticipated probably, but still not quite there as a highlight in and of itself.
76Lil Ugly Mane
Volcanic Bird Enemy...

Psych trip-hop + anything else he felt like, apparently. Lopsided and spotty but incredible when it hits.
75Mare Cognitum
Solar Paroxysm

Black metal. So consistent it's hard to tell the songs apart, honestly.
No Feeling Is Final

Post-rock. Obviously nothing new here but I'm a sucker for the formula.
As the Love Continues

Post-rock. Obviously nothing new here but I'm a sucker for the formula.
Pilgrimage Of The Soul

Post-rock. Obviously nothing new here but I'm a sucker for the formula.
71o'summer vacation
Wicked Heart

Punk. Short and sweet and loud.
70Olhava (RU)
Frozen Bloom

Atmospheric black metal. What'd you expect with that name and album art?
69Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
We're OK. But We're lost anyway.

Genre: ?????? this is all over and super wacky and a neat time
68Pearl Charles
Magic Mirror

Disco cosmic country or something idk. Opener is an earworm.
67Rota Fortunae

Proper fuckin folk, like, fantasy-soundin stuff. Pretty sure this was a Sput member project but I forget who so I'll just say props and you can identify yourself.
66Ruby Haunt
Watching the Grass Grow

Slowcore. Mumbly, droney, arpeggiated bliss (or heartbreak idk)
65Shame (UK)
Drunk Tank Pink

Post punk. The true neutral of that recent scene.
64She Said Destroy

Black metal/post-metal/death metal it's metal
63Sloppy Jane

Chamber rock in a cave. Wanted to give this more time but I got to it super late.
62Sons of Kemet
Black to the Future

Jazz. Toot toot.
Eternal Blue

Alt metal/metalcore. Wish this leaned a bit heavier on the...heavy, but it's a solid debut.
60Split End

J-pop shoegaze. Kinda squeaky vocalist but the songwriting's great. EP Honorable Mention.
Sonic Day Codas

Shoegaze. Solid as the genre gets.
Swim Out Past The Breakers

Love child of twee indie pop and wordy Americana.

Crusty Galician revolutionary screamo.
56The Mountain Goats
Dark In Here

Slow...jazz? Hmmm not sure it totally works but I spun it a ton anyway
In the Court of the Dragon

Power metal. Goofy as fuck ngl.
54Tropical Fuck Storm
Deep States

Psych rock. The weakest of their three, but still.
53Soundtrack (Anime)
Sonny Boy Original Soundtrack

Featuring Toe, Mid-Air Thief, Mitsume, and more. Anime of the Year too, fwiw.
OK Human

Chamber pop. It's Weezer.
Total Reality, Total Chaos

Ambient. EP of the Year. A cooldown when life gets too (sur)real.

Blackgaze. Usurping Deafheaven at this point? They might as well be.
The Color Blu​(​e)

Hip-hop. Sublime beats and iconic wordplay. Don't attempt the Blu drinking game here, I don't want you to die.
48The Felice Brothers
From Dreams to Dust

Folk. Distinctly old-fashioned and rustic, but not really in a pretentious way. We shall live again.
47A Great Big Pile of Leaves

Indie rock. Breezy, summery leftovers that didn't spoil. Dorky music for dorky people.

Hard rock/alt metal. Space travel themes. They actually sound like they're having fun again.

J-math rock. Tricot have kinda oversaturated themselves as of late but I still prefer this over their two from last year. Why you don't publish Best of Year lists before December [2].
44A Winged Victory for the Sullen
Invisible Cities

Ambient/neo-classical. Concise and oddly momentum-driven, whatever that means in this style. Zone out go-to.
43Richard Dawson and Circle

Prog rock. Botany. They really did it, the madlads.
.​.​.​And Again into the Light

Black metal/post-rock. [twinkly] [indecipherable] "yeah that's the stuff"
41Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Nick Cave-core. When you get over personal grief and then the world grieves. More of the recent same, fine by me.
40So Hideous
None But a Pure Heart Can Sing

Symphonic blackened hardcore post-rock with jazzy bits. Incomprehensibly works. Why you don't publish Best of Year lists before December [3].
39The Killers
Pressure Machine

Rock. Where Springsteen cosplay ceases to be cosplay and they come into their own. I know, I'm shocked too.
Draw Down the Moon

Indie pop/rock. They just keep surprising. My least fave to date but still plenty worth revisiting.
37James McMurtry
The Horses and the Hounds

Country/southern rock. Simultaneously literary and accessible. Wise, refined storytelling.

Prog metal/metalcore. Songwriting on here is bonkers. Great mix of chuggy dissonance and soaring melodies.
35Fawn Limbs
Darwin Falls

Spaghetti western mathcore. Still not entirely sure what happens in this narrative but it's morbid and campy and somehow still terrifying. Jumpscares for days.
As Blue As Indigo

Rock. QOTSA worship meets recent British radio rock revival. Super hooky, riffy dark horse.
33Holding Absence
The Greatest Mistake Of My Life

Alt rock/emo. Immaculate sound on here even if the songs are kinda samey. Lucas Woodland has insane pipes good lord
Bloodmoon: I

Doom metal/gothic/post-metalcore? Occultic, mesmerizing supergroup flexing their chemistry. II in the works?
Distant Populations

Grungy spacey post-hardcore. Quick length = replay value for days. Gotta check these guys' early stuff.
King's Disease II

Hip-hop. Stellar guest features and Nas holds his own super strong. I haven't actually heard the first one lol
Ice Fleet

Post-rock with mere traces of black metal. Totally seamless listen. Still new to these guys but my fave of theirs yet.
28Viagra Boys
Welfare Jazz

Post-punk by way of like 5 other genres. Stay clean, kids. Shrimps: a-blublublublublublublublublub
Bleed the Future

Tech death. MyfirsttasteofArchspireandthevocalistspeakinglikethisissimplywild. DRONE CORPSE AVIATOR [chaos]
26Feu! Chatterton
Palais d'Argile

Nouvelle chanson/art pop. Delicate, gorgeous slow-burners. Hon hon oui oui le baguette
25Wolf Alice
Blue Weekend

Alt rock/grunge/chamber pop. Full course meal of 90s revivalism. Production on this is splendid.
24Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine
A Beginner's Mind

Indie folk. How had these guys not collaborated directly before this? Bring it on again *wink*

Multilingual chamber singer-songwriter fever dream. A little bloated but still super immersive. "Prison" is the most unnerving thing I've heard all year.
order of violence

German screamo. Thanks for the obscure find. This whips.
21The Armed

The Armed-core. You take the blue pill, you wake up without tinnitus and listen to whatever you want to listen to. You take the red pill, you stay on stage and I show you how deep the Dan hole goes.
To See the Next Part of the Dream

Lo-fi/shoegaze. An ode to the terminally online. Depression's never sounded so loud.
19Tyler, the Creator
Call Me If You Get Lost

Hip-hop/soul. Mixtape worship meets career synthesis. Cry in the ocean music.
18Lingua Ignota

Classical/experimental idk. Probably the most eviscerating exorcism put to record this year. Alexis Marshall can die a disowned forgotten sack of shit.
17Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall
The Marfa Tapes

Wilderness music workshop country. On point, on location. Texas Texas Texas did I mention Texas?
16Little Simz
Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Hip-hop. Simz' best to date by a huge margin. The skits were kinda corny though.
15Genesis Owusu
Smiling with No Teeth

Hip-hop/soul/psych/literally whatever this dude wants. Staggeringly versatile debut. He's going places.

Alt rock. Strong return to form after Palms. Thank you Pastor Kensrue.
13Japanese Breakfast

Indie pop. One of the most deserving albums from this whole recent crop of Pitchforkcore singer-songwriters. I wanna belieeeeeeeeve.
12Black Midi

Freakshow jazz prog post-punk smoothie. Miles ahead of anything else in that British "scene" right now. Anteater crew.
11Origami Angel
Gami Gang

Noodly party emo/pop punk. 90s kid soundbites. Taco Bell romanticism.
10Jeff Rosenstock

Ska. Not a dream. Pick it up.
9Silk Sonic
An Evening with Silk Sonic

Throwback R&B/soul. A little slice of facetious theater. DIS- BITCH-
8Trophy Scars
Astral Pariah

Narrative western-y blues hardcore. Vocalist still sounds like a drunken Cookie Monster. That's a compliment, obviously.
Hey What

Experimental. Gospel music for machines. Part meditative mantra, part creaky contraption.
6The World Is a Beautiful Place...
Illusory Walls

Emo/post-rock. Born to die, world is a fuck. Their best since the debut.
5Manchester Orchestra
The Million Masks of God

Alt rock. Massive production value. Bonus bias points for headlining my first post(?)-COVID concert.
4Injury Reserve
By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Sound collage hip-hop. Apocalyptic anachronistic eulogy. RIP Groggs.
3Every Time I Die

Post-hardcore/metalcore. Angry zingers galore. YOU WANT MORE? YOU'LL GET MORE
2Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
This is a Mindfulness Drill...

Singer-songwriter by way of horns troupe + Moses Sumney, Perfume Genius, and Sharon Van Etten. Cover album of Richard Youngs' Sapphie. Transcendent stuff.
The Machine Is Burning...

Climate crisis post-rock. A new generation's GY!BE? We can only hope.
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