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spookytober watchlist time

what are we all watching at this, the best time of year? I haven't planned it out but been just going with my gut, loosely starting with classics and moving onto newer shit I haven't seen towards the end of the month. will update as we go probably
1Charles Bernstein
A Nightmare on Elm Street

day 1 - A Nightmare on Elm Street. the only film I ever watch on October 1. Dream Warriors is my favourite of the series but fuck if this ain't the absolute classic
Out of Time

day 2/3 - had to miss these ones, big work weekend and d&d with the boys
3Soundtrack (Film)
Friday the 13th

day 4 - Friday the 13th. the ultimate "had an hour and a bit before work and this is on netflix" movie. a classic in many ways, not a very good movie in almost as many, but largely enjoyable to watch
4John Carpenter

day 5 - original Halloween trilogy. fitting this in around work was arduous but largely fun, especially as I'd never seen 2 and 3 before this. OG is perhaps the most perfectly constructed and tense film of all time, 2 is largely diminishing returns with a dumb twist/a few redeeming moments, Season of the Witch is a very fun, silly X-File thing that would have a good cult reputation if it was released as a standalone film. good stuff in all
5John Carpenter
The Fog

day 6 - The Fog & The Thing. got on a bit of a Carpenter kick here. not much to say about these two that hasn't been said, they're fucking classics obviously
6 John Carpenter
They Live

day 7 - They Live. this was very mid and only horror by the broadest possible definition, really more cheesy action shit. big fight scene lives up to the hype though and Keith David was reliably great
7 Joseph LoDuca
Evil Dead II

day 8 - Evil Dead I and II. some stone cold classics to get us back on track, y'all already know. it may be less horror but the entire demonic hand sequence in II is some of the greatest moviemaking ever
8Mac Miller
Watching Movies With The Sound Off

day 9/10 - another missed weekend because work this time of year is a fucking circus
9Jerry Goldsmith

day 11 - Alien. possibly the greatest movie of all time, but very certainly my favourite horror of all time. every frame is a masterpiece, everything in its right place. the cast of this movie is so fucking good I frequently forget how many all-timers it actually has. truly untouchable
10Marco Beltrami
Scream: The Deluxe Edition

day 12 - Scream 1, 2 and 4. yes I took this day off work to watch all the good movies in this series. no I do not have regrets. for the record, 1 is about as perfect as self-referential horror can ever be, but 4 is vastly underrated and a close second favourite. eternal RIP to Wes, the best to ever do it
11 Pino Donaggio
Don't Look Now

day 13 - Don't Look Now. an absolutely insane piece of cinema that's also one of the best I've seen. about 5 minutes of this movie are genuinely Scary and they're all stacked at the end. thankfully the rest is even better: a surreal travelogue cross domestic drama with an incredible wandering camera and vivid location filming. forget Lynch, this shit is the closest we've come to capturing a dream on camera in all it's discursive, broken, creepy beauty
12John Carpenter
Halloween (2018)

day 14 - Halloween 2018. a rewatch that confirmed my feelings: this movie is pretty good. a simple, brutal slasher with the understanding that less is more, an odd but endearing sense of humour, and likeable characters who actually leave a hole when they die - anchored of course by the eternally incredible Jamie Lee Curtis. this team gets it, man, what's the probability they randomly fuck it all up?
13John Carpenter
Halloween Kills OST

day 15 - Halloween Kills. oh whoops lol they fucked it allll up. god only knows how many things had to go wrong along the way to give us this bloated, sagging, ridiculous fucking sequel, but we got it. cherry picking all the best parts from the sequels it insisted weren't canon, this movie sticks poor JLC in a room to eternally monologue while the equally great Judy Greer is saddled with a thunderously stupid after school special about mob violence and people being The Real Monsters. at least Michael still shows up... killing people in incredibly elaborate and gross ways, rather than the simple pragmatism that is the entire source of his appeal. oh and CGI deepfake Loomis! yeah, fuck this shit. worst horror I've seen in years.
Saturday Night Wrist

day 16 - The Hole in the Ground. as a palate cleanser, a Netflix horror I've heard good things about. this... was definitely a well-made indie with two fantastic performances at its heart, including the best debut from a child actor since Jacob Tremblay. unfortunately the film tips it's hand about the mystery far too early, which leaves us with a lot of greyyy cinematography and actors doing their best to build tension from a reveal that's insanely obvious. by the final act, it's devolved into a lame creature feature with absolutely no scares left in the tank; a couple scenes in the first half will stay with you though
15Times of Grace
Songs of Loss and Separation

day 17 - A Dark Song. Irish horror day two and this one was significantly better. functionally a two-hander set in one superb location, this film wrings every bit of tension and underlying menace from two phenomenal performances before going appreciably batshit in a surreal last act. some iffy effects aren't enough to derail this deceptively clever and heartfelt film, which has a lot to say about grief and loss underneath its surface of Crowley mysticism and creeping sense of *wrongness*. unless another big contender comes along this is comfortably the best movie I hadn't already seen this spookytober.
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