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Song of the day September 2021: Relaxation time

The summer is ending and school/work/whatever is about to start in full swing again. Our lives will be full of business and stress once again and we are going to need some help! This is why the theme for this month is songs that help you unwind. This could of course be calm ambient piece, but it doesn't have to be! It could also be an energetic pop song, some jazz, maybe black metal. Just anything you would personally put on to unwind after a busy day and forget life for a while. Here the google doc link
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

September 1 - Pangea

fogza: 3.9
dedex: 4.0
Diva: 3.2
Ars: 3.0
Aberf: 3.7
Egarran: 3.5
Sam: 3.2
Shar: 3.5
2Ingrid Michaelson

September 2 - Divaman

Here's a lovely little song.

fogza: 3.3
Pangea: 2.8
dedex: 3.5
Ars: 3.5
Aberf: 3.3
Egarran: 3.0
Sam: 3.5
Shar: 3.2
Home Diaries 006

September 3 - Someone
"Cold Water"

it seems this place hasn't really experienced ambient or minimal electronic music before, so here have some:

fogza: 3.0
dedex: 3.1
Diva: 3.0
Pangea: 3.2
Ars: 3.2
Aberf: 2.5
Egarran: 2.5
Sam: 3.1
Shar: 4.0
4Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

September 4 - Slothcoresam

The most beautiful voice that ever existed.

fogza: 3.7
Pangea: 4.2
dedex: 3.4
Ars: 3.0
Diva: 3.3
Aberf: 2.8
Egarran: 3.5
5Two People
First Body

September 5 - Uzumaki
"Give Me Order"

Diva: 3.1
fogza: 3.5
dedex: 3.5
Ars: 2.8
Aberf: 2.5
Egarran: 3.5
Sam: 2.9
Pangea: 4.2
6Susumu Yokota
Grinning Cat

September 6 - Johnnyofthewell
"Cherry Blossom"

idk it is pretty ambient house stuff relax to it k

fogza: 3.0
dedex: 3.1
Diva: 2.8
Ars: 3.0
Aberf: 2.5
Egarran: 3.0
Sam: 3.8
Pangea: 2.8
7Bruno Pernadas
Private Reasons

September 7 - ArsMoriendi
"Family Vows"

tbh any music I love can help me unwind

fogza: 2.3
Aberf: 3.9
dedex: 4.1
Diva: 2.5
Sam: 4.2
Pangea: 3.7

September 8 - fogza (happy bday 🎉)
"Girl You Made Me Bad"

dedex: 3.6
Diva: 2.6
Ars: 3.4
Sam: 3.1
Pangea: 2.2
9Natalie Rose Lebrecht
Mandarava Rose

September 9 - porcupinetheather
"In the Beginning"

t's from her Mandarava Rose album. She dropped several records in the early 2000s under her own name as well as Greenpot Bluepot and they are all magnificent but just when you start to relax she'd clatter something loud in your ear and start manic chanting and it would be like a mini night terror. Not on this one. She came back after much time away in a more ethereal state of mind. Nothin' but pure solar ambibliss this time

dedex: 3.7
fogza: 3.5
Diva: 2.3
Ars: 3.8
Pangea: 2.7
10Ruby Haunt
Watching the Grass Grow

September 10 - JesperL

it's from their new album coming out tomorrow probably. just the beautifulestest song, been going on a lot of nightwalks playing this on repeat recently and goddamn i just want to fucking drown in this song but like peacefully u know

fogza: 3.3
dedex: 3.4
Diva: 3.0
Ars: 2.4
Pangea: 3.5
L'Apocalypse des Animaux

September 11 - parksungjoon
"La Petite Fille de la Mer"

Ars: 3.3
fogza: 2.0
dedex: 2.5
Diva: 3.0
Pangea: 4.0
The Blue Moods of Spain

September 12 - Egarran
"Dreaming of Love"

As they say, "quiet masters of atmosphere, subtle craftsmen who weave a sumptuous, melodic spell with the lightest of instrumental touches".

fogza: 3.7
dedex: 3.4
Pangea: 2.7
13Matthew Tavares and Leland Whitty

September 13 - dedex (happy bday🎉)
"Through the Looking Glass"
14Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy X: Original Soundtrack

September 14 - Sharenge

it's listed incorrectly under Nobuo Uematsu - he was actually one of three composers who worked on that particular game... the song I share is actually by Masashi Hamauzu
15School of Seven Bells

September 15 - Aberf
"Half Asleep"
16Tigran Hamasyan

September 16 - DivergentThinking
"The Apple Orchard in Saghmosavanq"

Beautiful combination of jazz and Armenian folk, and one of my favorite pieces that Tigran Hamasyan has composed
17Beverly Glenn-Copeland
...Keyboard Fantasies...

September 17 - Skoop
"Ever New"
18Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim
Elis And Tom

September 18 - Minushuman
"Águas de Março"

This track for some reason reminds me of my time overseas, it is such a simple lovely track, and I can't help be feel happy hearing the overwhelming sense of fun in Elis's voice. An absolute gem
Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

September 19 - garas

Probably everyone heard it, but this is my personal favourite track for relaxation

September 20 - Slothcoresam
"Forty Six & 2"

This song and band always relaxes me, especially after stressful days.
21Lianne La Havas
Lianne La Havas

September 21 - Pangea
"Sour Flower"
22Wes Montgomery
The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery

September 22 - parksungjoon
"In Your Own Sweet Way"
23Amon Tobin
Fear In A Handful Of Dust

September 23 - Egarran
"On A Hilltop Sat The Moon "

This was how you slept as a child.
24Black 47
Home Of The Brave

September 24 - Divaman
"Voodoo City"

Nothing says relaxation like Irish reggae. This is the second (and sadly, the final) song in Black 47's Paddy and the Ice Man saga.
25Trophy Scars
Darkness, Oh Hell

September 25 - Minushuman
"Time in Heaven, Forever in Hell"
Slow Dance

September 26 - dedex
"Bye Bye Summer"
27Louis Armstrong
What A Wonderful World

September 27 - Uzumaki
"What A Wonderful World"
(happy bday uzumaki 🎉)
Přítel Člověka

September 28 - someone'

a beautiful song from a Czech underground band still active today. very melancholic comparison of swallows travelling great distances "over large mountains, over deep oceans, above treetops, through raging blizzards" and always have some place to return or to move, while you (or the authors) realise that they do not. your hometown, your once loved ones, your family, your friends and all that you at once point or another see as stable; all things become misplaced, forgotten, moved around and your connection to them dwindles. nobody really has a place to go and we are cursed with always searching that somewhere, something, someone we can count on to always welcome us back. unlike the swallows
29Salif Keita

September 29 - fogza
30Split End

September 30 - Johnnyofthewell
"Yahan no Tsuki"
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