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Swimming in Nostalgia

I started working on a new project on my spare time and while trying to pick something to listen to I accidentally found the OST of a game I played when I was a kid, so I ended up listening to a bunch of soundtracks from old games for that sweet nostalgia and now I'm addicted to this. Here's some of my favourite tracks

Composer: Paul Ruskay

HW is one of the most immersive RTS games I've played, the music plays a huge role in setting the tone, I don't remember ever being so emotionally invested in a game like this. Also my favourite game soundtrack ever

Imperial Battle Music :

Composer: Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)

I played this on the Sega Saturn at first and it was really impressive back then, the first Quake was ambient heavy with Lovecraftian influences. It really felt as if you were exploring bizarre worlds filled with castles, dungeons and ungodly monsters to kill. The soundtrack isn't spectacular on its own but it fits the game like a glove.

Parallel Dimensions:
3Armored Core: For Answer

Composer: Kota Hoshino

AC is an old game series by From Software, I've honestly only played this one and 4. What's it about? Well ever wanted to build your own giant Japanese mech? If so, this is the game to play, it's probably the best Gundam simulator out there, the amount of customization is insane! The game is also fast paced fun and challenging, the story is subtle and in some cases even brilliant if you think about it, it packs a bigger punch if you've played the 4th game as FA is a direct sequel. The music is simple and catchy, it does get more and more eerie as you progress through the game and make your own plot choices

Turn It Around:
4Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

Composers: Maki Kirioka, Akihiro Honda, Toshiyuki Kakuta, Norihiko Hibino

The sequel to the first ZOE was everything we could've hoped for and much more, it's got better gameplay, story, characters, and the music is so fucking good, you can play this stuff in your car. I played the PS3 HD version, highly recommended

Bahram Battleship:
5Sonic 3D (Saturn)

Composer: Richard Jacques

The first Sonic game I ever owned and it sucks balls, although it's not as bad as R it still has very mediocre gameplay. The music however is really good, when I was a kid I would legit play through this game because of the soundtrack.

Panic Puppet Zone (Act 1):
6Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu

Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

When my parents bought me the Saturn, which was my first console, they bought me Sonic 3D and this DBZ game as they knew I was a huge fan of the show. The gameplay is monotonous and repetitive but it was for at least 15 years the most faithful game to the anime, because it felt like you were fighting in a real Dragon Ball high octane battle, the environment has destructible rocks and trees, you can feel the impact of the blows and there was for the first time a story mode to complete. The soundtrack feels like the original Japanese and American soundtracks had a baby, easily one of the highlights of the game

7Streets of Rage

Composer: Yuzo Koshiro

I first saw this game at my cousins place, it looked SO FREAKIN COOL, and then he called the police car with the bazooka and I almost lost my shit. The music is perfect to beat up those green haired mohawks walking around, guess they got sick of getting murdered by Kenshiro and came to SoR instead

Moon Beach:

Composer: Jeehun Hwang

Aight so this is a 3D third person shooter for the PS1, and probably the best one available for the console. You can shoot in any direction effortlessly and never wrestle with the controller. The gameplay is fast and brutal, with lots of variety and insanity. Also, did I mention that Bruce Willis is in this game? He was my idol when I was a kid.. stop laughing

9Gauntlet IV

Composers: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata

Another gem that I played on my cousins Mega Drive, a top down hack and slash where you kill thousands of monsters, loot treasures and explore all the dungeons. The music is really epic for the system, you actually feel like a barbarian going on an adventure to find glory and all that good shit

Adventures of Iron:
10Tunnel B1

Composer: Chris Huelsbeck

So, this is a weird one. T B1 is a mix between a racing game and a FPS, with the most bizarre controls I've ever seen in a video game. I played this on the Saturn, to move forward you hold A but to turn or move back you use the D-Pad, no joke. If you press up on the Pad it uses some weapon. it's really awkward to get around the control scheme but when you do it's actually a lot of fun, specially the later stages


Composer: Jesper Kyd

Another Saturn game, but this one kicks ass. It's a fully 3D third person shooter where you control a Mech and shoot the fuck out of everything, really. The body count at the end is so high that even the plot stops making sense, you're actually a mercenary trying to kick start a war, yeah in this game you're the bad guy! But I'm pretty sure the war is over at the end of the game

12Resident Evil

Composers: Makoto Tomozawa, Koichi Hiroki, and Masami Ueda

My favourite video game franchise, it had to be here. Now RE1 wasn't the first in the series that I played but it was the first one I owned and completed. After this I fell in love with survival horror games. Not much to say about this game that hasn't been said already but I had to put it here as I freaking love the OST.. the original I mean.. no clown trumpet bs

Save Room:
13Ace Combat 5: Squadron Leader

Composer: Keiki Kobayashi, Hiroshi Okubo and Junichi Nakatsuru

AKA The Unsung War in the rest of world, probably one of the best games I played on the PS2, the campaign is huge and it also has an arcade mode with different routes. The music fits the aviation theme perfectly, they even had Blurry by Puddle of Mudd in this game and as kid I loved it

White Bird (Part II):
14Tekken 3

Composers: a lot of them

Its almost ridiculous how good this game was when released, I played the PS1 version. The only fighting games I had played previously were Fighters Megamix for the Saturn and Mortal Kombat 3, Tekken was better in every way imo, except maybe MK had the better atmosphere and mythos. This game also had fantastic music, one track for each character and although my favourite fighter was Hwoarang, the music goes to Jin

Jin Kazama:
15Sonic 3

Composers: Michael Jackson?

Well? Is it Michaels voice in this song(below) or what? Either way it slaps hard, the whole game is filled with great music from start to finish, the credits theme is also sick. I played this in the Sonic Jam collection for the Saturn which AFAIK is very similar to the original

Act 1 Boss:
16Chrono Trigger

Composers: Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu

I have to be honest, I never owned or knew anyone who owned the SNES so I played this on an emulator. People bugged me to play this game for ages but they never told me much about it. SO imagine my shock when I started playing an notice the characters were designed by none other than Akira Toriyama! Fine, you got my attention now. The game will forever be my favourite RPG, it's perfect, I loved the story and characters, the game is fun to play, it's not repetitive, there are no random encounters and the music, oh my God the music..

Wind Scene:
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