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Year of Video Games: Month 4

One game a week every week for the whole year.
1Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

Donkey Kong Country: (switch SNES emulator) 8.5/10

I originally played the game boy version when I was a kid, and I got stuck on the world 5 level Trick Track Trek. I attempted this level probably 100 times. It beat me. I was traumatized. I was convinced I didn’t like DKC and I didn’t touch it again for fifteen years. In retrospect I think this game is a lot harder on the gameboy because of the tiny screen, it’s still a hard game on the SNES but it was a lot more manageable for me now. I’ve really come around to this game. I used to think it was too simple, not enough like Mario, but I’ve since realized you’re supposed to play it more like a Sonic game than a Mario one, that is trying to move as quickly as possible and chain moves together. It’s also more about memorizing and optimizing the levels than Mario in which most levels can be completed on the first try.
2Modest Mouse
Sad Sappy Sucker

This game also has an incredible soundtrack. The bosses are horrible, but at least they’re easy. King K. Rool is awesome though. Yeah, great game, it really holds up.
3Modest Mouse
This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About

God of War II: (ps3 remaster) 6.5/10

This one was a chore to complete in a week. I played the first game when it came out and I enjoyed it, but never revisited it and never played the sequels. My first impression with God of War 2 was “Oh boy is this gameplay dated”. This is one of those button mashers that’s more about spectacle than it is minute to minute gameplay. And shitty puzzles, this game has terrible puzzles. Just when I’m getting into the groove of the combat I get forced into a shitty puzzle that takes way too long to figure out because of poor design or elements not being visually highlighted.
4Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica

My main gripe with the combat, traversal, and puzzles is the camera. You have no control of the camera, it does whatever it wants and it’s usually more concerned with showing you something cool in the background than it is helping you play the game. This is a big pet peeve of mine, I really don’t like not being able to control the camera myself in third person games like this, especially with puzzle rooms. This game is also edgy to the point of being funny. Maybe I would like this game if I hadn’t played Hades recently, but that game does Greek mythology so much better in my opinion. This game is fine, but it’s about four hours too long.
5Modest Mouse
Interstate 8

Resident Evil Revelations 2: (ps4) 6.5/10

This is one of those co-op optional, but not really because the single player is inherently worse type games. I played the first hour or so by myself until I got stuck because there’s a part where you gotta crank a crank with one character and fight off dudes at the same time, and you’re led to believe you can control both characters, but oh boy, if you set one character to crank the crank and then switch to the other character, the character cranking the crank will stop cranking the crank. Why the fuck would you design two character gameplay this way? But then I played this part with someone else and oh boy one of us could crank the crank and the other could shoot the zombies dudes. Wow! Thanks Capcom, really glad you gave me the tantalizing choice of suffering through your game by myself or being forced to play a SURVIVAL HORROR game with another person.
6Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Anyway, this is a very average RE game. It somehow manages to have the worst dialogue in the entire series, yes even worse than “master of unlocking” and “sorry but….it looks like your party……...has been...cancelled” and what not. At least the early games were so bad it’s good. This game has raid mode which is really fun. Also they released this game episodically which is so fucking stupid.
7Modest Mouse
Building Nothing Out of Something

Spider-Man (2018) - 9.5/10

“This game really makes you FEEL like Spider-Man.” - every reviewer ever. This game would be a 10 if it wasn’t overly stuffed with open world Assassin’s Creed boring ass busy work kind of crap. Like there’s these random crimes that you have to stop in each district and there’s five of them for each district and five for each crime faction so you end up repeating the same kinda hey beat up these thugs kinda thing like fifty times and towards the end it’s like enough is enough.
8Modest Mouse
Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks

I platinumed this bad boy, which I would definitely not recommend, I think if you ignore like 75% of the optional stuff this is basically a perfect game. Swinging around is fun as fuck, so fun that it kind of ruins other open world games cuz it’s like I rather be fucking Spider-Man than have to ride a horse across Tamriel. The DLC is all pretty good too. Story is good, dialogue is mostly fine other than this annoying Spider-Cop joke that they ram straight into the ground.
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