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my vocal inspirations for my vocal journey

ive decided to become a vocalist. i know too much about music not to make my own but the only instrument i can play right now is sax (poorly at that). i realize now being a weirdo tranny gendermancer who has trained her voice for transition that i can do some really cool fucky shit with it and along with my weirdo bipolar emotional synesthesia bullshit that i can potentially be a really good vocalist. having greater control of my voice in life will help me a lot in various other things as well. im a writer so i'll write killer lyrics to sing. one day ill join a band that i enjoy being in and we can make sweet sweet music... +in the process i'll learn more about the composition process. have nothin to lose everything to gain. wish me luck. day 0 is over. this is day 1. will update list as i find more vocal "teachers". current practice time: 30 min a day.
1The Smiths
Hatful of Hollow

day 0 of this journey was marked by morrissey of all people. i was pretty shocked that this would be my main vocal inspiration and not like, dave gahan or something seeing as DM is my favorite band. but yeah, the fact he just lets himself go and do his own thing is beautiful beyond words to me. the amount of pain he can relay in this sly and coy way is something that i strive to do in my own vocals. morrissey is in a league of his own as far as vocalists go and i can't imagine a worse person who'd make a better teacher than he does.
2The Cure

robert smith's vocals are absolutely haunting. the emotional capacity he carries in his voice is unmatched - when he sings, you FEEL everything he feels. mainly taking cues off the title track and "same deep water" off this album
3Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

devy's voice and range is unbelievable. how he goes from ear shattering screams and howls to sweet and cooing with impeccable ease is absolutely insane to me. another bipolar musician, one that means a lot to me. mainly taking cues off "Ki"
4Xiu Xiu
A Promise

i love jamie stewart. i love his fragility. i love how he sounds like he's going to cry with every single word he sings. i can feel the queer themes in all his work and it's so beautiful. perhaps the queer musician whose work im most inspired by

what i love most about bjork's voice is that it is ethereal and untouchable. she beckons you for understanding and if for some reason you don't understand it's all on you and nothing on her because she's just that good at expressing herself. that's fucking amazing. i would love to do this with my voice
Operation: Mindcrime

Geoff Tate is maybe the only vocalist that makes me proud to be an american (even tho i live in the USA im not actually an "american" really, im a russian-jew and russian was my first language). the sheer passion and heart in his voice and the way it's able to stir ur soul is something that i think is so cool
Praise The Lard

the palpable sleaze of Raymond Watts's vocal performances are unmatched. his range and capability as a vocalist within the industrial genre are unlimited. he commands his industrial soundscapes like a god. so so cool
8Kino (Rus)

viktor tsoi was the voice of the underground. he captured and captivated the entire soviet youth in the USSR (which im from) and is considered to be one of the greatest russian vocalists of all time. how could i not put him here - it's true and he inspires me in an innumerable amount of ways. but also in how i use my own voice. somber, melancholy with a tinge of dying hope in the face of suffering. beautiful
9David Bowie
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

i love bowie. i dont need to explain why bowie's voice rules. i love david bowie's voice
Tin Drum

how could i not put david sylvian. i already look like a buff female version of him (see here: so: i already look like a diva, now i need to sound like one. sylvian has perhaps the greatest diva voice ive ever heard - completely vain but utterly intellectual and captivating. so so good
11John Maus

me: honorable mention goes out to john maus but he sounds too deranged for me to actively sound like him. top 10 things said before disaster- in true neurotic fashion i have changed my mind and believe now he is an integral key to this vocalst puzzle as his derangement and the way in which he's able to appear as being an unbreakable stoic giant at the same time as being an absolute unhinged maniac is pretty cool.

alan vega is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. the dreamlike and abstract world of underground dirt and grime is a tapestry his voice is able to weave effortlessly. if Geoff Tate made me proud to be an American Alan Vega is one that makes me hate being One more than just about anything else and quite frankly i do love that. this is all for now
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