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03.02.21 petra's official to-do review list02.27.21 game grumps/nsp memories
01.30.21 cybersleaze and industrial (+ebm) as a 01.11.21 charles barkley / space jam appreciatio
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petra's official to-do review list

get hype or dont. feel free to try to sway my whims. somewhat in order. PIG is 2nd or 3rd no matter what tho
1Red Flag
Naive Art

i'm petra if you didn't know
follow on social media if you want. i make games and 2d art/animation and.... other things

Rating: 3
hoo boy. this is a doozy of an album. i think a lot of people put off red flag as being "just another depeche mode" clone and okay, they'd be mostly right.... but there's a lot more there, trust me

"russian radio" for those wanting an incredible underground 80s synthpop track
Praise The Lard

Rating: 5
this review is halfway done but i dont want to follow up my first 5 review with another 5. that'd feel downright silly
3Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Rating: 4
this is a concept album and i will explain Why in my review.
i listened to this all the time usually in a dissociative state ages 18-19
4Heaven 17
Penthouse and Pavement

Rating: 5
this one already has a very good review but it deserves another, one that looks at it more favorably (i 5'd it lmao)
5Skold vs KMFDM
Skold vs KMFDM

Rating: 4 or 4.5 (probably)
i have a lot i can say about industrial culture here, this album is a very good jumping off point for a lot of incredibly interesting cultural topics
6Nitzer Ebb

Rating: 3.5 or 4
i have a lot to say about this album. alan wilder produced it and it SHOWS. im suprised depeche mode fans don't cling to this album much anymore because i get the sense they used to.

Rating: 4.5 or 5
some of the best darkwave music we've ever had, ever i think. so many things to say abt why
A Way of Life

Rating: 4
this one's gonna be rough. i think i want to do it at some point but this album is hard to enjoy on any level except on a completely visceral one. those who know their debut should know this one is also very much worth checking out
9Psychic TV
A Pagan Day

Rating: 4 or 4.5
my favorite Psychic TV. i don't even like folk much but the blending of lo-fi aesthetics here is absolutely masterful.
La Diferencia

Rating: 4.5
this will be very hard because i will certainly cry a lot. i have a personal story ive told abt Richenel before here i think. if someone wants to know in comments here i can reiterate
11Andie Oppenheimer
New Mexico

Rating: 5
time to put down some from my minimal wave list on here because minimal wave is a genre i know the ins and outs of and i would KILL to talk about these in great length. if u want more info check out the list i did for it
12Saada Bonaire
Saâda Bonaire

Rating: 4 or 4.5
deserves a more critical look
13Autumn (NLD)

Rating: 4.5
idk whats up with the album listing, will fix when i get to the review
14Martin Dupont
Just Because

Rating: 3.5 (probably)
extremely ahead of its time
15Tones on Tail

Rating: 4.5 or 5
post-punk goth club music at its best
16Rational Youth
Cold War Night Life

Rating: 5
so much to say here. coldwave masterpiece
Welcome Back

Rating: 4
plastics rule and english speakers should know abt them. japanese devo
18Cabaret Voltaire

Rating: 5
this will be.... a doozy. if someone wants to hear me talk about retrofuture dystopia and cyberpunk for a long time this is a good place for it
Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar

Rating: 4
really surprised this doesn't have a review
20Front Line Assembly

Rating: 5
classic criminally underrated electro-industrial/house record
Twelve Inch Singles (1981–1984)

Rating: 5
al what the FUCK is wrong with how you release your old music. why cant there just be like a normal place to go to listen to ur old pre-With Sympathy releases. i dont even know where i can do this review because the tracks are all scattered around in weird fucked up places. but i really need to talk about Al Jourgenson's post-punk roots
22Depeche Mode
A Broken Frame

Rating: 5
this is gonna be the most wack review ever. it's gonna be fun trying to justify why songs like "The Meaning of Love" are true bits of bonafide outsider art
23John Foxx

Rating: 5
Tom93M is honestly one of the reasons i signed up to this site. his reviews were really incredible. i have more to say about this album and i want to pay tribute to his review here. this record also grows increasingly more relevant and prophetic as time goes on
Rage In Eden

Rating: 4 or 4.5
i might even do this one soon
25Acumen Nation
Transmissions from Eville

Rating: 3.5
classic industrial rock record, this band needed more love
In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up

Rating: 4 or 4.5
One of my favorite live albums ever.
27Depeche Mode

Rating: 5
wait this doesn't have a review? hoooly shit, that's prime fodder for me to talk about DM's legacy and the way their sound evolved from 1981-1989. holy shit. okay. maybe ill do THIS soon
28Information Society
Information Society

Rating: 5
also i will review their release "Hack" which i have also listened to way too many times
Hack's Rating: 4

Rating: 4.5
this will be a great place to talk about Italo Disco as a genre
Oil on Canvas

Rating: 4.5 or 5
I'll love doing this one a lot
31Kino (Rus)

Rating: 5 (would give more if possible)
doing this will be um. really huge for me. but as a native russian speaker with parents who grew up in the USSR im sure i gotta be the one to do it.

Rating: 4 or 5
this will be good.
33Howard Shore
Videodrome (Vinyl Press)

Rating: 5
oh i cannot wait to talk about the soundscapes in Videodrome (1982)
34And One

Rating: 3.5 or 4
Military Fashion SHOOOOOWW
35The Garden
Mirror Might Steal Your Charm

THIS IS A TRICK! im not reviewing ANY Garden albums!! however, i HAVE listened to every Puzzle album (Fletcher Shears's solo venture) and want to be getting them on here and reviewing them.
that's all for now. will add more probably
36Atari Teenage Riot
The Future Of War

Rating: 5
absolutely begging for an album review and more eyes (and ears!) on this record. topical in more ways than i can even begin to describe. "Delete Yourself" is a beautiful debut record from ATR but this is the album that comes after it and instead of summing up the current state of affairs perfectly as they did with their first release Atari Teenage Robot does what all great dark cyberpunk should do and instead asks the NEXT QUESTION. "because we are seeped in this techno nightmare fascist shitworld and we know it's shit, what do we do about it?" this is what this album explores, and it explores it so, so beautifully.
37Depeche Mode
Catching Up with Depeche Mode

Rating: 4.5
can't wait to talk about Shake the Disease and early DM here. have so much to say about their sound and influence and their rise from avant garde weirdo synthpop kids into stadium gods

heads up also - apart from the DM records already listed here I am planning a "Depeche Mode December" in which 8 months from now I will be gearing up to do a deep-dive review on every single thing Depeche Mode has ever put out (obviously skipping over albums ive already reviewed). look forward to it!
38Front Line Assembly
Complete Total Terror

Rating: 5
one of the best records ever made from start to finish. what it loses in its weak tracks it makes up in overall tone and innovative power. one of the most important records - the electronic sounds being employed here is absolutely unreal
39Die Krupps
Entering the Arena

Rating: 5
much better than anyone realizes. this is beautiful innocent dadaist industrial music
40Kino (Rus)
Gruppa krovi

Rating: 4.5
somehow also doesn't have a review. no matter - this is another job for an underground post-soviet russian girl who has listened to way too much post-punk and also learned russian as her first language.

Rating: 5
Dying for a review. Still making my way through the noise genre but I think I can write a killer review for this. I think I "get" this album in a way only an an autistic outcast freak with adhd and synesthesia can.
Liquid Swords

Rating: 5
this doesn't need another review, does it? of course it does. i have a lot to say about this album. a lot, a lot, a lot. this is my favorite hip hop record for a reason. me liking it a great deal more than 36 chambers should be perspective enough but there's a lot more weird spiritual shit i get from this album, too. stay tuned
Disc-O Zone

Rating: 3.5
this will be a fun one lol
44Soundtrack (Film)
The Matrix

Rating: 3.5
lot to say about this one. believe me.
45Soundtrack (Video Game)
Imaginarium: Songs from the Neverhood

Rating: 5
lot to say about this one.
46Acumen Nation
What the F**k

Rating: 4.5
extraordinarily good / underrated remaster/remix collection of abstract industrial bops and soundscapes cultivated and honed over the span of years from Acumen Nation who distill their vast force into a concentrated multigenre gunshot straight to the head.
47Boy Harsher

Rating: 3.5
this will be an easy low pressure one but i know it'll be good
48Cold Cave
Full Cold Moon

Rating: 3.5
this will be an easy low pressure one but i know it'll be good
49Longmont Potion Castle

Rating: 4.5
this will be very fun. if anyone doesn't know longmont potion castle is an absurdist avant-garde prank caller that has been fucking with people strangely since the 80s. he also does metal. very cool. needs a review
I Say I Say I Say

Rating: 4
this is a special one to me. needs a review. have a lot of sappy things to say about it.
51Tatsuro Yamashita
For You

Rating: 4
needs a review. very formative for me: i adore it. probably the best City Pop album ever made
52Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Mambo Nassau

Rating: 4 or 4.5
needs a review. a sound that was insanely ahead of its time and making a comeback in a big way. i have had friends who don't listen to 80s music and only listen to modern music go bananas over this album
53Cabaret Voltaire

Rating: 3
not as bad as people say it is. very "art of noise" inspired record. have stuff to say abt it

Rating: 4 or 5
special album to me for many reasons. current review has it at a 3 which is like... no? arguably not the best KMFDM but this is not a 3 album, pls listen again lol
55Mild High Club

Rating: 3
I don't get to get angry at albums enough. you get some incredibly good and poignant shit out of me when im mad because when im mad im very impassioned. this album made me infuriated in a very impassioned way and its modern too! so i can have some more reach and not just review 80s shit (i do listen to modern music too. it just mostly sucks hehehehehe)
56Viktor Vaughn
Vaudeville Villain

Rating: 5
this would be a good one. a hard one too. my favorite DOOM. have a lot to say about it.

Rating: 4
along with "More than Distance". these are exceptional Kraftwerk-escque albums that are begging to be found again.

that should be enough albums for now
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