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Year of Video Games: Month 2

One game per week for the whole year, let's go.
1Jetty Bones
Push Back

The Outer Worlds - 7.5/10

The Outer Worlds is Fallout: New Vegas in space with much better combat, but diminished depth in all other aspects. That shakes out to a pretty good game. I was really into the game for the first 15 or so hours, what with the funny anti-corporate tone and the pretty planets and the shooting and such. But it becomes clear towards the end that there’s not much the story or any of the quests have to offer other than “corporations bad” and “look how quirky this character is”. There’s also only like three planets and they’re all pretty small, the game had a AA budget so it’s mostly forgivable. This is a great game, it’s just not quite up to Obsidian’s lofty standards, I’m hopeful a sequel with a bigger budget will fix a lot of the issues.
Collection 1

Chrono Trigger - 10/10

Playing Chrono Trigger for the first time as a 28 year old man stuck inside all day was kind of a religious experience. I love everything about this game. I bought two t-shirts. I can’t believe I never played this, it’s been sitting in my steam library for years. The story, the graphics, the combat system with the dual techs, all the main characters are unique and have a cool side quest for each later on, this game made me cry and I don’t want to spoil any of the story. This is probably the best JRPG of all time and one of the best games ever period.

Parasite Eve - 8/10

I played the shit out of Parasite Eve 2 but for some reason I never played the first one. Shit is basically like if you crossed Resident Evil with Final Fantasy and that’s as cool as it sounds. Square was on fucking fire in the 90s, man. This game’s great, it’s got that real time battlefield turn based combat that’s all the rage in JRPGs right now, the weapon upgrade system is really good, story is great, it’s got those glorious 90s Square pre-rendered cut-scenes that hold up super well. This is just a great game and I feel stupid for missing out on it for all these years.
4Further Seems Forever
The Moon Is Down

The Last of Us: Part 2 - 8/10

This one is a big can of worms. I don’t really want to get into the leaks and the backlash other than to say you can’t judge whether or not a story works in context based purely on a synopsis and a couple of images. If you read the script for Blade Runner without seeing the movie you’d be like “wow this sucks, nothing happens and nobody says anything”. A lot of the criticism with this game is just like angry gamer bullshit, not to say there isn’t legit criticism, NakeyJakey’s video on it is one of my favorite pieces of game criticism. All that said, yeah I quite like this game. It’s way too fucking long and there’s a part like 6 hours in where the game grinds to a halt and you’re just going from place to place with Ellie and it was so boring I stopped playing the game for 6 months. But after that rough chunk I really enjoyed the rest of the game.
5Big L
Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

Abbey is cool and I like her story a lot. Lev and his sister are cool and are basically if you took Avatar: The Last Airbender characters if you put them into Schindler’s List. You get to blow people up with explosive arrows. Fun game.
6Charli XCX
Pop 2

Super Metroid - 9/10

Yeah I’m a big dummy for this one. I unfortunately had a Genesis instead of a SNES growing up so I missed all the classics. I played the shit out of Metroid Prime though, and Super Metroid is as good, if not better. Few games have nailed the exploration/atmosphere thing quite like this one. There’s no dialogue in the entire game and like three lines of text and the vast majority of the story is told visually. My main issue with the game is there are a few too many “where the fuck am I supposed to go” moments and I did have to look shit up a few times. This wasn’t really an issue at the time of release because people spent a lot more time with one game back then. It’s definitely appreciated that the game doesn’t hold your hand and there’s no waypoints or those obnoxious hints that modern games throw at you if you spend more than 10 minutes in one room.
At Home With Owen

I also think the combat is not so great, this is more of a matter of preference though, I just like the first person combat of Prime better. This is basically a perfect game and arguably the most influential game of its era (other than Doom).
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