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2020 releases ranked

Did not have that much time to listen to new stuff this year, but am still happy with the releases I got to check out. As always, there was way more I planned on listening to, but it is what it is. Overall a good year for new music. See you next year.

Why would you mix trap and pop punk? This just felt annoying. Ugh.
49Fit for a King
The Path

Okay, who of you ordered another mediocre Parkway Drive album?
48Aversions Crown
Hell Will Come For Us All

When did not playing your instruments for 30 seconds become a buildup? Also, why does this sound like a bad Fit For An Autopsy record?
Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now

Until the Dead Walk - No Music, Just Violence
Well, no music is pretty accurate, but it lacks the violence aspect. Nothing you hadn't heard before by any other mediocre metalcore band.
Spirituality and Distortion

I felt like the distortion aspect of the record was going to give me tinnitus at some point while the spirituality aspect didn't do much for me either.
Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now

Shredding Skin - Influential Primitive
Influential? No. Primitive? Sure, I guess. They seem a little too Pantera-inspired at times and the breakdown of 'In a moment' is Basically the breakdown of 'Domination'. Overall, I see potential though.
Favorite song: Triumph
Use Me

Pretty much completing their transition to pop and while there are some great tracks on here, there are equally as many forgettable and bad tracks, which makes this record very average and in light of their first release and their potential rather disappointing.
Favorite song: Loveless
Summits of Despondency

While this record does nothing particularly wrong, it also doesn't do anything outstandingly right. There are almost no memorable moments, which causes the songs to blend into each other.
Favorite songs: Abysm of Existence; The Burden of Hope, Pt. II
42Eskimo Callboy

Considering there are only three new songs on here and with Hate/Love being the most generic bland metalcore you can think of, this can't be higher. However, Hypa Hypa improved my life tremendously, if you have not seen the music video yet, do so.
Favorite song: Hypa Hypa
41The Ghost Inside
The Ghost Inside

Okay, sure, it is incredible that they were able to record this album after what happened, but it still is predominately as generic as it gets. However, Aftermath is a masterpiece and contender for song of the year for me, the feels they deliver in this song are unreal.
Favorite song: Aftermath
40Milk Teeth
Milk Teeth

As with every Milk Teeth record there are some absolute bangers on here, but equally as many forgettable songs.
Favorite songs: Wanna Be; Smoke
A Memoir of Free Will

When you listen to too much Meshuggah, but still want to make your record Metalcore-ish, this is what will happen.
Favorite songs: With Virtue, I am Free; An Intramural Madness
Where Only Gods May Tread

Most of the lyrics on this were just horrible, still the last song was really solid.
Favorite song: Leap of the Faithless
37Within Destruction

Proves that mixing deathcore, trap and weebness can work, but only to a degree. Can be a fun listen, but I hope they will do some more 'serious' music in the future.
Favorite songs: Kings of Darkness; B4NGB4NG!!

Just some standard-level deathcore with some solid breakdowns.
Favorite songs: Desolation System; Dehumanised
35Mayday Parade
Out Of Here

Mayday Parade playing it safe. Again. Was really hoping for another step into the Black Lines direction, but I guess I won't get that anytime soon. Still, there is nothing necessarily bad with this, but their style also gets a little boring.
Favorite song: I Can Only Hope
34Wounds of Recollection
Nowhere Else Feels More Like Home

Somehow did not care for this as much as for the previous record of theirs, but this still creates a powerful and chill atmosphere nonetheless.
Favorite song: Limping Away From The Water
33Dealer (AUS)

Kind of the same as their last record, one solid song that has an insane breakdown and some mediocre songs. Hope they show some more variety, once they release a full-length.
Favorite song: Violent Stimuli
32Dragged Into Sunlight
Terminal Aggressor II

Glad these guys continue to make music. This creates a really creepy atmosphere, just like TA I. Especially the end makes the rest of the experience worth the wait.

Not exactly what I was expecting, positively surprised by the critical lyrics and how well they managed to make Metalcore-songs in German.
Favorite songs: Dies Irae; Gestade der Vergessenheit
30Pressure Cracks
This Is Called Survival

I just wish this was Jason Butler's band that got the success, instead of Fever333, which is just terrible. Here however, Jason demonstrates his ability to still write critical and angry songs and delivers them with some great harsh vocals that I thought he lost somewhere along the way.
Favorite song: Big T Youth
29Paysage d'Hiver
Im Wald

Listen, while I can understand what people see in this, I think it is overrated for what it is. There sure are some great songs on here and the atmosphere it creates can draw you in, but I still believe that there are some really annoying songs and filler parts on here that don't let me place it higher.
Favorite songs: Alt; Im Winterwald; Le rêve lucide
28Crafting the Conspiracy
The Cosmic Key Part II

At times a little too chaotic, but was surprised how good this slaps overall.
Favorite songs: Cosmic Key III Dream Sequence; Serenisis
27Knuckle Puck

I feel like this is their weakest release to date and I disliked the mix at times, while some of the choruses also seemed a little annoying and cringy. Still, Green Eyes might be one of their best tracks yet and the record is pretty catchy, I give them that.
Favorite songs: Green Eyes (Polarized); Earthquake; 20/20
26Make Them Suffer
How to Survive a Funeral

While this is surely a solid release, I just don't seem to have much passion left for this style of metalcore and never came back to it throughout the year.
Favorite songs: How to Survive a Funeral; Fake Your Own Death

Great, Batushka releasing yet again the same album. While there again, is nothing wrong with this record, it just seems like more of the same and if I want to listen to this, I rather listen to their first record. Really hope they bring in some variation for the next one.
Favorite songs: IRMOS I; IRMOS III
The Way It Ends

Again, as with the Make Them Suffer record, really solid, but not necessarily my type of metalcore. This however has some great breakdowns that I occasionally come back to.
Favorite songs: Let Me Leave; Poverty of Self; Kill the Ache
23Suicide Silence
Become The Hunter

Underrated. It seems people still hate on them for their last album, but this is not bad. Sure, it could use some more variation and the lows of Eddie are not the best, but his highs, god damn.
Favorite songs: Skin Tight; In Hiding; Two Steps
22Canadian Softball
Awkward and Depressed

Actual album: 'COSPLIT-19'
Plandemic is such a great parody Knocked Loose song, just perfect. Seems like everything Jarod Allonge touches turns to something I can enjoy.
Favorite song: Plandemic
Weapons Of Tomorrow

Warbringer bringing in some heavy and black influences into their thrash, which works out pretty well here. I somehow did not come back to this much though. Still ,Warbringer remain one of the best newer Thrash-bands for me.
Favorite songs: Heart of Darkness; Defiance Of Fate; Glorious End; Crushed Beneath the Tracks
20August Burns Red

Much better than the last one in my opinion and almost every song has something interesting. Also the breakdowns slap.
Favorite songs: Defender; Lighthouse; The Narrative
19Traveler (CAN)
Termination Shock

Not as good as their debut, but still catchy with some great riffs.
Favorite songs: Terra Exodus; Deepspace Mine; Diary of a Maiden; After the Future
18Lorna Shore

Was beyond hyped for this after their insane singles, but ended up not loving it to the degree I anticipated. While it is insanely heavy and the vocals are just disgusting (in a good way) it seems to lack some substance between the soul-crushing breakdowns.
Favorite songs: Death Portrait; This Is Hell; Immortal

Just Sepultura delivering another solid record.
Favorite songs: Ali; Isolation; Agony of Defeat
Dark Waters

Chill and atmospheric black metal with some female vocal parts and a bagpipe song that will stay in your head. Other than that though not that much to remember, but overall a good record.
Favorite songs: Havasok / Snowy Mountains; Dark Waters
15Happy Accidents
Everything But The Here And Now

Actual album: 'Sprawling'
After they announced the departure of their bass (?) player I was worried that this wasn't gonna be as good as their previous work, but I was wrong. It is surprisingly 'dark' compared to the last one, but it sure grew on me and I can only recommend their music.
Favorite songs: Grow; Outside; Back In My Life; Secrets
14Heaven Shall Burn
Of Truth and Sacrifice

Wow, really impressive how they managed to deliver a two hour record with that much variety. The great songs also heavily outnumber the bad songs. Love how heavy this gets at times.
Favorite songs: Tirpitz; What War Means; Thoughts and Prayers; Truther; Children of a Lesser God; Stateless; Eradicate
13Vermicide Violence
The Praxis of Prophylaxis

Another great project by Jarod Allonge that succeeds at making parody deathcore songs with health related topics that have a higher quality than most of the songs they mock. Can not wait for his next project.
Favorite songs: Coronaviscerated; West of the Nile; Antihelminthica; Asthmatic Asphyxiation; Reign of Deafness
12Anaal Nathrakh

Their unique mix between harsh grindcoreish vocals and beautiful cleans make this record unique. Just love how heavy and still catchy this one is.
Favorite songs: Endarkenment; Singularity; The Age of Starlight Ends; Feeding the Death Machine; Create Art, Though the World May Perish
11Touche Amore

The first time I am slightly disappointed with one of their releases. While this sure is a solid record, I couldn't help myself and sometimes felt like the lyrics were arrogant and cringe at times. However, I can still see how some people might be able to relate to these lyrics. Overall just criticism at a high level and too much expectations from my side after the masterpiece that Stage Four was.
Favorite songs: Limelight; Savoring; Exit Row; Deflector; Feign; Lament
10Dance Gavin Dance

They finally managed to cut out the silly songs (apart from that spanish song) from their records, which makes this one their most mature and in my opinion best work to date. Both Tilian and Jon stepped up their vocal game and got backed by some great instrumental work from the rest of the band. Also, how beautiful is that feature part from Andrew Wells, fuck.
Favorite songs: Nothing Shameful; Lyrics Lie; Parody Catharsis; Into the Sunset; Night Sway

One of the most depressing (post) black records I know of. Definitely not a record you can listen to every day, but when you are in the mood for it this delivers with every single song.
Favorite songs: Stolperkenotaphe; Abgrunddialektik; Irgendjemand wartet immer; Jahr Ohne Sommer; Alles was wir geben mussten

While this is not as evil and trve as their previous work this is still black metal done on a high level, but I can see how long-time fans can be disappointed with this, as I also struggled to get warm with it.
Favorite songs: Djinn; No Place Here; In the Absence of Matter
7Spectral Lore and Mare Cognitum
Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine

This atmospheric black metal record just has everything it should for being two hours long. I feel like I can listen to this no matter the mood I am in and always discover something beautiful about it. Also the drumming is insane at times and makes you wonder if they used a drum machine or their drummer just has seven legs.
Favorite songs: Venus; Neptune; Mars; Earth; Uranus
Black Waves

How is this so unknown and underrated? Their mix between death and black metal just fits together perfectly.
Favorite songs: Black Waves; I Am the Void; Stray in the Dark

This might be one of the most evil sounding records I ever heard. Truly haunting.
Favorite songs: Pnigalion; Incubatio; Somniloquy; Epialtes
4Bring Me the Horizon
Post Human: Survival Horror

Really impressive how they managed to just defy all genre boundaries and throw together so many different aspects of music and just made them work together. So much variety on here. This might be their best work to date and I just love how the also brought back the heavy.
Favorite songs: Dear Diary; Obey; Teardrops; Parasite Eve

Such a chill record, what else can you say that hasn't been said about this band already? Just another piece of art.
Favorite songs: This Link Is Dead; Headless; Error; Radiant City; Ohms
Stare Into Death and Be Still

Feels like staring into the nothingness and becoming one with it. Every song has such a thick atmosphere filled with great instrumentals and haunting vocals. Really impressive.
Favorite songs: Inversion; Stare Into Death and Be Still; Exhale The Ash; There Is No Horizon
1Hot Mulligan
You'll Be Fine

This record resonated with me on so many different levels and no matter my emotional condition this is something I can listen to and deeply feel in touch with. The lyrics also perfectly encapsulate how it feels when all your friends start to move away and you feel like failing all the duties that growing up bring with it. This record just delivers so many songs you can shout along to and the improvement of the vocals compared to the last record are just insane. For me, this is a true modern pop-punk/emo classic. Thank you for reading, see you next year.
Favorite songs: We're Gonna Make It To Kilby!; Digging In; BCKYRD; Feal Like Crab; Dirty Office Bongos; OG Bule Sky
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