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What music makes you nostalgic?

Made this list but it got deleted by accident. Im bored so i just made this list quick for fun. But Yeah, what Music is nostalgic to you guys? will update this when i get the time because there are more i should include on this list. This list is a damn mess haha, but i doubt im the only one whos musical taste has changed drastically throughout the years
Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes

This one is important for me, and without any doubt one of the first bands i got really into; Buying, merch, CDs
and Reading as much as i could about them online as well as Music videos and live performances. I will never
forget the first time i heard "Third Season". It literally changed my forever and im glad it did, but lets go a little
further back:
Black Sails in the Sunset

I have always liked Music ever since i was a child watching Disney Movies, but as an adolescent i couldnt
really relate to the Tarzan soundtrack as well as i did when i was a kid. The moment AFI and heavier Music
entered my life is a moment i remember so well.
All Hallow's E.P.

I was hanging out With a classmate after School at his house and we were bored out of Our minds. As we
often would we spied on his big Brother and tried as hard as we could to annoy him. This time though, he was
playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and as he turned up the volume, suddenly "The Boy Who Destroyed the
World" kicked in and both me and my friend got stunned. We had heard rock Music before but never anything
like this.
Sing the Sorrow

This couldnt have been too long after that, but some time later me and my friend ended up searching for AFI
and more Music from them online. What we first found was "Girls Not Grey", which may not be in the same
vein of punk as, lets say "The Art of Drowning", it was still equally awesome. I also remember my friends dad
asking us what we listened to because he thought it sounded dope.
The Art of Drowning

I could go on forever about AFI and how important they are for me, but the epitome of my nostalgia when it
comes to them must be when i in 6th Grade talked about them in a Show and Tell sort of thing that was going
on and everyone looked at me as if i talked a Foreign Language. Great memories.
6Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

After me and my friend got into AFI, because of THPS3 we sort of realized that skateboarding was da shit and
we also wanted to do it. Almost all of my friends quit fairly quickly, and it took me a year just to learn to ollie,
but hey, at least i got some excersise other than gym class which i often skipped anyway. And like THPS3
introduced me to AFI, it was THPS4 that got me into Iron Maiden - The Number of The Beast.
7Iron Maiden

It would be a lie if i said i had never heard of them before, because i had, but the Dickinson type of Iron Maiden
has never been able to hold my attention for too long. Just like DIO, which i admired a lot, i can see why it is
great, but it just isnt for me. Sorry.
8Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

It was the two first albums by Iron Maiden which really pulled me in. The raw, almost punk-ish rock attitutude
got me hooked. From me and my friends headbanging to Wratchild With the volume cranked up, to us
discussing the lyrics of "Remember Tomorrow" and everything between, this is truly some nostalgic Music for
me. And who doesnt get hypnotized everytime they listen to Phantom of The Opera? I have heard Steve Harris is a control freak in the band, but hell does he make great tunes. I will never get tired of listening to Prowler in the car. And is it just me or would many songs from the Bayley era fit DiAnnos voice great? I remember imagining in my head how it would be if he sang Futureal, Man on the Edge and Lord of the Flies, and in my head it seemed badass af

Hanging outside School during lunch break With my friends talking about Music, tv shows and skateboarding
was always the highlight of the days for me. And listening to "School" by Nirvana on a shitty phone With blown
speakers was oddly also a highlight.

I have never been the biggest Nirvana fan. Dont get me wrong, because i really love a lot of their stuff. What
Makes them so nostalgic for me is that one of my good friends from elementary School adore and idolized them.

The peak of Nirvana nostalgia for me is when my friend drew Kurt Cobain on the wall of a shed behind School
and also wrote Down the lyrics to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to go With it. Even though his scribblings has long
been removed by the School janitor; i still see that wall clearly when i Close my eyes. The drawing, the lyrics
and the feeling of being a restless kid.
12My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade

This was an album it was nearly impossible to Escape. Its hype, Commercial success and exposure was
unbelievable. Not since Green Day`s American Idiot had i experienced anything like it. But unlike "American
Idiot", which was made by a band i never could get myself into, "The Black Parade" was an album by a band
i actually liked
13My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

It is safe to say that it was easy being labeled as an emo by listening to this kind of Music, but because i never
really dressed in black or dyed my hair i escaped that stereotype. It was my friend whom i discovered AFI With
who showed me MCR, and it is crazy how much i listened to them for about a year or so
14My Chemical Romance
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

One funny moment that always fills me With nostalgia and joy is that i used to sit on my laptop With headphones
either listening just to music or their accompanying music videos. I remember watching MCR music videos and
my father walking up behind me looking at the screen With big eyes: "What in the world?". My dad must have thought when he saw the guys in MCR that they were som sort of black haired Varg Vikernes motherf*ckers.
Ace of Spades

I remember my mom telling my uncle that i liked "Rock" music like Iron Maiden, and he had without my
knowledge been a huge fan of rock music back in the day and also playing drums. One day he came over
and started to talk to me about Iron Maiden. We talked for some time and i dont know why but it ended With him introducing me to Motorhead. And what a great thing that was.

I also remember me and a friend i skateboarded With used to hang around With Our Motorhead t shirts, talking
about which album or song we liked the most and we almost always started raving about the drumming on
Overkill. I will also never forget getting 1916 on CD and the line "I make love to mountain lions" became a inside joke with me and some friends. We would just sing that line at random anytime, anywhere.

There is also some mystery shrouded in my nostalgia for Motorhead. Many reasons why im nostalgic i
remember, but for some reason the song by them i get the most feeling of nostalgia by is "In The Name of
Tragedy". Hmm. OH, WELL. At least i get the urge to listen to this badass song from time to time.
Hall of the Mountain Grill

One Magic thing i truly remember fondly that came out of listening to Motorhead, was accidentally finding
Hawkwind (either on Youtube or Limewire i dont remember lol). Not really a surprise to find them since Lemmy
famously played With them for a short period. I also remember spilling soda on my friends dads computer while we were searching for music, which he wasnt too pleased with to say the least.
Doremi Fasol Latido

What finding a band like this did was opening the door for me to more prog, psychedelic and Space rock oriented music which also became a sort of Obsession for me for some time. But out of all the bands within this genre that i have crossed paths with none of them holds such a strong place in my heart as Hawkwind.
Warrior on the Edge of Time

I always get nostalgic when i listen to "The Golden Void". Such a Perfect song With great lyrics. If i remember
correctly, even Lemmy said it was one of the most beautiful songs he had ever heard. I also remember my
firends dad scratching his head, commenting that apart from us, it was only one other guy in town who liked
Hawkwind, and he was like 60. So it is safe to say we werent your typical 13 year old skaterkids.
21The Used
The Used

I remember that listening to this one recess at School when me and my friends showed each other songs we
liked actually ended up in me being called "emo". I didnt really care, i just really thought one should Focus on
the music and not the label or how the artist appears live or in videos. I dont remember if it was through MCR
i got into The Used or if it was the other way around.
22The Used
In Love and Death

What i do know though, is that MCR is a band i rarely bother to listen to anymore, and The Used has a couple
of records i find myself going back to often. I get super nostalgic when i listen to songs like "All Ive Got",
"Poetic Tragedy" or "Empty With You" Etc. Even though some of their latest releases hasnt been the strongest i will never get enough of their debut album.
23Amon Duul II

Another great band i got into around the same period me and my friend got into Hawkwind. Just great riffs,
drumming and musicianship all around. A great krautrock record that always takes me back to when me and
my friend was looking for music online during the Limewire era.
Journey to the Centre of the Eye

I remember the same friend who got me into Hawkwind, Amon Duul II and Nektar showed me this and it blew me
away. Just the atmosphere of this album and its cohesiveness never fails to bring a smile to my face. If anyone
wants to check this out i recommend listening to it as Whole. For me this is just that kind of album.
Mekanïk Destruktiw Kommandoh

I Wonder which of my friends showed me this crazy music? For some reason i get super nostalgic when i see
their logo and album covers but if i try to think of any of their songs i remember nada. That means i should
probably check them out again some time i Guess.
26Alkaline Trio
From Here to Infirmary

and from my favorite Tony Hawk game of all time (THUG). This song never fails to take me back to my friends
Couch and us playing on his PS2. Their song "Wash Away" from Tony Hawks American Wasteland is also
effing amazing.

I dont remember the exact moment when i first heard AOF but i do know that many of the albums they have
made has stuck With me for many years now, and probably always will. What i do remember is me and one
of my friends listening to them nonstop on repeat while playing Timesplitters Future Perfect on days on end.
And you know what? Every now and then we still do.
Watch Out!

This is the album by them im most nostalgic about. The instrumentation, vocals, and the lyrics. It just spoke to
me back in the day, and for that reason it always will. At least to some extent. "Side Walk When She Walks"
and "Sharks and Danger" never fails to make shivers go Down my spine. Truly great songs.

This album needs no introduction. What i would like to say it how underrated the bonus tracks are. "Thrones"
is easily one of their best songs and sounds like some leftover from "Watch Out!"
30Dance Gavin Dance
Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean

DGD has been one of my favorite bands ever since High School, and they are probably one of the bands i
have listened to the most through my life. I dont know how to put my finger on it, but there are just something
so enduring about them. I keep coming back to every album i love and finding New elements to them each
time. And finding myself in awe to the brilliance of the instrumentation.
31Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

This album is a masterpiece within its genre (at least in my opinion) and yes nostalgia does play a great part in
me saying that. I remember me and my friends listening to this for hours, discussing the controversies
regarding Jonny Craig and the seemingly always uncertain future of the band. The hype and build up to
DBM II is for me and my friends legendary. Listening to Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex For the First Time is
something i will never forget. And i hate the fact that there will probably never be a DBM III even though it has always seemed to me they were aiming for it to be a trilogy. Well who knows what the future may bring. They did fire Travis to make DBM II, and he was a great fit for DGD. If iwere the one to decide if they should to the same with Tillian in exchange for DBM III i would kick him out in a heartbeat.
32Dance Gavin Dance

My praise has almost always gone exclusively to the Craig Era of DGD, but i do have a great deal of nostalgia
surrounding "Happiness". For me this is their greatest non-Craig album and i certainly miss Kurt Travis more
now after how the band have only gone more downhill With each release after Accaptence Speech. Listening to Dont Tell Dave while drinking, or moving along to the groovy guitars of Carl Barker this will without a doubt become a DGD classic.
Translating the Name

For being a short little EP this sure has had a great impact on me. The songs, lyrics and voice of Anthony
Green on this is just iconic. I listened to this a lot around the time i discovered DGD in early high School. I also
have a lot of Nostalgia for "Mookies Last Christmas" and "I Can Tell" which i think was only demos they never
got the opportuniy to use before Green left the Group and formed Circa Survive. I also remember me and a good friend speculating what the lyrics in the songs meant, like "Who the hell were screaming at Anthony Green in a souther accent?"
American Psycho

Misfits is maybe one of my all time favorite punk bands, and you could guess i found them through AFIs cover
of Halloween and youd be right. Strangely enough when i first started listening to them i began with the Michale Graves era, which i really dig. And dont get me wrong. I love Danzig Era and consider Static Age a
punk masterpiece, but me and my best friend in 6th grade really vibed to this album.
Famous Monsters

I really loved American Psycho, but it was with songs on Famous Monsters i really got hooked. Saturday Night
is somehow both hauntingly beautiful and intensely perverse in its subject matter. I look back and laugh at
how me and my stepfather would sing to it in the car when we obviously had no clue what it was about. Helena, Fiend Club and Dust to Dust are also highlights on this i sometimes find myself humming the melodies to.
36Funeral for a Friend
Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation

Funeral For a Friend is a band i find myself both adoring and disliking at the same time. They do have great songs i really dig, but they also have too much that is "meh" too. I have clear memories of summer break before starting 8th grade, living on the countryside and riding my bike to visit friends.
37Funeral for a Friend

I get nostalgic when listening to Roses for The Dead when i remember me friends reaction to that song. I really liked it but he just found it depressing (well, he was right). Not your typical summer soundtrack but that summer it was mine.
38Funeral for a Friend
Tales Don't Tell Themselves

The songs i connected with the most were on this album. Walk Away, On a Wire and Into Oblivion were among the songs i listened to the most the summer i had my brief affair with their music. Great times. This is surely the album by them i would find myself listening to from time to time
39Faith No More
The Real Thing

I will never forget watching the music video to Epic and being like "This is hella weird. Give me more!".
The cool instrumentation, synths, drums, bass and of cource Pattons vocals blew my mind. I remember playing in one of my first bands around the time, and the guitarist were like "I want to be Slash and play GNR type of music" and i went against that with showing him Falling to Piece and From Out of Nowhere, being like "No we should sound more like this! In the end we didnt sound like any of them but yeah. Great memories
40Faith No More
Angel Dust

And if i thought The Real Thing was anything but your typical kind of rock record i remember not knowing what to think the first time listening to Angel Dust, so i could kind of see why Jim Martin left FNM, but i have no doubt in mind it is a decision in his life he has later questioned.
41Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

I also remember the feud between FNM and RHCP and how silly it was. After watching the Halloween shot where Patton performed parody versions of RHCP songs dressed as Kiedis i just couldt help but laugh and side with him. Crazy mf!

If we go a couple years back again to like 7th og 8th grade i had a phase where i was really into power metal. Though many of those bands seems silly to me now and overly cheesy there are some exceptions: and Stratovarius is one of them. I truly regard Timo Tolkki as among the finest songwriters in Power Metal (if not the best). It is he or Kai Hansen who i would see as poten contenders at least. I dont remember where i first heard Stratovarius or if i just bought one of their CDs randomly and fell in love. "Visions" is undoubtably one of their finest moments and every time i hear the guitar intro for "Coming Home" it just takes me right back.
Elements, Pt. 1

But if there was one album (or should i say two) that i really listened to to death it was the Elements albums. (even though both Infinite and Destiny argueably are stronger efforts by the band). This is where my nostalgia for Stratovarius is at its strongest. I mean, who the hell doesnt smile when they hear Eagleheart playing in their ears?
Elements, Pt. 2

Alpha & Omega, I Walk to my Own Song and Liberty were my jams back in the day too!
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I

I remember listening to this album and being obsessed with it! OOOOOHHH IT`S HALLOWEEEEN!
Michael Kiske became my favorite clean vocalist in metal then, and i still highly regard his vocal abilities. Weirdly enough the songs i listened to the most on this were the bonus tracks: Starlight and Victim of Fate
Pink Bubbles Go Ape

I also get really nostalgic for some songs on this widely hated album. While i agree it is not their strongest effort by a long shot, "Mankind" is easily one of my favorite songs by them and i stand by that.
47Blind Guardian
Follow the Blind

I am not the biggest expert or fan av Blind Guardian, but that is probably only because i have listened to three album of them. And i liked them all but it is one partucular song on this album that has stuck with me as a true classic and that is "Banished From Sanctuary". Holy *uck if you havent heard this song you should do so right now
48The Academy Is...
Lost In Pacific Time: The AP/EP

I remember clearly listening too much to this one summer break before starting high school. It is nothing revolutionary, but i find it to be a fairly good EP with pop songs. The ones i find most nostalgic on this are Sputter, Days Like Masquerades and Im Yours Tonight
49Kids in Glass Houses
Smart Casual

This is one i rarely listen to nowadays, but i have good memories of listening to this album with friends and gatherings in the weekends. Dance All Night, Raise Hell and Saturday were rather popular among people in my group of friends. My personal favorites on this were Pillow Talk, Lovely Bones and Girls. I also remember having som fun to their other records too even though they were at times messy and inconsistent.
50The Dangerous Summer
If You Could Only Keep Me Alive

This were a band i listened to way too much at high school so have clear memories at sitting in the hallways at my school with my friends listening to this religiously. "Home" remains my definite favorite on this
51The Dangerous Summer
Reach for the Sun

Ever heard The Permanent Rain? Of cource you have! So theres no need for me to tell you how great it is and why!
Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place

Oh man this is a album i havent listened to for the longest time, and i dont even know why, because this used to be my favorite Anberlin record. I remember listening to it in the car and getting my mom and stepfather hooked on songs like Take Me as You Found Me, Impossible and one of my all time favorites by them: You Belong Here. To me this is a near perfect pop rock record, and the memories i have to go with this record is also nearly as perfect. Listening to this outside down by the sea during summer are moments i will cherish forever and a reminder of why music is so important to me.
Never Take Friendship Personal

Anberlin also had two songs i would always listen to when i got rejected by girls i liked. Down and The Symphony of Blase were my go to`s hahah.
54Have Mercy
The Earth Pushed Back

Living Dead is a gorgeous song, and it was also a song i would go to when i felt rejected by a romantic interest pretending i was like a guy from HIMYM or something
55The Appleseed Cast
Two Conversations

During my college years this kind of sad emo music would be more prominent for some time. I remember moving out from my parents house and to college and the feeling of being out of place and sort of lonely. A good friend of mine felt similar when starting college so i remember us skyping all night raving about this album, which song was best and how utter garbage the vinyl artwork for this album was and it was reason enough not to buy it hahah.
56Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
Empire! Empire! 2-Way Split

I have never taken the time to listen enough to Empire! Empire! to really make out an opinion of what i think of them, but a good friend of me really liked them for some time. And out of the blue when he was listening to this one of the greatest songs we had ever heard in our lives up to this point came on. "All Passwords are Brisbane". Who the hell are those guys? we thought to ourselves. It was not Empire! Empire! but a band called Arrows, and this is song is special to me and really represents how i felt throughout my first year at college, and when i listen to it (as i often do) it always bring me back to my room back where i studied, with a beer in my hand, being taken aback at how some random unknown song could disarm me like that.
57The World Is a Beautiful Place...
Whenever, If Ever

Around the same time i got into Arrows me and my friend was listening a lot to this album, which in itself isnt that nostalgic to me, even though it is a great record. I mention this because TWIABP was a gateway to my next entry on this list.
58The World Is a Beautiful Place...
Are Here to Help You

Just like how positively surprised we were at finding out about Arrows on the Empire! Empire! split, we were in for a treat with this one. In this split TWIABP shared a disc with Deer Leap, and my nostalgia for those Deer Leap songs are insane. To Moscow and Quickly with its post rocky vibes never disappoints me when i go back to it. We Are Not Who We Are is also a great song by DL on this split.
59Deer Leap
Here. Home.

This is not the greatest record in the world but i will always adore Walls Became The World Around and Home. Those songs just work for me and are super nostalgic to me
Electro-Shock Blues

This album is sad, and i dont think E had any attention at hiding that. It deals with a lot of diffucult emotions surrounding death and familiy and it is without any doubt a masterpiece. Songs like PS You Rock My World, 3 Speed and The Medication Is Wearing off brings me back to a winter in college where i was writing a paper on the cuban missile crisis
OK Computer

This album has been talked about so much on this site that there is nothing new that i could add to any discussion about its greatness. It is nostalgic to me because i used to take long bus rides between my home town and my college and on the bus i would listen through OK Computer on repeat. No Surprises went really well with my views on the monotony of the daily grind. Was it healthy for me to listen so much to this album at the time i did? probably not. Would i do it again? YEA BOI
The Bends

This was the album that really got me into Radiohead. Wont talk about this one to much either, but Fake Plastid Trees was also a song i listened to way too much for my own good.
63Jimmy Eat World

Just like OK Computer this was another album that just made me fall in love with music again and made me feel like i did back when i was a kid discovering AFIs music. It just clicked with me. The songs, the sounds, the vocals and lyrics. Just perfect. One of my favorites on this must be Ten.
64Jimmy Eat World

When everybody raves about Bleed American i will always take side with Futures. Some people are super nostalgic when it comes to Hear You Me, but i have that with Kill.
65Armor For Sleep
What To Do When You Are Dead

Not much to say about this, an average emo album with a few good songs. My nostalgia for Remember To Feel Real and Awkward Last Words are strong. A good friend of mine used to listen them so damn much when we were kids they have just stuck in my head and wont go out. Well, i dont mind. They are catchy af.
66Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts of the Great Highway

This was one of the albums that really got me into folk, and my nostalgia to this is kinda boring. I just remember listening to it a lot while doing homework and humming along or getting too distracted by Mark Kozeleks lyrics to do my assignments right.
67John Martyn
One World

The nostalgia to this is heavily connected to this girl i liked back in the day. We were really on the same wavelenght when it came to music. I remember us being supposed to study late at night, but instead ending up discussing what album and song by The National were the best. The nostalgia to John Martyns One World comes from a inside joke where she asked what i would do if i had a time machine and i answered that i would go back in time to watch the recording process of Small Hours, which in my opinion is among the most beautiful songs ever made. if you wonder why i would go back in time for the recording of this particular song i will let you do the research and find it out for yourself!
68Arcade Fire

I remember watching Arcade Fire live, in the rain, with Regine Chassagne removing her shoes to dance in the pouring rainfall in front of the audience. It was truly a breathtaking sight, but the nostalgia for this also stems from the girl mentioned on the previous entry. We were both obsessed with Funeral and would joke about digging tunnels to each others rooms. Looking back at it now it was a great time! Just talking about music with someone in that way, you know
69The Tower And The Fool
How Long

My Heart Is Dead In NYC!
70Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

This is not their greatest record, not by a long shot, but it introduced me to this fantastic band. Just the sound of the opening guitars of The World at Large still gives me shivers

This needs no explanation!
I do perceive.

I remember listening to this a lot when writing papers at school and i still listen to some songs from it a lot from time to time. Who Found Whos Hair and Put Your Hands On Me My Love are among his best songs ever imo
L'Ami du Peuple

"Theres a boat
Where it goes,
I dont know
But if it floats
Im getting on
With or without you"
This song is maybe the Owen song that means the most for me because it helped me deal with heartbreak!
Mr. Beast

Listening to this band has always been a blast. From the post rock vibes of Young Team up to this, which is way more digestible for the common listener. Acid Food and Travel is Dangerous are among the many songs that brings me back to my college years, and they`re still great!
75Brand New
Deja Entendu

This band doesnt need another fanboy raving about all of their music, but this album really got me into them and i felt like Lacey were the Morrissey of the emo pioneers!
76Taking Back Sunday
Tell All Your Friends

Needless to say it was through Taking Back Sunday i learned about Brand New because of the drama between Lacey and Nolan. While Brand New turned out to be the most consistent of the two, Taking Back Sunday had the best debut album of the pair, hands down. This album gives me crazy summer type of vibes!

Just like Two Conversations by The Appleseed Cast, this is an album that brings me back to that period of my life in college. She has many catchy, fun tunes but i have never really agreed on the direction she takes them or the production she goes for in the studio. But with this acoustic EP she really shines and made her my celeb crush lol. Saviour, February Air and River are super nostalgic to me. Her rendition of Fall Back Down is also amazing. Check it out if you havent
Countdown to Extinction

After things went bad with my crush at college i decided to quit listening to sappy, sad, indie alternative rock music and go back to my rock roots! The result was me focusing on Trash metal and industrial for a little over a year. And it was great. Megadeth was a band i had already listened to a lot in the past. I love Rust in Peace. DUH, who doesnt. But this time gave me the opportunity to apreciate both Countdown To Extinction and Youthnasia. I also have crazy nostalgia for GO TO HELL!
Mental Vortex

It was also during this time i put this site to good use and discovered gems like Coroner. Mental Vortex is without doubt one of the best Trash metal albums i have ever heard, with Grin being close to as good as it.

There are too many bands within this genre for me to mention, but if you are interested the list i made during this period is still on this site yeah

I loved both NIN and Ministry to death so i thought instead of mentioning only them i would bring up more obscure great industrial records. This one was a favorite of mine during my year off without my usual sad, indie type of music lol. To Die Is Gain, Triad and Gatherer of Data were among my favorites. Have great memories of me and my friends staying up all night listening to this shit!
Slow Motion Apocalypse

Another great hidden gem within its genre! Grotus is just fun and cool at the same time! Been a long time since i listened to them now, but i have this on vinyl so maybe i will give it a spin someday!

I dont have the words to express my feelings towards Vapour Trail. It really takes me back tho

85X Japan

Any of their ballads tbh
Lunatic Harness

When i deep dived into Trash metal a friend of me did something similar, although instead of metal he went with electronic music, and thankfully he got me into some it too. This album is good. Standout tracks include Brace Yourself Jason, Hasty Boom Alert and Secret Stair
87Boards of Canada

Not much to say about this one other than it was the perfect kind of music for me to listen to when preparing for my exams in college
88The Tuss
Rushup Edge

Do yourself a favor. Listen to BANK 12. NOW!
89The Wonder Years
Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing

This song and album has been there for me so many times. Thank you, Wonder years!
90Stone Temple Pilots

I remember drinking a lot of beers with my friends and listening to this nonstop, singing along to all the songs on this album! It is one of the best debut albums of all time imo, and Scott Weiland was one of my favorite vocalists back in the day! All of the three first STP albums are nostalgic to me tbh, and i have no problem what so ever in going back listening to them from front to back. Anytime!
91Alice in Chains

Even Ozzy Osbourne is in love with this album! For me this is real grunge. All of the albums with Layne are nostalgic to me because i listened to them so damn much. On this album my go to jam is Real Thing!
Terror Twilight

This is not their best album, but Major Leauges and Spit On a Stranger is just so damn good booi
Definitely Maybe

I dont care what people say. The two first Oasis albums are fire. Just fun rock records, and i will cherish memories of being drunk singing along to songs from these albums
94The Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

How could i forget to include this until the end of the list? I sat down on my couch looked behind me at my Mellon Collie poster and felt so stupid! This was my favorite album for some time, and for good reason. Like The White Album by The Beatles it is massive in scope and diverse. This is also an album with such reputation and acclaim theres no need for me to elaborate more. 1979 is the epitome of nostalgia
95Public Enemy
Fear of a Black Planet

I knew i forgot something! This was among the first hip hop albums i ever got into. In my opinion their albums up until Apocalypse 911 were near perfect rap albums. Me and a friend at college used to listen to this all the time when we worked out at the shitty gym at school. Great times. Im weak for 90s hip hop and the themes in this album is oddly enough as relevant as it were when it was released. In my mind RTJ4 is like the modern version of this album if that makes sense

Suddenly im going backwards again, but i remember that this band became very popular very fast, and me
enjoying songs like "Misery Business", "Thats What You Get" and "Pressure".
A Shipwreck in the Sand

Of cource i listened to these guys during my youth! "Still Dreaming", "Heroine" and "Call It Karma" etc, became
the soundtrack of my life for some time. I also remember it was on this record i first heard Lights on the track
"The End". Great tune.
98Phoebe Bridgers

Now i cant wait for time to pass so i can call Punisher nostalgic to me hehehe
This list has been a mess but it was kinda fun to write down yo
This list has no hip hop and that is not because i dont like hip hop because i do, but i havent been listening to it for enough years for it to be nostalgic to me yet
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