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October 2020 Song Of The Day 🎃🎃🎃

Hello all, and welcome to a spooktacular version of Song of The day. The theme this month is Childhood trauma, more specifically your childhood trauma. What I am looking for is a song that legit scared you as a kid, something that freaked you out. Not only do I want a song, but I want a story to go with it, or set the scene as to why it was so scary. Or it can be a song from a movie or TV show that frightened you. The song might not scare you anymore, looking back it might be funny, or cringey, so the idea here is to let the Sput community into a nightmare of a song that frightened you when you were young. OR..... If you never got scared by any music as a child, you get to. INFLICT Childhood trauma onto some kiddies. What song would scare the hell out of children.
1Alice Cooper
Welcome To My Nightmare

October 1st: SlothcorseSam
" The Black Widow"

This whole album used to freak me the fuck out when dad played it on our family trips. But this song in particular, added by the fact we had some nasty spiders back home, and I once awoke to a fucking huntsman spider on my face, makes this song even more frightening for a little baby sloth. The creepy talking, followed by Cooper screaming "love me" and the gang vocals chanting back are so great. Enjoy.
Sounds quality isn't the best on this video, but the video and introduction by Vincent Price, make it worth the price of admission.
2Sergei Prokofiev
Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67

October 2nd: Trifolium
"Peter and the Wolf

It's from Sergei Prokofiev's Peter And The Wolf, in this specific version told by Sting with puppets from Spitting Image. Amazing work, but like I said, I'm still scared when I hear the wolf's theme eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! Please find the whole thing and watch it, it's actually kind of hilarious too with hunters shooting sheep out of the sky, an alcoholic duck and wigs being fished up from theatre balconies.
The first three minutes are enough, unless you can handle it all.
3Trevor Jones and David Bowie

October 3rd: Minushuman24
"Magic Dance"

Alright, I just remembered a clear example of a film shaking me to a core as a kid. Labyrinth. The weird fire demons, the tunnel scene, the costumes, everything about this film was horrifying to my young mind. Traumatized me like nothing else. So I think it would be fitting for Magic Dance to be my recommendation for the month.
4Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Requiem in D minor, K. 626

October 4th: dedex
"Requiem in D Minor"

THAT scene in Amadeus scared the shit outta me when I was a kiddo:
5Various Artists
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

October 5th: BlazinBlitzer
"Step: Subspace"

My brother and I probably put in 600-700 hours in SSBB throughout our childhood. We only played through Subspace Emissary a couple times (~70 hours); however, there's this place in the second half of the game where you play through space trying to get all the character trophies back and the theme that plays is the background was basically my first exposure to unsettling media back then. That little insect-sounding synth passage creeped me out so much that I never bothered to go through that area again....
6Various Artists
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

October 5th: Part 2.
............Now... I'm still not a big fan of it, but for different reasons. The production's awfully dated (everything sounds like it came from a modern-day Casio), there's too many things going on at once, and the atmosphere's too inconsistent for how short of a track it is. Despite there being much, much better pieces from the OST, here's still some intriguing passages to pick apart from the track so I guess it's got that going for it. Again, the track probably isn't that great, but I want to be as genuine as I can with the story.
Automatic for the People

October 6th: JesperL

first thing that comes to mind is suicide's frankie teardrop for obvious reasons, but i think this one's a better story. this song 'scared' the hell out of me as a kid for pretty existential reasons.. the verses were simple enough for me & my limited english knowledge to understand, the repeated 'what if's got my tiny stupid mind to think about all the worst 'what if' scenarios, so yeah, thanks for that r.e.m.
8Various Artists (Rock)
Rough Guide To Psychedelic Cambodia

October 7th: ArsMoriendi
"Jam 10 Kai Thiet" by Ros Serey Sothea

It's Cambodian psych rock from the 60s. The Khmer Rouge made Sothea "disappear" in the 1970s when she was like 28, and that's pretty scary.
9Procol Harum

October 8th: Divaman
"Nothing That I Didn't Know"

It didn't so much frighten me as make me sad and uncomfortable. I was a young teen when the album came out. Most of the album is full of epic stories, stories about a maggot that dreams he's a man, stories about the God's in Olympus, etc. But this one is just a quiet, mournful, realistic disease about a 26yo woman who died from some sort of horrible disease (probably cancer). It's a song about something that's a real-life horror on an album that's mostly full of wild adventures and Halloween-type horrors.
10Soundtrack (Film)
Scream 3

October 9th: budgie
"Scream General Theme"

i was real young when it came out, maybe was my first exposure to proper horror. you always remember your first, right? i remember the first time i saw drew barrymore get absolutely fucking gutted and strung up. that special, virginal feeling of horror that i've been chasing after my entire life, wow, so visceral! and the entire scream mythology has been imbued with beautiful terror ever since. wow wow wow! this theme track really invokes that childlike horror-magic
11Pink Floyd
The Wall

October 10th: rockarollacola
"Comfortably Numb"

I think I was in first grade when this happened. My mother is an elementary school teacher and often had to stay late at work after school to finish grades and things like that, and I usually stayed with her because she taught at the school I went to. It was the middle of December and snowing like a mother fucker, so the night was already a little threatening. We walked out to the car, but just as we were about to leave she had to run back inside to grab something. She left me in the car with the heat and radio running, so I just sat and waited for her to come back. The song that was playing ended, and then it go pretty quiet. I got uncomfortable because it was dark, snowing and my mom was taking a lot longer than I was expecting. Then all of a sudden I faintly hear "Hello.... Is there anybody in there?" At this moment I was convinced somebody was outside of the car and was trying to kidnap me
12Pink Floyd
The Wall

October 10th Part 2:
I freak the fuck out, bailed from the car, and ran to the front entrance of the school and started screaming for her to let me in. She eventually showed up, and I told her what happened. She obviously didn't believe that I was gonna get kidnapped or that there was a ghost in her car, so she just brushed it off.

I sort of forgot about that for years until I was riding in the car with one of my friends back from a baseball game in high school. His dad had the song burned onto a CD along with a bunch of other shit that doesn't belong on the same disc, (like Godsmack followed up by Celine Dion). I then realized that what I heard was just a song, and I immediately got pissed off for how gullible I was at age 7.
The Years of Decay

October 11th: Metalrain
"Playing with spiders"

Being around 14, just getting into metal and loving only thrash, this song was my first exposure to more the more doomy side of metal. Song nowadays is fantastic, but when I first listened to it the images it conjured up and that low tunning were all firsts for me. This album had some other more atmospheric songs, but this one really took the cake of 'what the fuck is this'.
14Sunn O)))
Black One

October 12th: garas
"Báthory Erzsébet"

I had no music-connected traumas when I was a little, so here is a song which could scare the hell out of somebody.
The whole album is a slow and haunting audible terror, but this track was especially heavy. The band supposedly locked the claustrophobic Malefic (Scott Conner) in a casket to record the vocals for this song - and the result is? Nightmare. Listen to this loud at night for full effect.
Walking Jewellery Store / Politics [LP]

October 13th: Lord(e)Po)))ts
"Thomas - Balls On Yo Neck"

When I was a small child I had a crippling fear of a monster crawling out from under my bed while I was asleep and resting his ball on my neck. This song still triggers me to this very day.
16Soundtrack (Film)

October 14th: zakalwe
"Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters"

When I was 7 I was returning with my family from Chessington World of Adventures. As we approached our house there was a car parked up outside with the headlights on.
My dads headlights illuminated the strangers car to reveal an old girl having a full on seizure. To say I shit meself wouldn’t do it justice, it was truly terrifying.
That night me and my brother had an identical dream whereby the old girl turned into the librarian ghost from Ghostbusters.
Strange, scary and 100% true.
17Koji Kondo
Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack

October 15th: Pangea
"Haunted House"

Super Mario 64 is my favourite video game and i played it all the time as a kid. This track is the soundtrack from the ghost level and does an excellent job at creating a creepy atmosphere for it. For a game that's otherwise really light-hearted, going to this omnious music was quite a shock
18The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

October 16th: Kompys2000
"Eleanor Rigby"

When I was a little kid, "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles always scared the daylights out of me. Mostly it was because I misinterpreted the third verse (Father McKenzie/Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave) to mean that McKenzie had died and come back to life as a zombie, and so I figured the song was about some kind of zombie apocalypse where everyone who lived miserable, lonely lives as humans returned from the grave to terrorize the rest of us. Plus, the minor-key melody and those staccato strings always gave me a bit of a horror-movie vibe.

October 17th: dedex

idk why but that voice haunted me when I was a kid, and my mama would jam the shit out of it
20Aphex Twin
Come to Daddy

October 17th: SlothcoreSam
"Come to Daddy"

This still gives me nightmares. From 3:50 to 4:30 is pure creepy bliss, and it doesn't stop there.
21Pyotr Tchaikovsky
The Nutcracker, Op. 71

October 19th: Trifolium
"Danse de la fée dragée"

When I was just a tiny Trif, of about 6 or so years old, my father would blast this super loudly through the speakers while I danced around the table with my sister and my brother after dinner. It would be dark outside. During our rounds around the table we would have to pass the balcony doors that were wide open, this huge darkness scared me so much and this piece still reminds me of that feeling. Especially when you had finally crossed the part before the doors but then the darkness was behind you!!!!! Aaaaaaaah!!!
Bloodrock 2

October 20th: Divaman

Again, I'd be lying if I said this song scared me - like many kids, I was a teenaged ghoul, and I was fascinated by songs about death. I forgot about this song until a few years ago when Virgin Steele did a cover of it. The cover was good, but I prefer the original.
23Camille Saint-Saens
Danse macabre, Op.40

October 21st: Scheumke
"Dance Macabre"

I grew up in the small village where the Netherlands' most famous theme park (The Efteling) is located. I feel like I pretty much grew up in the Efteling, but one thing that scared the living shit out of me as a child (5/6 years old) was the Haunted House show (Spookslot). Especcially the three creeps at the top gave me legit nightmares as a child: Although the show itself hasn't aged well, the entire thing is still one of the better haunted houses I've seen in terms of atmosphere, occult vibes and general uneasyness. Dance Macabre is used as the music for the show and I think most dutch people will know it more because of its use for the attraction than as a self contained piece of music. It is still a fantastic work of art though.
To Be Kind

October 22nd: Pangea

This came out when i was 17 so no real childhood trauma here, but i always found it quite terrifying even as a teen. It would definitely make a kid cry like the kid on the cover
It's a super intense song. i remember it coming on my playlist while i was biking and it felt like i started going twice as fast. This song makes me feel like i'm being chased
25Dir En Grey

October 23rd: someone

not saying it's an amazing song or whatever, but i accidentally stumbled upon it when i first found out about youtube and it - together with its video - scared the shit out of me and i then proceeded to obsess over this song for a few months until the shock wore off
Mixitch Mjeuga Djisc

October 24th: JohnnyoftheWell
"Cash-Op Transit"

it would have terrified me as a kid maybe
27Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

October 25th: Minushuman

Now I can't really say too much about this being significant in my life as a song that scares me. I remember first hearing this song in high school and soon after discovering this song and Right Where it Belongs, NIN has become a longstanding favorite of mine. I just remember many times in my life dozing off into a daydream to this song, a wave of cacophony washes over me, bringing me back to real life.
The Marshall Mathers LP

October 26th: BlazinBlitzer

I heard this a couple times when I was younger and I didn't really understand what was happening in the songs lyrics or where all the anger was coming from so, yeah, this was kinda scary for younger me.
29Zeal and Ardor
Devil is Fine

October 27th: Scheumke
"Devil is Fine"

Not one I have a personal trauma on (obviously, song is from 2017), but something I can totally understand being unhinging or disturbing for a kid. From the subject matter to the almost lo-fi production to the slightly distorted vocals, I guess this is pretty creepy in a uncomfortable sort of way.
30Frank Zappa
Zoot Allures

October 28th: ArsMoriendi
"The Torture Never Stops"

It's just a good creepy Halloween song. All aspects of this song (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, production) were done by Zappa, except the drums (played by Terry Bozzio.) Well, I actually don't know who does the moaning and never does Zoot Allure's liner notes!
31Soundtrack (Video Game)
The Music of Diablo: 1996 - 2011

October 29th: budgie

d1&2 scared the fuck out of me when i was introduced to them back in like 1999 or whenever, straight up couldn't play the first one at all. the excellent score had a lot to do with that
Undir Skyggðarhaldi

October 30th: garas

This is literally horrifying, but in the good way - this is like pure agony in a musical form. This is an easy 5/5 song for me, due to the demonic type of vocals, but for some: this may cause a panic attack. (Especially after 8 min)
33Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle

October 31: SlothcoreSam
"Travolta ( Quote Unquote)

Another one where the film clip gave me nightmares. I remember staying up late watching RAGE, an Australian music video program that shaped my youth, and when the clip came on I was amazed and terrified at the same time. I got the cassette for the album not long after, and my preteen brain couldn't apprehend the lyrics, but felt cool playing it for friends.
Also, could be the first song to reference Hitler and Trump in the same line.
"Cuz he's Hitler and Swayze and Trump and...Travolta"
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