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Doof's Top 100 Paradise Lost Songs
100Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

'Fear of Impending Hell' [3]
99Paradise Lost
Shades of God

'Embraced' [3]
98Paradise Lost

'Poison' [3]
97Paradise Lost
Believe In Nothing

'Mouth' [3]
96Paradise Lost
One Second

'Sane' [3]
95Paradise Lost
Shades of God

'Crying for Eternity' [3]
94Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Fallen Children' [3]
93Paradise Lost
Shades of God

'No Forgiveness' [3]
92Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Cry Out' [3]

The sound is still great on this 'Plague' cut but the song itself is a bit goofy.
91Paradise Lost

'Dying Freedom' [3]
90Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Sedative God' [3]
89Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

'Tragic Idol' [3]
88Paradise Lost

'Blood and Chaos' [3]
87Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

'Solitary One' [3]
86Paradise Lost
Believe In Nothing

'World Pretending' [3]
85Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

'Crucify' [3]
84Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Unreachable' [3]
83Paradise Lost
Shades of God

'Daylight Torn' [3]
82Paradise Lost

'The Longest Winter' [3]
81Paradise Lost

'Shallow Seasons' [3]
80Paradise Lost

'Nothing Sacred' [3]
79Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost

'Over the Madness' [3]
78Paradise Lost
Shades of God

'Mortals Watch the Day' [3]
77Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Beneath Black Skies' [3]
76Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Hands of Reason' [3]
75Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Prelude to Descent' [3]

Prelude into the Paradise Lost songs I care a lot less about...
74Paradise Lost
Lost Paradise

'Breeding Fear' [3.5]
73Paradise Lost
Symbol Of Life

'Erased' [3.5]

Woah, 'Symbol of Life' sighting.
72Paradise Lost
Lost Paradise

'Deadly Inner Sense' [3.5]
71Paradise Lost

'Ending Days' [3.5]
70Paradise Lost
One Second

'Blood of Another' [3.5]

Cheesy but enjoyable.
69Paradise Lost

'Colossal Rains' [3.5]
68Paradise Lost

'Medusa' [3.5]
67Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Another Desire' [3.5]

66Paradise Lost
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us

'The Rise of Denial' [3.5]
65Paradise Lost
Lost Paradise

'Paradise Lost' [3.5]
64Paradise Lost

'Rapture' [3.5]
63Paradise Lost
Lost Paradise

'Rotting Misery' [3.5]

Yay, the debut features.
62Paradise Lost

'Widow' [3.5]
61Paradise Lost
One Second

'This Cold Life' [3.5]
60Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Sacrifice the Flame' [3.5]
59Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Praise Lamented Shade' [3.5]
58Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Shades of God' [3.5]
57Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Terminal' [3.5]
56Paradise Lost

'Forsaken' [3.5]
55Paradise Lost
One Second

'Another Day' [3.5]
54Paradise Lost
Shades of God

'As I Die' [3.5]

Yes, I don't care too much for the 'Shades of God' album.
53Paradise Lost

'Christendom' [3.5]
52Paradise Lost
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us

'Frailty' [3.5]
51Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Beneath Broken Earth' [3.5]

People love this...I think it's good but not earth shattering.
50Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Requiem' [3.5]
49Paradise Lost

'Forging Sympathy' [3.5]
48Paradise Lost

'Fall from Grace' [3.5]
47Paradise Lost
One Second

'The Sufferer' [3.5]
46Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'I See Your Face' [3.5]
45Paradise Lost

'Angel Tears' [3.5]

They don't do many instrumentals.
44Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Jaded' [3.5]
43Paradise Lost

'Remembrance' [4]
42Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Walk Away' [4]

Had to include the Sisters of Mercy cover - this is as good as the original taken on its own merits.
41Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol

'Theories from Another World' [4]
40Paradise Lost

'Eternal' [4]
39Paradise Lost

'Hope Dies Young' [4]
38Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Fear' [4]

Fun breakneck B-Side
37Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Return to the Sun' [4]
36Paradise Lost

'Joys of Emptiness' [4]
35Paradise Lost

'Shattered' [4]
34Paradise Lost

'Ravenghast' [4]

Nu grrrrrrrrrrr
33Paradise Lost

'Silent' [4]

Vintage grrrrrrrrrr
32Paradise Lost

'Pity the Sadness' [4]
31Paradise Lost

'Dead Emotion' [4]
30Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'An Eternity of Lies' [4]
29Paradise Lost

'Serenity' [4]
28Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'No Hope in Sight' [4]
27Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Yearn for Change' [4]

Almost a happy PL song.
26Paradise Lost
One Second

'Mercy' [4]

Proof that PL 'going Depeche Mode' on 'Host' wasn't itself a bad idea...except the band had already used their best 'Depeche Mode song ideas' on 'One Second'...
25Paradise Lost
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us

'Faith Divides Us' [4]
24Paradise Lost

'The Devil Embraced' [4]
23Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'The Enemy' [4]
22Paradise Lost

'Gothic' [4]

The early mission statement title track.
21Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Flesh from Bone' [4]

Underrated again, this rips.
20Paradise Lost
One Second

'Say Just Words' [4]

Very Sisters of Mercy at this stage.
19Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'The Last Time' [4]

The verse may just go 'chug chug chug' but it's still their 'hit song' and works despite everything.
18Paradise Lost
In Requiem

'Ash & Debris' [4]

Bit of a banger.
17Paradise Lost
One Second

'One Second' [4]
16Paradise Lost

'Darker Thoughts' [4]
15Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Elusive Cure' [4]
14Paradise Lost

'Ghosts' [4]
13Paradise Lost
One Second

'Disappear' [4]

12Paradise Lost

'Weeping Words' [4]
11Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Punishment Through Time' [4]
10Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Once Solemn' [4]

Their best fast paced effort - the drumming was never as 'to the point' and inventive as 'Draconian Times' afterwards = strange :/
9Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

'Victim of the Past' [4.5]

A growly epic with a side order of added near-symphonic goth grandeur.
8Paradise Lost

'True Belief' [4.5]

I used to watch the video of this song a lot back in the days I'd wait all week with anticipation to buy Kerrang magazine - a different world.
7Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Shadowkings' [4.5]

If you don't believe that Greg's lead guitar is the best singer in the band listen to this one where the lead is mostly playing variations on the vocal melodies.
6Paradise Lost

'Embers Fire' [4.5]

The transitional album as they start to work in some pop sensibility and Metallica and Sisters of Mercy'isms.
5Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Enchantment' [4.5]

A classic intro track - they've released 75 albums since but never recaptured the perfection of this as a first song.
4Paradise Lost
One Second

'Soul Courageous' [4.5]

If PL have a 'bop track' it's this one.
3Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Forever Failure' [4.5]

Their prime goth statement.
2Paradise Lost
One Second

'Lydia' [4.5]

Controversy! This is the song that maybe makes me think PL listen to The The.
1Paradise Lost
Draconian Times

'Hallowed Land' [4.5]

The ultimate Paradise Lost guitar masterclass.
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