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Shoegazing the Decade: Aberf's list

Shoegaze/dream pop and its derivatives that I found throughout the years of my music listening. Not a comprehensive list, however, just all the things that caught my attention. I'm gonna take 10 albums for each year, except 2014-2016 where I reserve 2 slots from each year for 2017. Also, beware that not everything here might accurately represent the respective genre and the list is 200% Objective. This list also includes EP.
Halcyon Digest

2010 - a year for blackgaze. There are a lot of sick blackgaze releases this year. We'll see the albums.

Genre: Psych, Dream Pop, Indie Rock
Personal Tags: Unique, Flavorful

Barely any gaze in here compared to their other works tbh, but Halcyon Digest is definitely a highlight of its own.
Écailles De Lune


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal tags: Best of the Decade, Wintertime music

Hey, it's Alcest. This album is very cool.


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Neige wtf man

Hey, it's me again, Alcest. So basically, Neige did vocal in this, as if the previous album isn't enough.
4Les Discrets
Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées


Genre: Post-rock, Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Soft, breezy

Hey, it's me again, Neige. This time I'm just playing the bass in here.
Diamond Eyes


Genre: Alternative Metal, Gaze
Personal Tags: Why is there a shoegaze tag in this band?

Anyway, I feel some element of gaze in here definitely. Not too much of a fitting album for this list; however, I'm doing it for the bois of sput.


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Essential (Best of its kind), sadboigaze, subdued

This EP/mini-album I think is one of the best starters for shoegaze in general.
7Cold Body Radiation
The Great White Emptiness


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Nature blackgaze

The soundtrack to a rainstorm within a natural landscape.
8Year of No Light


Genre: Post Metal, Sludge, Doom, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: Musical Strangulation, Dense

Atmospheric to the max. It's the kind of music that somewhat makes it heavy for me to breathe
9Wild Nothing


Genre: Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Playful, Straight, Forward

Most of the tracks in Gemini lack substances, and much for complexity, yet it doesn't exhaust you at all. One of the proofs that good music doesn't necessarily need complexity.
10Shinsei Kamattechan


Genre: Noise Pop
Personal Tags: Insanity, Nightmare fuels, Japanese

This album is essentially a freakishly distorted interpretation of Pop music and it definitely bangs pretty hard. Proceed with caution, repeated listening might cause you to voluntarily bang your head into some hard objects while nutting all over the place. For more a concise description, "the soundtrack to the weeaboo mental breakdown amirite fellas," as copied from the best music website of all time, rateyourmusic.com
The Raingazer's Song

2011 - Not much classics to be shown, but only back-to-back excellence.

Genre: Shoegaze, Electronica
Personal Tags: Abe's choice, Vocaloid, eclectic, weebtastic, Japanese

Initially, I found Vocaloid music to be gimmicky at best. It's just a platform to satisfy those who need some quirky elements in their music. Until I found its application for shoegaze that's unbelievably fitting. This album, in particular, has tons of gaze variety and Miku's vocal just fits.
12Giles Corey
Giles Corey


Genre: Folkgaze
Personal Tags: the soundtrack for depression, Music to kill myself into

Don't actually kill yourself tho. Call for help. Cheers. https://i.imgur.com/q13Bul2.jpg
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming


Genre: Indietronica, Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Jovial, Happy listening hour

Almost the definition of being happy.
Laminate Pet Animal

Genre: Indie Pop, Gaze
Personal Tags: Uncaged, Bestial

One thing to say about Laminate Pet Animal is that this album is catchy, almost infectious, without sacrificing the layers of instrumental being piled underneath it.
15True Widow
As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center

Genre: Slowcore, Stoner Gaze
Personal Tags: Slowburn, trance, sadboigaze

The best application for this album is not to be played for focused listening. Instead, play it in the background while doing literally anything else and it will hit out of nowhere.
16Ringo Deathstarr
Colour Trip


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Local band, colourful

One of the better shoegaze bands out there with MBV vibes on hand.
Blaze Down His Way Like The Space Show

Genre: Shoegaze, Noise
Personal Tags: especial, Japanese

The only album from this band that I find to be really unique in their sound design.
18Tokyo Shoegazer


Genre: Dreamgaze, Post-Rock
Personal Tags: Essential, Excellence, Japanese

Putting 'shoegazer' in your band title means business. These guys surely don't mess around when putting a cat and pedals as their album cover also. They nailed all the atmospheric, softer, and heavier aspects of this album.
19Schematics For Gravity
Schematics For Gravity


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-metal
Personal Tags: Fusion, EP

A Gentle shoegaze guitar tone yet still metal the h*ck out of you. Beautiful record. (no cussing allowed in this Islamic list)
Roads to Judah


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Introductory, Personal Pick, Pummeling

Short, sweet, and perfect debut album. I might prefer this to their pink counterpart actually.
21Kinoko Teikoku
Uzu Ni Naru

2012 - From classics to bummers

Genre: Shoegaze, Post-rock, Emo
Personal Tags: Best of the Decade, Youthful, Solace

I explained everything in my review, plz check ty.
22Melody's Echo Chamber
Melody's Echo Chamber


Genre: Psych, Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Lush, Surreal

This album is like a gazey and female-fronted version of Tame Impala, except that it's actually palatable for my taste.


Genre: Post-Rock, Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Best track ever in here, Positivity, Japanese

Kamome is by far my all-time favorite dreamgaze infused post-rock track. Please spend the next 10 mins of your life on it.
24School of Seven Bells


Genre: Dream Pop, Indietronica
Personal Tags: Indulgence, Affable, Bakemonogatari

Reminiscent of those times where I used to play with my friends after school. Fun times.
25Various Artists (Shoegaze)
Mikgazer vol.1


Genre: Shoegaze
Personal Tags: Abe's choice, Cohesive, Vocaloid, Japanese

Isn't it weird calling a VA's album to be cohesive? This one is similar to no. 11 where it's mind-blowingly good. The difference that Mikgazer is coming from 12 artists, including a flowing album while 36g's album feels like a collection of excellent musical outings, not the other way around weirdly enough.


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-rock
Personal Tags: Greyscale, Icy

Shoegaze is normally associated with bright colors. Light blue, pink, teal, or floral green perhaps? This one within the shade of greys.
27Beach House


Genre: Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Wack

Listening to Beach House is like drinking alcohol, but you get a hangover immediately.
28Title Fight
Floral Green


Genre: Emo, Shoegaze, Punk
Personal Tags: Could've been better.

This album, while it isn't bad, feels like a bland marriage of generic vocal delivery and incomplete gaze fusion within a post-hardcore realm.
29Wild Nothing


Genre: Dream Pop
Personal Tags: A Continuation.

It's like a better version of Gemini, more substances and catchier.
Children of Desire


Genre: Post-Punk, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: A Chronicle

An album that comes off to me as a story that if you dive into it deeper, you'll experience the full effect of it, which I really haven't done.
31Thought Forms
Ghost Mountain

2013 - Remarkable releases through and through.

Genre: Shoegaze, Noise, Ambient
Personal Tags: Under the Radar, Aesthetics

This is by far the more complex aesthetics for shoegaze. Severely under the radar for something this good.
32Entropia (PL)


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Underrated, Sombre

Poland-based blackgaze band should be up in the alley with other big bois out there. Excellent blackgaze album.


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Bright-colored blackgaze album, Essential

One of the cornerstones of blackgaze albums. Black metal for hipsters who wear skinny jeans.
34An Autumn For Crippled Children
Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Bright-colored blackgaze album [2], Opaque, Album and band titles are so long man

A different take to blackgaze, basically a densely layered wall of noise on top of the asphyxiated shrill vocal. The bright color of the album really adds to the imagery of the music; it sounds exactly to what the album art looks like.
35Kinoko Teikoku


Genre: Dreamgaze, Indie, Post-Rock
Personal Tags: Abe's choice, Ethereal, Variant

This and their previous album is an absolute work of art that is both charming in their own way. Classics in each of their own; I prefer their debut though.
36Candy Claws
Ceres And Calypso In The Deep Time


Genre: Dreamgaze, Psych
Personal Tags: Essential, Tropical, Euphoria

The soundtrack through a tropical fantasy land. A rainforest in which nothing is harmful, only joyful things exist there.
37My Bloody Valentine
m b v


Genre: Shoegaze, Loveless
Personal Tags: Excellent comeback

Definitely doesn't have the same impossible standard of Loveless, but does it scratch the itch? Definitely
38Tokyo Shoegazer


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-rock
Personal Tags: Focused, Unchanged

Still have the precision from the previous release. Although this album explores the post-rock application of shoegaze more compared to the previous album, which I might actually prefer.
39The Novembers
Rhapsody in Beauty


Genre: Noise Rock, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: All-in-one

I honestly didn't expect the variety of tracks here. Great album with a great amount of musicianship.
40Baby Formula
Baby Formula


Genre: Dreamgaze, Ambient
Personal Tags: Chinese, Quiet

Some nice Chinese shoegaze to relax to.
Guilty of Everything


Genre: Shoegaze, Alternative, Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Best of the Decade, Hushed, Sadboigaze

Guilty of Everything embodies everything that I want from a shoegaze album. Be it the right amount of guitar fuzz, the lackadaisical yet emotive vocal delivery, the intensity at the right moments, and how the album seamlessly flows from beginning to end.
42Kairon IRSE!


Genre: Shoegaze, Space Rock, Psych
Personal Tags: Majestic, Essential

I'm really picky about vocals. Unfortunately enough, the vocal in this album holds back the greatness on otherwise a majestic space rock gaze album.


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-rock
Personal Tags: A change in direction.

Completely erasing the trace of black metal in this album to birth out a pretty shoegaze album as a result, which is greater than the condemnation of this album.
Melting Sun


Genre: Post-Rock, Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Bright-colored blackgaze album [3], No Neige No Problem

Honestly, not sure if this still qualified as blackgaze. It seems like a post-rock album with metal tendency. Still awesome tho.
45Emma Ruth Rundle
Some Heavy Ocean


Genre: Folkgaze, Ethereal Wave
Personal Tags: Melancholic, "I just can't believe", Abe's Choice

A deeply personal album that's filled with melancholic tones and reverbs.
46The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream


Genre: Heartland Rock (some kind of fusion of shoegaze with Americana), Indie Rock
Personal Tags: Essential, Therapeutic

Nixon should've done it this way.
47Have a Nice Life
The Unnatural World


Genre: Post-Punk, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: Cascade, Lost

Compared to their apex of musical achievement, Deathconsciousness, The Unnatural World seems to be a small re-creation of it. Nonetheless, it definitely does scratch the itc
48A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Sea When Absent


Genre: Dreamgaze, Noise
Personal Tags: Opulent, Sporadic

A more eclectic style of dreamgaze with a touch of noise and indietronica. I think this album threw a bunch of weird transitions within its tracks. It still works tho.
Peripheral Vision

2015 - Not much happening, just a few cool releases.

Genre: drEaM pOp, Indie, gaze
Personal Tags: Successful transition

I honestly haven't heard their previous works, I just heard that they decided to add shoegaze element to their emo-based sound and it worked.
50Ringo Deathstarr
Pure Mood


Genre: Dreamgaze, Alternative Rock, Noise
Personal Tags: More Colors

A major step up from their previous albums. More variety, better executions.
51Wintermute (JPN)
Blood Color Flower


Genre: Shoegaze
Personal Tags: Yet Another Vocaloid, EP

Small 4 tracks EP from one of the artists who did Mikgazer. Excellent.
Everything Else Matters


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Gapless, Jolly, Essential

Best band name of all time? Although, it does coincide with the sound that you'll get from this album. It's tasty, filling, great for brunch... Wait.
53indigo la End
Shiawase ga Afuretara


Genre: Indie Rock, Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Sugary, Catchy,

Listened to this once and I'm already singing along the chorus the next listen. The catchiness is unreal. It's a rather poppy record that's full of energy.
Moving Away


Genre: Indie Rock, Shoegaze, drEaM pOp [2]
Personal Tags: Sadboigaze (now with indie flavor), Essential

Last Forever


Genre: Noise Pop, Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Infectious

Last forever is a rather straightforward album, it's filled with snappy dueling vocals. Easy listening perhaps.
56Hearts Of Black Science


Genre: Dreamgaze, Synthpop
Personal Tags: Baritone, modern take of an old concept.

If you ever heard of Tears for Fears, I think this album somewhat resembles it but with a modern tone and, of course, gazey reverbs.

2016 - Excellent to classic

Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Back to Black, Japan-themed, Best of the Decade

Perhaps it was intentional when Alcest released Shelter as a mean to improve their soundscape to the maximum. Kodama is my definition of a perfect blackgaze album.


Genre: Uplifting Power Metal Gaze, or just Blackgaze
Personal Tags: The least blackgaze-sounding blackgaze ever.

It slaps really hard tho, no complaints about this one.
Everything and Nothing


Genre: Post-Rock, Ambient, Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Boring-gaze

I'm half kidding on that tag. Hammock is kinda boring for active listening tbh. I'd rather play their music in the background when I don't want anything loud.
60If These Trees Could Talk
The Bones of a Dying World


Genre: Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: Instrumental, Thunderous

Some instrumental Post-rock/metal with some gazey tendency. Slaps pretty hard.


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-Rock
Personal Tags: Abe's Choice, Dim, Sharp

I stumbled upon this band randomly on youtube and they have turned to be one of my favorite gaze bands ever due to their unparalleled tonality. Absolutely gorgeous.
Tired of Tomorrow


Genre: Shoegaze, Alternative, Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Regressed Sequel

Tired of Tomorrow tries to do too many expansions at once, as a result, it compromised some of the qualities that made Guilty of Everything so amazing. It's still a fine record, however.
63Harakiri for the Sky
III: Trauma


Genre: Blackgaze, Post-Rock
Personal Tags: Drifting, Lengthy

Is blackgaze is just a prettier sounding Post-Black Metal? Anywho, this is a good album for a long ride.


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Female-fronted, banshee

I wished my mom scold me with this type of VOX when I was younger.


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-rock
Personal Tags: Best of the Decade, Mastered Tonality

Shoutout to Archelirion for gifting me this album. It's an insta-5 just for it. On a more serious note, this album is like Embers but with a more focused approach. To me, this record breathes originality that I haven't found anywhere else yet, nor I noticed any major influence for their sound.
Molten Young Lovers


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Rectification, Sunny

It's bright. Compared to their work a decade ago, it's like a day and night. The vocal melody on The Battle on Sealand is just straight-up wacky. It only took them 10 years to fix the problem so props.
67Secret Shine
There Is Only Now


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Safe, Stable

Secret Shine has been around since the release of Loveless, which seems to feel like forever ago. There Is Only Now sounds like they have modernize their sound a bit.


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-Hardcore
Personal Tags: Successful Transition [2]

I honestly haven't heard their previous works, I just heard that they decided to add shoegaze element to their Post-Hardcore-based sound and it worked. [2]
Sirens & Slumber


Genre: Sludgegaze, Post-metal (rock?)
Personal Tags: Punchy, Somewhat Emo

Take shoegaze, add sludgy guitar tones and emo vocal, and spread a post-metal influence over it and you get Sirens & Slumber.


Genre: Dream Pop, Indie Pop
Personal Tags: "I'm a Lucky Girl!", Essential

Morningside is in your face type of happy music. It's straightforward. It doesn't shake much within the experimentation or songcraft. It's just pure unadulterated fun being made into an album.
71Panda Riot
Infinity Maps


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Deceptively lengthy

18 tracks of dreamgaze? What in the world... Fortunately though (Unfortunately?), that most of the tracks are short interludes in between normal length tracks and they are not fillers by any means.
Burial Songs


Genre: Post-Rock, Doomgaze
Personal Tags: Celestial Calling, Abe's Choice

I have a soft spot for post-rock and it's not a surprise considering my pie-chart. Burial Songs is crossing the realm of both Post-Rock and Post-Metal since metal includes some sort of heaviness within its sound, or headbanging if you want to call it that way... To put it shortly, it's the softest sounding metal that I have experienced.
The Circle


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Bright-colored blackgaze album [4], Neige strikes again.

A heavier sounding Alcest album, featuring Alcest.
74Life on Venus


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Adrift, steady

Venus because Mars is overrated. Also one of my favorites of its year of release because of its seamless flow of an album.
75Infinity Girl
Somewhere Nice, Someday


Genre: Shoegaze, Noise Pop
Personal Tags: Craze, Untamed

Somewhere Nice, Someday reminiscent of MBV guitar tone with sometimes heartbreaking melodies.
76Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex


Genre: Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Essential, Rich

It's like Beach House but it's actually good.
Waiting For Mint Shower!!


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Dainty, Japanese

By far the most delicate dreamgaze album. It's like endlessly falling into a cloud.
78Planning for Burial
Below the House


Genre: Shoegaze, Post-Metal, Slowcore, Drone
Personal Tags: Below the House, Under the Sea, Beneath the Sun

Not sure about those tags. If you don't mind drone, boris-esque album, then this is a perfect album to listen to.
Good Nature


Genre: Dream Pop, Indie Pop
Personal Tags: Major disappointment

Peripheral Vision showed a mission. It's an art of balancing elements of shoegaze, dream pop, indie rock, and Emo, resulting in a delicate, enjoyable piece of music. Good Nature is none of that, actually. It's like a neutered dream pop album that is an absolute snoozefest.


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Broke,

Slowdive comeback album is not bad by any means. It just lacks whatever made their previous works to be full of amazement.
81A Beacon School

2018 - Jams after Jams

Genre: Dream Pop, Chillwave
Personal Tags: Essential, No Pepsi Allowed

Cola features two 11/10 songs, the rest is just great.
82Just Mustard


Genre: Shoegaze, Indie Rock
Personal Tags: Only Mayonaise - Thursday, Abe's Choice

Merely Ketchup - Friday. Despite the wacky band name, Wednesday features a dark atmosphere, screechy guitar textures, and carnal vocals.
83Vyva Melinkolya
Vyva Melinkolya


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Androgynous

This self-titled album is a soundtrack to a projected image of the melancholic life of Vyva Melinkolya.
84Snail Mail


Genre: Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Singer-Songwriter
Personal Tags: Modest, Unapologetic

Lindsay Jordan, the woman behind Snail Mail, sings her heart out in Lush. It's the very sound of Indie if there's any.
85Harakiri for the Sky


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Hopefully not in Australia

Arson does commit sudoku once more. I enjoyed this album the first time listening to it, but I feel there's an edginess that somewhat bothers me after tasting this album in this day and age.
swimming classroom


Genre: Indietronica, J-Pop, Dream Pop
Personal Tags: Abe's Choice, Childlike Innocence. Japanese

If we are talking about Macaroon as an Italian cookie, it's unbeatable in its color, taste, and complexity to make. Almost similar to this Japanese Indietronica duo. Shoutout to Johnnyofthewell for recommending this to me.
87Dots (.........)
[ ]


Genre: J-Pop, Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Idoltery, Anonymity

What is this band really? Why are they named ................ And why is this album has no title like literally no title?
This album isn't "untitled" but actually has no title. Why does this quite bouncy also? I have so many questions.
88Beach House


Genre: Dream Poop
Personal Tags: Their best at least

Something about Beach House as a band that rubs me the wrong way in every single way. It has a dream-pop sound but annoys me to no end on how it fails to present what dream pop means to me. To summarize, Beach House is like a Dream Pop band for those who are not into Dream Pop. Anyway, 7 is at least inoffensive to me unlike some of their previous releases.
89The Daysleepers


Genre: Dreamgaze, Ambient
Personal Tags: Reversal, Hazy

The Daysleepers released one of my favorites Dreamgaze album of all time with Drowned in a Sea of Sound due to their upbeat melody and happy outings. This resembles that album but in a negative filter. It shifts the mood upside down from Happy to Melancholic. It also turned an easy-listen album into a slow-burn one.


Genre: Post-Metal, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: 2nd time the charm?

Mountaineer's 2nd attempt to create sludgey post-metal gaze with emo vocal seems to go in a more cohesive way. I might actually prefer their debut though.
Spiritual Instinct

2019 - end of the decade, few favorites.

Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Undeniably Alcest

My reaction to Spiritual Instinct is lukewarm. Perhaps that maybe this record is a slow-burn one compared to Neige's previous works and I haven't really dived deep into this album yet. Maybe It'll grow on me someday.
92Dots (.........)


Genre: J-Pop, Noise, Death Grips, Shoegaze
Personal Tags: What

My idol shoegaze group now comes in a surprise Death Grips packaging.


Genre: Noise Pop, Shoegaze, Experimental
Personal Tags: Chaotic Harmony

There are moments in this album that made go, whoa or whew. What did they just do? It's undeniably excellently crafted, but too much of randomness for my liking. Or maybe that I'm not high enough. Still a cool listen tho.


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Deceived

It's just a well-executed album. I haven't noticed anything other than that.
95uchu nekoko
Kimi No Youni Ikiretara


Genre: Dreamgaze, Indie Rock
Personal Tags: Unadulterated, Concise, Japanese

The lovely vocal delivery is the first thing that caught my attention. Then the subtly complex musicianship that caught me off guard.
Light Mirror


Genre: Shoegaze, Ambient, Slowcore
Personal Tags: Haunted, Hazy

Light Mirror is more to be an experience rather than music. IMO, Ambient music is generally like that.
Serotonin II


Genre: Ambient Pop, Dream Pop, Chillwave
Personal Tags: Abe's Choice

It caught me off guard on how Yeule emerged to my attention. From a track recommended by Budgie in a list that I don't even remember into finally realizing that her album was about to be released. I've said everything in the review also, plz check ty [2].
98White Ward
Love Exchange Failure


Genre: Blackgaze
Personal Tags: Bright-colored... no, uncharacteristically placed album art.

If I have to judge an album from the cover, this would probably more appropriate if it was an 80's synthpop album.
Feels Like You


Genre: Dreamgaze
Personal Tags: Despite all of the controversy

They actually made a really good record for this one.
100Radio Supernova


Genre: Dreamgaze, Space Rock
Personal Tags: Can I have the instrumental version?

Because of the vocal sounds off-putting most of the time.
101Ichiko Aoba

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6D18FP5BPd5ZMY0jn5XvFb?si=5SZhEhTIQFyLn7pUD9tdRg

Essential (basically great release for its genre):
Whirr - Distressor
Tokyo Shoegazer - Crystallize
Deafheaven - Sunbather
Candy Claws - Ceres and Calypso...
Kairon Irse! - Ujubasajuba
The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream
Pinkshinyultrablast - Everything Else Matters
Gleemer - Moving Away
Fazerdaze - Morningside
Cigarettes After Sex - s/t
A Beacon School - Cola

Abe's Choice (My personal favorite):
36g - The Raingazer's song
VA - Mikgazer Vol. 1
Kinoko Teikoku - Eureka
Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean
Alter - Embers
Palehorse/Palerider - Burial Songs
Just Mustard - Wednesday
Macaroom - Swimming Classroom
Yeule - Serotonin II

Best of the Decade:
Alcest - Ecailles de Lune
Kinoko Teikoku - Uzu ni Naru
Nothing - Guilty of Everything
Alcest - Kodama
Alter - Pendulum
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