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REC me, Bands that need to see the Doctor.

These bands are SICK!
1Bloody Diarrhoea

Not good mate, you probably got an E. coli infection, better get some antibiotics.
2Manic Depression
Impending Collapse

Just went out and dropped $500 on a bunch of new releases before listening to them, fuck i feel like shit now, contemplating commit die, better get some lithium.
3Swine Flu
Faint of Breath

I should not have made out with that cute sow, i heard it sneeze, better get some tamiflu.
4Heart Attack (USA)
God is Dead

Clogged arteries and elevated blood pressure, should have seen this coming, off to ICU.
Weird Tales

Initiated by Bring Me The Horizon, better get some sumatriptan.
6AIDS Wolf
The Lovvers LP

Don't share needles with sketchy looking werewolves, better get some antiretrovirals
7Rat Scabies
P.H.D. Prison Hospital Debt

The best type of scabies to catch, better get some polysporin.
Wild Life

Having deadlines to write reviews, or going outside, a sputnik staffers reality, better get some lorazepam.

Whenwhen countrycountry musicmusic isis onon, better get an auditory check.
10Syphilitic Vaginas
Black Motor Covenant

Mother warned me about this back in grade school, better get some penicillin.
11Black Pus
Black Pus II

It's gangrenous, better chop it off.
The Hidden Pleasures

Better see an ophthalmologist.
13Viral Encephalitis

Head is starting to hurt, way to much pressure, lucky it isn't bacterial, better get some antivirals.
Hell's Death Metal

You're fucked!
Happy Stillbirthday Party

At least the guy who raped you is relieved.
"Sorry to far"

On the lips, or the other lips, herpes is for life, better get some valacyclovir.
17Broken Arm
Life Is Short

Better get a cast on it. .
18Drunk Injuns
Frontside Grind

A lil racist, it ain't their fault, they didn't evolve alongside alcohol so never developed the enzymes to break alcohol down, better go to AA.
19Mommy Hurt My Head
Mommy Hurt My Head

Better hurt her back.
20My Penis Is Made of Dogshit
Eternal Cuck

This is serious bro, better take a video and show me.
The Sins of Mankind

The reason why Lance has only one nut. Better get some chemo.
The Sanity Universal
23Black Tongue
Born Hanged

This is what can happen if you take a 4 week course of metronidazole, or you perform analingus to much, better get some nystatin
24Full Blown AIDS
Full Blown A.I.D.S.

Not quite as bad as terminal AIDS, but worse than a deflated helium balloon, better abstain from life.
25Snapped Ankles

What happens to people who think you are a butcherboy, better get an x-ray.
26Hacksaw to the Throat
Tear My Eyes Out...

An untidy unfortunate accident occurring in woodwork, better get some bandages
27St. Paul and The Broken Bones
Young Sick Camellia

This would be a great name for a Catholic Cast Clinic.
Infecting Paranoid Minds

You ain't really drunk until you shit the bed, better get some pads.
29Nurse With Wound
A Sucked Orange

Probably picked up a multi-drug resistant staph infection, better get them in quarantine.
30Anal Vomit
From Peruvian Hell
32Fractured Spine
Songs of Slumber

You won't be walking for a while, better get a wheelchair.
33Punctured Tough Guy
Warped Houses

Stabbing an UFC fighter is always fun, better get him a bandaid.
Addicted to Reality
36122 Stab Wounds
The Deity of Prversion

Better than 87 stab wounds, better call yourself a human pin cushion.
37God Body Disconnect
Sleeper's Fate

Delusions of grandeur, better get some antipsychotics
38Bleach Birth
Caesarean Tapestries

Washing away the sins of your dirty mothers vagina, better get some good bleach
Hospital Carnage
40Plastic Surgery Disaster

Or more commonly known, Michael Jackson syndrome, better get some profolol
41Pig Heart Transplant
Hope You Enjoy Heaven

Was the rage in the 60s
Pearl Mystic

It's like pets, but for your insides, better get some mebendazole
43Decapitated Mum
Decapitated Mum

Quick get her to the hospital, wait to late
Copulation of Cloven Hooves

The result of working to hard, better get some metoclopramide
45 The Anemic Boyfriends
Guys Are Not Proud / Bad Girls in Love

Sharing love and losing blood, better get an iron infusion
46Twisted Sister
A Twisted Christmas

If she gets you something shit for xmas, give her a really bad Chinese burn.
47Skinned or Sunburnt

Either way, don't have a bath in vinegar, better get some aloe vera
48Meathole Infection

I hate when my meathole gets all stinky and pussy, better get some cephalexin.
49Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal for Life
Irreversible Degrade

Ate too much baked beans wrapped in cabbage leaves, better get some charcoal.
51Radiation Vomit
Demo 2014
52Discharge Of The BloodyEntrails
Grind Demo 1
53Rectal Nectar / Severe Bowel Perforation / Klɪstər
Rectal Nectar / Severe Bowel Perforation / Klɪstər
54Brain Dead (USA-CA)
Disaster Ahead
55Girl In A Coma
Trio B.C.
56Asthma Castle
Jesus, Mary and Broseph
57Chronical Diarrhoea
Royal Diarrhoea
58Ripped to Shreds
Eight Immortals Feast
59Fog of Leprosy
Untitled Turd
60Cancerous Growth
Late For The Grave
61Drug Problem
Drug Problem
How Am I Not Myself
63Raped By Pigs
Gushing Orgasms 2
64Umbilical Asphyxia
Rampant Infantile Strangulation
65Sweaty Nipples
Thrill Crazed Space Kids Blasting The Flesh Off...
6616 Stitches
In the Tunnel
Skogens hjärta
Temple of the Lost Race
69Intensive Care
70The Clap
The Night the Condom Broke
71Pregnancy Scares
Mind Control
Memories From a Dream
Cerebral Wrong Settings
Fistful of Metal
Flesh & Blood
76Assult N Battery
Beat Dat System / Come Together
78Severe Ulceration
Demo 2012
79Anal Psoriasis
80Fecal Vomit
gurgle it and spit to better feel the taste...
Choked on Fecal Infected Fluids
82Large Intestine Obstruction By Anomalous Congenital Band
Demo #2
Decline Of Neural Development
84Postcoital Ulceration
Continuation of Defective Existence After Multiple
85Fuck, Bud!/Hypnic Jerk
87Mental Ward
From Under the Moon
Seamed With Scars
89Dengue Fever
Cannibal Courtship
Some Relations With Girls
91Toxic Narcotic
We're All Doomed
92Twelve Inch Clitoris
Demo 2017
93Urine in Her Wounds
Unfathomable Depravity
94Extremely Rotten Flesh
Last Breath
95Autistic Youth
Landmine Beach
96Involuntary Convulsion
Tempus Edax Rerums
Permanent Damage
98Gastrorrexis/Visceral Decay/Sanguinary Execution/Rotten on G
Sutured Bleeding Wounds
99Amputated Genitals
Family Bloodbath
1009th Plague
Apocatastasis Reversed
101Trust Me I'm A Doctor
Removing Your Existence
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