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What Are Your Fav Video Games***?

Self-explanatory. I mean your all-time faves. Not in any particular order. These are mine. Not ganes. Sorry lol
1Keiichi Okabe
Nier Automata Original Soundtrack

game rules, the music rules, the world building is pristine, the character development rules, the melee combat rules and the on rail shooter segments are to die for. still gotta get all those endings tho. *anime sweating*
2Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy VII: Original Soundtrack

yeah yeah yeah, I love iii, iv, vi, ix, viii, x, xii and v (these are the ones i've played the most) BUT vii was my first. as i grew older in my teen years i wanted to go back and play the ps1 games I missed out on as an infant who had her parents pick her games out for her. i played ff vii originally when it came out on psn around 2009. I was in early highschool and the aesthetic, the character design, the battle system and the MUSIC all grabbed me. i never finished it until 10 years later. grown ass college lady finally getting to beat ff vii hurray. my gf saw me cry when it all ended, ugh it was a rollercoaster. But hey! Gold chocobo rules! Knights of the round + mimic = big oof.
3Yu Miyake
Katamari Fortissimo Damacy

I've wanted to play this game for so long. Finally got to this year and damn, it's a fantastic little trip. A game I can just relax in...while feeling chaotic catharsis. the music is phenomenal. The way humans scream in this game is...awesome. Lol
4Ryo Nagamatsu
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Origina

Yeah. This is every bit as good as Link to the Past. Playing them side by side, I say this one edges it out by a little bit due to quality of life stuff, beautiful orchestrated ost, etc. Both perfect games, but I enjoy this one a liiiiitle more.
5Koichi Sugiyama
Dragon Quest VIII Original Soundtrack

Fuck this game's composer. Amazing game tho. May change as I play other DQ games cuz V is amazing. This game's story is very down to Earth. The characters, their growth and the banther, it's all home-runs. The Toriyama designs really lend themselves to this cell-shaded polygonal style. The 3DS version is thw definitive version, tbh. The lack of the orchestrated OST is a miss, but beyond that the quality of life improvements really push this game to greater heights. I was over-leveled by the time I beat Rhapthorne. Those king metal slimes really do wonders for your endgame!
6Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka

This game will forever hold an immense place in my heart...much like ff vii. This game made me want to be with my parents by the end of it..even if they don't accept my queerness. Oh, well. Who needs parents when you got this amazing ost?! Ugh another game with perfect world building. The battle system is good ol' dragon quest goodness but with roller hp thingy. This saves you when bosses say "fuck this, die bish" and then you beat em and oof, you survive. I explained that terribly, but whatevs, it owns. This game has the BEST ending out of any game btw. Play this. New 3DS, SNES mini, Wii U, whateverrrr just do it.
7Soundtrack (Video Game)
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

Best classic-vania. Second is Bloodlines. Third is Super IV, but R I C H T E R takes the cake. One of the easier games in the series so it's a great way to start (if you have a ps4 or a wii with the japanese version...or a psp...or a japanese turbo duo...or the exe...idk...) point is THIS GAME should be on Switch yesterday. Do it Konami.
8Soundtrack (Video Game)
Xenoblade OST

oof* found it

Anywho, amazing game. Have yet to finish it tho lol I just love walking in this world more than most open world rpgs tbh. The music rules. Battle system is fun af. Story is pretty basic by the point i'm in...but the overall package is nothing short of tripple stacked thicc vegan smoothie. aka good?!
9David Wise
Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack

Best 2D mascot platformer next, dixie kong for smash
10Yasunori Mitsuda
Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version

I am forever stuck at lavos lol nah, just gotta grind a little

Probably the best battle system? Nah, one of the best tho. Plus toriyama.
11Yuka Tsujiyoko
Tetris Attack (Panel de Pon)

Best puzzle game. As SnesDrunk said: the videogame equivalent to Xanax. Lol
12Soundtrack (Video Game)
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

This, Rival Schools and Mark of the Wolves are prolly my fav fighters but i've yet to actually sit down and play those properly...so yeah...love this game to death. I'm a Chun Li main and I suck at everyone else lol pretty casual tbh
13Danny Baranowsky
Crypt of the Necrodancer OST

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh zelda/mystery dungeon roguelike with music rhythm gameplayyyy ahhhhh it's so good
14Christopher Larkin
Hollow Knight

have yet to beat this game oof, so many good games on my switch tho :[
15Koji Kondo
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask OST

dark spooky Zelda fuck yeah, the mask mechanic is really fun, BUNNY HOOD SHOULD BE IN EVERY GAME ugh...i'm tired. Anywho, beaten this game many times on different systems (including og hardware) that's just how dedicated i was to it for many of my late teen years. love every single part of this game.. The timer, the day to day loop, the side quests, the npcs!!!!!!, the cut scenes...the bosses!!! The puzzles, especially late game puzzles, the creepy atmosphere... Idk just the perfect 3D Zelda package. Breath of the Wild is really good tho.....
16Hiroki Kikuta
Secret of Mana: OST

Yeah yeah yeah "action rpgs are inherently bad" lol you suck BRO. anywho, game's beautiful, I'd argue SD3 is better but I have yet to fully play that, gonna soon on Switch as Trials of Mana. Anywho, this game just makes me happy. The combat is like chunky peanut butter, yet the world is like living ontop of Venasaur's flower with some Ghibli thrown in there for good measure. Make sense? Well it should. Collection of Mana is the best game on Switch hands down. Will forever love the Mana games. Even the bad PS2 ones lol Hope they remake LEGEND after TRIALS. Trials looks do goooooooooood ughhhhhhhh my tits hurt cuz it looks so good
17Junichi Masuda
Pokemon Gold & Silver OST

It was so hard...to choose between Crystal (Gen 2) or BW2 (Gen 5). Both my two absolute favorite generations of Pokémon, mechanically and story-wise. But hey, Gen 2 was my first official Pokémon.
18Mick Gordon

Not the biggest shooter gal out there, but this game really won me when it came out. Love it to death. It's basically a 3D platformer with guns. I have played the og Doom/II but not enough to form a concise opinion on 'em. Wanna get into them, tho.
19Soundtrack (Video Game)
Bayonetta 2

Finally added both Bayonetta OSTs into the database! Oof. Both two of my all-time favorite games...but 2 is slightly better imo. I know, I know...the final boss fight in 1 is spectacular...but 2 is the better package for my tastes. The fighting was polished in the most significant of ways, it just feels faster and snappier now. The QTE sections were improved GREATLY. The soundtrack...ugh, it's porn. The cover of fucking Moon River, people. Anywho, this is Platinum's best game yet. I love Bayo1, Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish, but this one takes the fucking cake. I cannot wait for Bayo3. Astral Chain looks good. Prolly gonna play that later down the line after DQ11 and Link's Awakening...etc.
20Jessica Jane

Just released my Earthbound remix compilation yesterday. Go check it out.

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