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2017 Resume

List of stuff I listened to this year, and what I thought of it. Ranges from widely-discussed releases to stuff I had to add to the database myself.
1Upper Wilds
Guitar Module 2017

Noise rock

A maelstrom of overdriven guitar, thunderous drums and layered vocals, Upper Wilds' debut was the biggest surprise of the year for me. Guitar Module 2017 serves up heaps of balls-out energy and bombast, but Dan Friel's ear for infectious melodies keeps the whole thing from feeling too impenetrable. Listen to this album, and listen to it loud.

BEST TRACKS: Roy Sullivan, Chainsaw, UFO
2The Mountain Goats

Indie jazz?

Holy shit, I've been sleeping on the Mountain Goats HARD. John Darnielle is a master of the kind of bookish, introverted alt-rock I grew up loving and still do, and this album, while slightly unconventional musically, made for a great introduction to the band. Darnielle's lovingly detailed portraits of the 80s Goth scene are a joy to get lost in, and the mellow, jazzy instrumentation makes the whole thing go down smooth.

BEST TRACKS: Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds, Rain in Soho, Unicorn Tolerance
3Brand New
Science Fiction


What can I say about this album that hasn't already been said? It's great- not perfect, not better than TDAGARIM, but still great. Jesse Lacey may be a POS but damn if he can't write great songs.

BEST TRACKS: 137, In the Water, 451
4death's dynamic shroud.wmv
Heavy Black Heart


I became a huge fan of vaporwave this year, and this is some of the best I've heard yet. Heavy Black Heart uses glossy, colorful production and a massive array of seamlessly integrated samples to build on vaporwave's quirks and idiosyncrasies and create something that truly transcends the genre's meme origins.

BEST TRACKS: Life Should Be Easy, Tell Me Your Secret, South God Queen
5Super Thief

Noise rock/post-hardcore

Half an hour of raw, noisy aggression, bolstered by a ridiculously tight rhythm section.

BEST TRACKS: Sheepsquid, Ms. Wakefield, New No. 1
6Canker Blossom
In Space

Pop punk

I've had a huge soft spot for Canker Blossom since I discovered them on Reverbnation in high school. While I was disappointed that their move to local label Snubbed Records didn't result in any kind of increase in production quality (The drums actually sound worse here than on their 2 self-released albums), their signature brand of catchy, down-to-earth pop punk is still fully intact, and some subtle additions to their sound- some synths here and there, more full-sounding group vocals, etc- kept In Space from feeling like a total stagnation.

BEST TRACKS: High School Cheerleader, Vermont, Dipshit
Emperor of Sand

Heavy Metal

Love it or hate it, you can't deny that Emperor of Sand is a Mastodon album.

BEST TRACKS: Steambreather, Jaguar God, Word to the Wise
Sleep Machine

Indie pop

Great little slice of 80-influenced indie pop, I dig how all the tracks flow into each other and how cohesive the whole thing is.

BEST TRACKS: Lazarus, Working Stiff, Right Now
9King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

Prog/psych rock

This would probably place higher on the list but I haven't really had time to fully digest it yet. It's just so trippy & groovy and strange and awesome.

BEST TRACKS: Crumbling Castle, Horology, The Castle in the Air
10The Flaming Lips
Oczy Mlody


One of the Lips' most inconsistent offerings to date, this album has some very nice dreamy, creamy psychedelia to offer, but given the dizzying heights Coyne and co. have reached in the past, Oczy's overall pleasantness comes off as a bit of a letdown.

BEST TRACKS: The Castle, We a Famly, How??
The Iceberg


Wow, I did not listen to much hip-hop this year... This was p good though, the intelligent lyricism and smooth instrumentals make it an easy listen, despite the array of difficult topics Oddisee discusses here.

BEST TRACKS: You Grew Up, Things, NNGE
Coitus Interruptus

Pop Punk

Okay, so this band is pretty much Nerf Herder, but slightly more focused on the D&D/Harry Potter/LotR brand of nerdiness. If the fact that this album has a song called "Wingardium Levio-Shut Up" makes you want to listen to this, chances are you'll dig it, but anyone not already acquainted with the stuff they're referencing might be left a little cold.

BEST TRACKS: Remodeled Dungeon, Dumped By Your Cleric


The instrumentation on this album is very sparse, but it's made up for by sublime vocal arrangements and quality pop songcraft. It's basically like if Lorde was 2 American sorority girls.

BEST TRACKS: Father, Kai's Song
14The Luxembourg Signal
Blue Field

Dream Pop

Eminently enjoyable shoegaze-y dream pop.

BEST TRACKS: Fall Feeling, Laura Palmer, Atomic No. 10
15Walk the Moon
What If Nothing

Indie Pop

Overall, a decent pop album. I think "One Foot" might be my favorite WtM song to date. Most of the other tracks hover somewhere around "fine".

BEST TRACKS: One Foot, Kamikaze
16Tupper Ware Remix Party


Yay for synthy '80s-fetishism! s/o to Dino Jones for reccing me this

BEST TRACKS: Body Image, Ladyworld
17Bed Wettin' Bad Boys


At its best, sounds like The Replacements at their peak. At its worst, sounds like they're ripping off The Replacements at their peak.

BEST TRACKS: Plastic Tears, Stunned, Victoria
18Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile to the Surface


This album asks the question "How good can a generic indie album be while still remaining a generic indie album?". The answer, it turns out, is quite.

BEST TRACKS: The Grocery, Lead SD
Trouble Maker


butcherboy said it best: "It’s nothing they haven’t done before and done considerably better. And given that their halcyon days are rounding the twenty-year mark, that’s as inspired as one can reasonably expect Rancid to sound today."

BEST TRACK: Ghost of a Chance
The Blood of Gods

Hard rock/metal

Surprise surprise, GWAR without Dave Brockie (RIP) isn't as good as GWAR with Dave Brockie (RIP). But the good news is that, non-ironic surprise surprise, returning Slave Pit veteran Mike Bishop has a decent voice for hammy, Motorhead-style rawk 'n' roll. Shame they still seem to be trying to be a thrashy comedy metal band half the time.

BEST TRACKS: Viking Death Machine, I'll Be Your Monster
21Arcade Fire
Everything Now

Indie disco

I would pay good money to ensure I never have to hear "Chemistry" again for the rest of my life.

BEST TRACKS: Creature Comfort, Infinite Content


Feels more like a collection of unreleased tracks Damon Albarn produced, and occasionally sang on, for other artists than a Gorillaz album proper. Sure, it has its 'momentz' (and how could it not, with a tracklist that long?), but overall this is the first time a Gorillaz album has been exactly as unfocused and scattershot as its list of collaborators makes it sound.

BEST TRACKS: Let Me Out, Saturnz Barz, She's My Collar
23Foster the People
Sacred Hearts Club

Indie pop

I enjoyed FtP's first two albums more than most of y'all did, and even I can't find much to like about this one. (it also doesn't help that they abandoned the cool art style of their first two albums in favor of hip-looking photos of themselves standing in a hallway)

BEST TRACKS: Lotus Eater, Static Space Lover
24Lil Pump
Lil Pump


Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang
25Maroon 5
Red Pill Blues


I'm 1ing all their albums until they change their name to accurately reflect how many members are actually in the band. Oh and also because I feel pretty confident in assuming their albums will continue to be as dogshit as this one is.
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