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Rec me classics (dedes version)

I will not even lie-this is a blatant ripoff of Asleep's list, which I believe is a fantastic idea. The difference here however is that I don't plan on having "winners" of sorts, unless of course by popular demand you guys want a top 10 (if this even gains any traction at all). The rules? There are none. Rec me an album I haven't heard that you consider a real C L A S S I C, and i'll jam it, give my opinion, and then I will give you a signed copy of my debut noise rock/indie jazz album. Have fun my friends.
Like an Ever Flowing Stream

Any genre is game my boys, any genre.
2Today Is the Day

Griff stop giving me so many good rec's first Warning now this?
Man this album is absolutely insane. Their are moments of unhinged, animalistic aggression which often transition into parts that are much more graceful and psyched- out, making the whole experience very unsettling. This album is the soundtrack to a generally sweet young boy coming unglued and murdering his family. What also amazes me about this record is while retaining a perfectly executed atmosphere, it has some awesome hooks as well, with riffs that fuckin groove and really intriguing drum patterns, which is of course paired by what is (in my opinion) the star of this record- the vocals. They're is a massive level of diversity that evoke both feelings of bliss and feelings of terror, through some very well used soft- loud dynamics. 4.7/5.

4 Frederic Chopin
Nocturne 13, Op.48

5Bad Religion
No Control

Thanks for the rec Dctarga!

This was an extremely fun ride and mostly what I expected based on my (limited) experience with Bad Religion. It's charged with fuzzy punk riffs, melodic vocal hooks and speedy drum fills. Everything is concise and everything has its place on this album, which is great. It is mildly unfortunate just how short this album actually is (clocking in at 26 minutes), but I would certainly rather a short burst of intensity than an album drawn out past its due. 4.2/5.
Evil Invaders

Dikko Zinner
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

Adolf Christ

I feel like what I have for this record is more of an appreciation rather than an enjoyment. It does a wonderful job juxtaposing soft- loud dynamics, with quaint, fragile singing and clashing chaotic horns resplendent off of this album, but I still felt a slight disconnect here. I can see why one might love this, but for now I just found this a pleasant listen. 3.4/5.

Would a stale cigarette butt suffice?
I'm going to make two statements about this record. 1)- this is not what I expected. Being a person completely uneducated in harsh noise/pe/industrial (that whole supergroup) I didn't know what I could expect. My second statement, before I get into how I feel about this, is that I do understand why someone could enjoy this. Perhaps it allows some people to zone out and relax, and so I think it'd be unfair to see this through a traditional musical lense. That being said, the only reeling I got from this was, well, nothing. Maybe it is through this "nothing" some people can mellow out, but to me this felt like one hour or just another sound. 2.5/5.
Different Class


Hm, i'm having a difficult time deciding what I think of this album. While being simultaneously fun and soothing it also comes across as campy and almost a bit irritating. The breathy vox off of "Common People" come across as tryhard sexy while also being a nice fun bit of flair. There are many examples of such duality off this album so I won't list all of them, but overall I am left with a feeling of being unsure after listening to this album. Over time it might grown on me/off me, but for now i'm thinking 2.8/5.


I really digged the blend of classic doom riffs and haunting, gothic keyboards here. It creates a cool mix of straight up headbanging metal and decrepit atmospheres that makes this one of the most interesting things ive heard in awhile. Honestly, it's just a badass record mixing goth beauty and hammering riffs into one package. 4.5/5.
11Ghost Atlas
Gold Soul Coma

Rec by Steakbyrnes

This ruled. It's passionate, has some dramatic flair from some hella good vox, and...I guess that's all I have to say. It's just fun, powerful post-hardcore. 3.8/5
12And Also The Trees
(Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man


This was a smooth, enjoyable ride. It was dark, bold and hypnotic and was an album I could really just drift away with. I suppose the con to an album like this I don't remember specific sections very well, but honestly this album probably works much better as a cohesive experience. 4.2/5.
13Virgin Steele
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Part II


man this was a fun, wild ride. This album is rife with guitar shreds and a plethora of stupidly catchy guitar riffs which are layered with magnificent synth/keyboard. While it's obvious the guitar work was the real show stopper on this album, one cannot discredit the vocals either, with their valiant war-cries (albeit rather cheesy even so). There isn't really much to dissect about this album- It's prime-cut classic metal, which depending on your fondness of the genre as a whole, can be a good thing or a meh thing. For me however, 4.3/5. Edit-3.7/5. The cheesiness started to grate on me a bit.
14The Chariot
Long Live


This album really makes an entrance. From the surge of slamming chords and bloodcurdling wails one can literally FEEL the walls caving in around them. Seriously, this is hardcore with a message, and that message is simple-fuck you. This album both runs along with haste ala batshit vocals and rampant drumming/riffage as well as prodding along with some of the sludgiest, heaviest riffs i've heard. This is all I could want from hardcore. 4.5/5.
15James Taylor
James Taylor

I promise you drifter I WILL check Snoop Dogg tho
16The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

I was really pleasantly surprised by this. The album has a whole was incredibly warm and made me feel like I was traveling the vast expanse of a lucid dream. The vocals are soothing and feeble, like the warm flow of a dying candlelight, and the various instrumentation (namely that wondrous acoustic) provide the perfect backing to this. There were some small slip ups, i.e the rather awkward disjointed section in "I felt my size" (and to be honest I'm not sure what the point of 6 minutes of fuzz near the end was) but otherwise this album was fantastic. 4.4/5. Edit-5/5. Probably one of the most harrowing and emotional albums I've heard.
17Three 6 Mafia
Mystic Stylez

(I believe I heard one track from this and I didn't quite love but hell lets hope this is something I dig.)

It took me a bit to let down my barriers past this one. I don't know what it is I have against excessively violent lyrics in rap, but they tend to really turn me off. I think that could be because I've often seen the genre as a way to really make lyrics matter, to send a message. I started to realize however that the words only have the value I give them, and suddenly this album became a lot more fun. Dark, haunting, silly as fuck. Honestly, this is just a lot of dumb fun. Live By Yo Rep as one of the most wonderfully eerie beats I've heard, and songs like Big Bizness just go in hard. This is great. 4/5.
18Typhoon (USA-OR)
White Lighter

19Gigantic Brain
I Swallow 16 Red Planets


Man, this just...doesn't work. There are atmospheres that sound like you are floating boundlessly through the vast emptiness of space, which are swiftly dashed by moments of sheer aggression that seem forced, hell sometimes even silly (Pet That Kitty? Really?). All of this is topped off by the fact that there aren't really any song structures or an structure to the entire album. The cool atmosphere's just aren't enough to save this one i'm afraid. 2.4/5.
20Bear vs. Shark


This was fun and eclectic and I can certainly see why you chose it (definitely a drummers choice cut, eh?). This album was wild and joyous, between bouncing guitar riffs and hardcore shouts and spits of fury. Passionate and fun. What more could I ask for? 3.8/5.
21The Crimson Armada

Betray (I really wanna listen to this tbh)

Chugs. Arpeggios. Blast beats. Fills that would make your mother cry. Vocals that sound like a fucking Minotaur bellowing fury. But the most important thing of all is this- it slaps dick. 4.1/5.
Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler

Thanks for the rec Ovrot you glorious fucker

Dude, this was bloody gorgeous. Everything just melted into this perfect dreamy haze and there were more than a few moments where I got totally lost in this record. The sweeping acoustics, hypnotic choircs and clean vocals and that cold, traditional black metal riffage filled every second of this album with sweet, sweet beauty. Hell, even the bass had a nice thick tone to it which allowed the record to resonate a bit more and feel more full. None of this of course is to leave out the drumming or vocals, the former having a killer drum fill in the beginning that sets the pace perfectly while the latter (whilst hardly being "versatile") is the perfect, whisper-like rasp an album like this deserves. Whilst when dissected each instrument certainly more than impresses, I do think that it is how everything comes together that makes this a glorious goddamn record. 4.8/5, probably a 5 idk.
23Count to Altek
Imodius Forms: Millenium Flux

Where am I
24Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

Thank you my man Marsbro!

I loved this. There is an unparalleled level of seething anger that bites from vicious shouts, dissonant guitar riffs and an insanely pummeling drum performance, all within a more progressive context. Moments of ambiance and beauty offset the sheer aggression as does the winding nature of most of the songs. There are seldom moments with this album dissapoints (I do wish that heavy "breakdown" lasted beyond a mere second in "Marasm", but I digress), and many moments where this album seems like a crackling light ready to burst from the seams of a pitch-dark enclosure. It's a perfect mix of post-metal and hardcore. 4.5/5.
Edit- 5/5. Everything is so perfectly balanced and interlocked here and I also think I just found my new second favorite drummer.
25Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

26Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Henry's Dream


This is such a midwestern-esque romp and i adore it. There's a lot of grit and an immense sense of energy throughout, broken only by the occasional ballad. Honestly I just want to shoot up a fucking saloon rn 4.4/5
Neon Ballroom


Silverchair revels in eclectism and diversity off this record. There are somber, nearly-hushed songs and absolutely vicious (by contemporary rock standards) bangers. There are instruments that make surprise appearances as well (that flute was the weirdest most incredible thing), only adding to the unpredictable nature of this album. As for the vocals, they seemed to range from graceful and melodic to angry and gritty, making each track have its own sort of emotion. I went in expecting decent grunge, and wound up with a melting pot of styles that works in a surprisingly cohesive manner instead. 3.9/5.
28Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

Rec by ZombieToyDuck

This is far from the band that released emo-tinged pop rock single "Semi-Charmed Life" ain't it? There's a diverse range of emotions displayed here, ranging from life-threatening sadness to the recollecting of fond (albeit hazy) memories. There are some rather dark subject matters that are crooned or sung with barely a whisper for a voice, or perhaps they are screamed in sudden outbursts. No matter which of these is chosen, there is an undeniable sense of honesty rawness and passion that permeates this album, which is equally due to some stellar guitar work (the guitar riffs off this album seriously are heart-melting and WILL make you flutter). The record starts off in an anthemic outburst with "Losing A Whole Year" and ends with the perfect heartbroken acoustic ballads on "Motorcycle Drive-By" and "God of Wine" (the former may very well be my favorite track off this album). I could rant for awhile about this but since i've reached my comment count, 4.6/5.
29The Avalanches
Since I Left You

Another great rec here Friv :)
I love the hybrid of gorgeous, chill vibes and bouncy dance beats on this record. They blend seamlessly and yet they create such a vast contrast of emotions on this record. There are both moments of serenity and moments of tremendous crescendos, all of which constitute of electronic renditions of older styles of music. This is really fun and unique and I can definitely see myself chillin' out to this. 4.6/5
30The Mountain Goats
Get Lonely

Snox/Astral Abortis

This was quite elegant. It's nothing that struck me as particularly amazing but I always appreciate an album that I can just zone out to, that's minimalistic and straight-forward in its approach. The guitar work was light and airy and the occasional piano was a perfect embellishment to this record. A tad monotonous, but overall lovely. 3.7/5.
31Of Machines
As If Everything Was Held In Place


Shit, not really what I expected but still fuckin' ace. This is kind of typical "modern scene metalcore" but delivered with a passion and intensity that most bands wish they could match. The screams are ferocious and the clean vocals are imbued with a powerful sense of passion, which is only further complimented by some hefty riffs and drum patterns. What I also loved was how each track perfectly segued into one another, making the album blend seamlessly together. Yeah, this is that fucking good. 4.3/5.
32Brian Eno
Another Green World

I quiet enjoyed this. It's such a serene record, often carrying me about it's songs off to distant green meadows where the sun dances upon grass blades, and where everything is warm and peaceful. When this isnt happening it shows a more abstract (and apparently bass laden) side, that can only be described as charmingly enigmatic. Oh also, that solo on St.Elmo's fire =nut. 4.2/5.
33Bruce Springsteen
Born To Run

34Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

(Ill add this in because I will probably keep putting off listening to Snoop otherwise)
35My Bloody Valentine

(I missed this one apparently???)

I love how wonderfully light and playful this while still remaining at least somewhat serious. It kicks off a bit weird, distorted and incredibly hazy but seems to mellow out more as time passes, until by the final track it feels like the whole album just passed me by. It's bright and vibrant and immensely charming, also it does become a bit like background noise towards the last track or two. 4.1/5.
36Fire! Orchestra

(And this one???????????????????????)
Back To Times of Splendor

38The Brave Little Abacus
Just Got Back From the Discomfort - It's Alright

"You hate everyone. Do you know either everyone is either a moron, a creep, or a poser? Why do you suddenly care about everyone's opinion of you? Because i'm shallow, ok? I want them to like me". This. Fucking. This. I have never resonated with anything this much before. I always find myself dwelling on a general hatred of people, trying to convince myself that there is no reason for me to care about their thoughts on me, and yet when I even feel like they might be negative? I worry, I fight off a panic. This album really strikes a personal spot for me, and in addition, it's just beautiful in its own unique way. The mix of wily, eclectic electronic bits, raw and passionate singing, and warm brass makes for an incredibly soothing listen. The way this album blends together a plethora of sounds and instruments while making them seem so cohesive is astonishing, and is probably one of the reasons this album is so perfect. This is a 4.7/5 for now but honestly this could be a 5.
39Say Anything
...Is a Real Boy

This is a fun, quirky, honest mess of an album. I feel like I could get raging drunk and spout out the lyrics to songs like "I Want to Know Your Plans" or "Admit It!" in the most obnoxious of manners and not care. There's a distinct sense of honesty in this album that few pop punk records can capture, as well as an impressive ability to be incredibly fun while remaining very real and grounded. 4.2/5.
Natural Elements

This is the most dizzying, whirring album I have heard. So much happens between the rapid fire percussion and strings plucked so fast they'd make Obscura cry. There are also moments of respite where you can peacefully zone out to, creating an amazing contrast. Overall, this was a beautiful listen that also showed me just how wondrous Indian music could be. 4.4/5.
41Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

Rigma aka big rig

This is odd, for better or for worse. Its hazy and largely unperturbed, in spite of how chaotic the sax can sometimes be. It's definitely a good, chill album, however I do feel like some of the spoken word is really out of place and rather silly. Still, I dig this. 3.6/5.

also Drifter

I really enjoyed this. There's a mix of hardcore bite, soft indie rock and undertones of emo that make an eclectic album that has both raw intensity and moments of soft- spokenness. Also those distorted riffs straight up rock. 4/5.
43Mercy Blow
Secondhand Suffering

44Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

Ocean of Noise

This brings the duns, and it brings them hard. It's seething with rage and yet when its seems are bursting it retains an ability to remain composed (in a mild sense, of course). There's also plenty of badass drum fills and oh yeah it duns hard. Seriously, ive never heard an album that masters chugging breakdowns like this album does. Bloody crushing. 4.7/5.
Far Away from the Sun

Big dumb idiot (blackwaterpork)
46Talking Heads
Remain in Light

An Age Among Them

48Dream On Dreamer

Also Steakbyrnes
49Woe, Is Me

50Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship

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