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Neek's 2017 To-Cram List

List of albums I have to get done by the end of the year because idk year-end lists and such.
1Tyler, the Creator
Flower Boy

Initial reaction: 3.9/5
Right off the bat I was blown away by how lush yet dark this album sounded. There's a lot of depth and maturity to the soundscape here, and it's just a goddamn impressive hip-hop album. One problem I definitely had on first listen was its drop in quality after the first half, which was due to sticking to more traditional hip-hop concepts and sounds opposed to the dense uniqueness that started everything else. We'll see how it holds up on future listens.

Favorite Songs: "Where This Flower Blooms" "Who Dat Boy"
Least Favorite Song: "Droppin' Seeds"
2Elder (USA-MA)
Reflections of a Floating World

Initial reaction: 4.1/5
This is some great, great stuff. While the vocals are lacking compared to the mastery of the rest of the music, they seem to be aware of this and mostly stick to lush and constantly evolving soundscapes. It's hard to pin down good songs from bad ones due to the extended and drawn-out nature of most of the compositions (which is a much better word than songs), but a few clearly stand out such as the gorgeous "The Falling Veil" and the repetitious but ever-building climax of "Sonntag." Idk, this is just a massively enjoyable album and I recommend it to anyone out there. I have a feeling it's gonna just keep growing on me.

Favorite Compositions: "The Falling Veil" "Sonntag"
Least Favorite Composition: "Staving Off Truth"

Initial Reaction: 3.9/5
Melodrama is a far better and more mature effort than her overrated debut. There’s something absolutely captivating about this album, even while it may delve into some irritating pop cliches, it’s almost always made up for by a brilliant variety of soundscapes and a deep and heartfelt atmosphere throughout. This is what all pop music should sound like, gorgeous, inspirational, artful, and surprising in all the best ways. Still, I can’t help but feeling that there’s more to be found here. Let’s just say I can’t wait for whatever she cooks up next, cause I’ll be that it’s going to be even better.

Favorite Songs: “Sober II” “Hard Feelings/Loveless” “The Louvre”
Least Favorite Song: “Supercut” (even though the outro is incredible)

(For those interested Pure Heroine was like a 3.1)

Just curious as all hell tbh.
Saturation 2

Somewhere, Deadly is smiling down on me

Idk it's short and I'm interested in it as a companion to Lemonade.
8Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile to the Surface

Cuz Sowing won't stop
9Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun

Friend of mine showed me one song of hers and I'm hooked.
10Gang of Youths
Go Farther in Lightness

Sowing [2]
11Vince Staples
Big Fish Theory

Probably should check this yeah?
12Lana Del Rey
Lust For Life

And this?
All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

Idk this sounded interesting to me
14The War on Drugs
A Deeper Understanding

maybe yeh
15Phoebe Bridgers
Stranger in the Alps

Initial Reaction: 4.1/5
A deep and haunted album filled with gorgeous melodies and yearning vocals. The atmosphere of yearning couple with promienent but subtle country influences reminded me a lot of country/folk singer Shawn Colvin's A Few Small Repairs (an album near and dear to my heart), so that definitely had some pull on me. Aside from a couple songs that didn't really stand out from the pack, I'm confident that they'll warm up to me eventually. Just a great, great folk album for this day and age.

Favorite Songs: "Scott Street" "Smoke Signals"
Least Favorite Song: "Chelsea"
16Fleet Foxes

Initial Reaction: 4.1/5
It's like they took all the most interesting and serene moments from their last two albums and threw them all together here. I honestly really enjoyed this one even though I had a hard time getting into the previous two's blend of old-timey folk and the atmospheric lush landscapes of modern folk, but I'm glad that this time they most just stuck to the latter. Even though the sound is quite different this time around, it still sounds very much like Fleet Foxes, which I'm sure is good for their fans. Still, the more different it sounded, the more I enjoyed it. The vocals still bothered me in parts and the second half wasn't quite as captivating, but what can you do?

Favorite Songs: "Third of May / Odaigahara" " Mearcstapa"
Least Favorite Song: "On Another Ocean (January/June)"
Relatives In Descent

Initial reaction: 4.0/5
This is one of those albums that starts off strong, then just ends up being peaks and valleys of quality throughout. But overall, this was a great first listen. The album seems strongly divided into two types of songs, ones that push the boundary of post-punk into more creative and rambunctious territory, and others that stick close to the basic formulas of the genre. You can guess which I preferred more.

Favorite Songs: "The Chuckler" "A Private Understanding"
Least Favorite Song: "Caitriona"
18Benjamin Clementine
I Tell A Fly

Initial Reaction: 3.7/5
Well, this certainly was an interesting one. A strange blend of genres from all over the map, I Tell a Fly was at its best when it was switching up audience expectations and distorting them into something aggressively listenable. However, there was a noticeable dip in quality in the second half that decreased steadily, with the closer ranking the lowest on the quality spectrum. Many of these songs simply toyed with a sound or two before becoming tired and restless, at their best, they were admittedly fascinating and fun. At their worst? Downright annoying. Overall though, it's hard to dislike such an enjoyable and unique treat (no pun intended).

Favorite Songs: "God Save the Jungle" "Phantom of Aleppoville"
Least Favorite Song: "Ave Dreamer"
19Chino Amobi

20The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

Happy Freedom

22The Murlocs
Old Locomotive

Dark Days + Canapés

24Snoop Dogg
Neva Left

This better be better than Blue Carpet
25Ariel Pink
Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

26Everything Everything
A Fever Dream


Initial reaction: 3.9/5
A lovely slice of shoegaze and dream pop, this was simply just a pleasant listen. While at first it was little more than that, it eventually found its footing and delivered an exceptional 1-2-3 punch that added new textures and ideas to its already established formulas. The female vocals here were great too, adding a lot to what could've been formless and indistinguishable from other bands like the Silversun Pickups. But yes, just like any other album this was at its best when trying new things such as the hip-hop beat of "Half-Figured" or the electronic flavoring in "Jennifer." I hope to enjoy this one much more down the road.

Favorite Songs: "Jennifer" "Take it Slow" "Shoulders"
Least Favorite Song: "Lucky Girl"

Initial Reaction: 3.2/5
Maybe it's just the shit-ass mood I'm in right now, but I couldn't really get into this. There's definitely something alluring about the hazy atmosphere and sultry female vocals, but it just didn't all gel together into a memorable album for me. This definitely has room to grow for me, and I'm not giving up on it yet, it just didn't move me in all the ways I'd hoped it would.

Favorite Songs: "Buffalo" "Make You Pay"
Least Favorite Song: "Blooming"
29Hazel English
Just Give In / Never Going Home

The Budgester

As You Please

Initial Reaction: 4.2/5
Okay, so I really like this one. Like I REALLY liked it. There's something instantly warm and familiar about the sound here, and yet I can't pinpoint where I've heard it. It's catchy and thought-out without seeming copied and contrived, and it manages to at once be surprising and unpredictable yet smooth and pleasant to the ear. Idk man, maybe I'm thinking to hard about this, but all I know is that I enjoyed this the most out of anything so far, so good on you Deadly, and thanks for the rec!

Favorite Songs: "Discrete Routine" "Flowerchild"
Least Favorite Song: "World"
32Sorority Noise
You're Not As ____ As You Think

Initial Reaction: 4.0/5
Really really good album here, solid melodies with tracks that grew and changed throughout their relatively short runtimes. I really wish some of the songs lasted longer actually, it felt like some of them could use some breathing room and weren't used to their fullest extent; it's no coincidence the best song is also the longest here. Regardless though, this was a lovely sounding album that I can see myself jamming time and again thanks to it's easy, bright sound and digestible length. You're killing it so far Zombie ;)

Favorite Songs: "Leave the Fan On" "A Portrait Of" "A Better Sun"
Least Favorite Song: "Where Are You"
Sleep Machine

Initial Reaction: 3.4/5
Sleep Machine kicked off to a great start with a startling concoction of different genres and sounds. It all comes together very professionally, and I was surprised by the low amount of ratings these guys have. The short EP manages to still fit 10 tracks within, and they all blend cohesively and smoothly despite all the craziness going on. One major thing that bothered me (especially towards the end of the album) is the poppy, repetitious nature of some of the tracks like "We Can Sleep When We Die" and "Right Now." This actually reminded me of a bit more rock-influenced version of Dino's rec, so you two should definitely jam each other's recs.

Favorite Songs: "Lazarus" "Manic"
Least Favorite Song: "Right Now"
34death's dynamic shroud.wmv
Heavy Black Heart

35The Smith Street Band
More Scared of You Than You Are of Me

36Harry Styles
Harry Styles
Beautiful Trauma
The Assassination of Julius Caesar

But I really wanna jam the rest first... this may have to wait
39Tupper Ware Remix Party

Dino Jones
Initial reaction: 3.3/5
While this didn't astound me on first listen, TWRP succeeded in provided a fun if not wholly original atmosphere of funky electronics and poppy vocals. Some songs succeeded more than others, but it ends on a surprisingly strong note and I'm glad they decided to keep this to an EP-length release as the M83's "Junk" meets SEGA Genesis-soundtrack vibe most definitely would've gotten old if it had lasted must longer. That being said, I could see this growing on me a lot, but just as easily could see it growing tired on repeated listens.

Favorite Songs: "Foor Bar" "Built 4 Love"
Least Favorite Song: "Body Image"

His music confused the shit out of me live, gotta see what that's all about I guess
Para Quienes Aún Viven

Initial Reaction: 3.6/5
There's something deeply spiritual and moving to this album, and I can't quite seem to place it. Perhaps it's the twisting and meshing of cultures, or the deep and world-weary (almost to a fault) vocals. In the end however, I found it a little difficult to get into. It might've been that some of the compositions didn't quite deserve their length or that there really wasn't too much here I hadn't heard before. But in the end, the positive moments such as the interlude "Interrogatorio" or the haunted, aching climax of "El Grito del Padre" vastly outweigh the faults this album may have.

Favorite Songs: "Interrogatorio" "El Grito Del Padre"
Least Favorite Song: "Canción de E"
The Dusk in Us

The Future in Whose Eyes?

44Taylor Swift

45Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked at Me

A fren rec'd this
46Trisomie 21
Elegance Never Dies

Strange Peace

48Public Service Broadcasting
Every Valley

49Upper Wilds
Guitar Module 2017


Initial Reaction: 3.7/5
Despite only having the relatively short length of an EP, Alter is successful in building a heavy and throbbing atmosphere of thick distortion and repetitive riffs. This becomes the most entrancing yet harmful element to the effort's greatness, as while it's uniquely rock-hard for the genre, it refuses to deviate from the course set by the first track. That isn't to say that there aren't a few highlights thanks to the anguished and echoing vocals and clever musicianship, but it does make for a somewhat frustrating listen that something so short can still seem so monotonous at times.

Favorite Songs: "False Mirror" "The Storm"
Least Favorite Song: "Pendulum"
51Secret Shine
There Is Only Now

Molten Young Lovers

Burial Songs

(he said I didn't have to do all of these but I'll try)
More Life

Initial Reaction: 2.8/5
Despite a very rough start in "Free Smoke," I daresay I enjoyed the majority of this. The tracks feature swampy beats and an assured direction even if he can't execute them as far as his ambitions might hope. Also, the album is helplessly redundant and in both the sound of the songs and just in terms of the sheer amount of tracks present. It's sad to think how much better this album would be with 12 or 15 tracks instead of 22. Overall I would say this is at least an improvement over Views due to its consistency, but it fails to capture my attention much otherwise.

Favorite Songs: "Passionfruit" "KMT"
Least Favorite Song: "Free Smoke"
55Big K.R.I.T.
4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

I need to stop adding shit
56The Menzingers
After the Party

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