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RULES: A sister-competition to the "Con VS Unique Emo Crown". Three competitors rec 30 albums, 1 at a time, to 3 judges. A new round of recs will be presented once all three judges have finished rating/listening to both albums. This will continue until a total of 30 albums will be presented, 10 from each competitor. Winner will be determined by the highest AVG but tie breaker will be whoever had the best rec and each judge gets 1 vote for that. ____JUDGES: Conmaniac, neekafat_____ COMPETITORS: UniqueUniverse, Tyler.,teamster_____ EMO COMPETITION:
1Have a Nice Life
The Unnatural World


Tyler will pick ONE from Unique’s original three recs
Unique will pick ONE from Teamster’s original three recs
Teamster will pick ONE from Tyler’s original three recs

....and finally, these final recs count TRIPLE!!!
2The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

Tyler's rec (originally Unique's)

Con: The Smiths have always been a band that I’ve attempted to get into yet never instantly loved. While I know and appreciate some of their highlights, I have never been compelled to check them out any further than the famous singles. Listening to The Queen is Dead in a way affirmed my opinions of the band, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the album. Sometimes the album slightly misses due to inherent straightforwardness, but when it hits that stride between simplicity and evocative it is truly brilliant. I Know It’s Over hits this stride brilliantly, as well as Cemetry Gates as both simply dwell within this sadly beautiful melodies and guitar lines. Not all tracks succeed like these, however, as the bumbling, strangely waltz-esque tracks like Vicar in a Tutu and Frankly, Mr. Shankly are simply kinda boring.
3The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

Con (Cont'd):
There is a Light That Never Goes Out is the most beautiful track I’ve heard in awhile though, so despite its faults this album is still very enjoyable. 3.7/5
4The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

Neeka: I was pleasantly surprised by this, not because of any sort of negative reaction I’ve heard about them, but because of my previous reception to so-called “classics” that have been recommended to us over the course of this competition. However, I can proudly say that I really, really enjoyed this album. It’s got a very consistent sound (almost, but not quite, to the point of my nemesis redundancy), with some straightforward but exceptionally melodic guitar work. I can’t think of many other albums in which an acoustic guitar sounds quite as good as it does here. It’s really just a crazy likable album, maybe not something that’s a classic for me, but rather something I can understand its classic status for others. 4.1/5
5The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead

Neeka (Cont'd)
Track Ratings: The Queen is Dead: 8.5, Frankly, Mister Shankly: 7.5, I Know It’s Over: 8, Never Had No One Ever: 8.5, Cemetery Gates: 8, Bigmouth Strikes Again: 9, The Boy with the Thorn in His Side: 8, Vicar in a Tutu: 8, There Is a Light that Never Goes Out: 8, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others: 8.5 (AVG: 8.20)
6The Frozen Autumn
Emotional Screening Device

Unique's rec (originally teamster's)

Con: I must say, I listened to this more times than I care to admit considering how indifferent I am towards the effort. While musically The Frozen Autumn consistently shine within the cold, bitterness of winter, the methods they utilize are stale and frozen in time. This thing sounds incredibly dated, as if the band is stuck within an 80s glacial freeze, yet instead of attempting to thaw their way out they continually add to their icy graves. Admittedly, I am being a bit harsh but this album sadly encapsulates everything I dislike about the genre while giving me barely anything original to grasp onto. Unfortunately I like what I like and this is not among that spectrum. 2.6/5
7The Frozen Autumn
Emotional Screening Device

Neeka: The Frozen Autumn feature a unique blend of straight-up 80s influence and modern techniques and production. I was blown away by the uniqueness of the sound on first listen, but it’s hard to ignore the extremely long song lengths and overarching redundancy that greatly diminishes the effectiveness of songs like “Is Everything Real?” and the title track. Still, the dual vocal approach adds a fair amount of diversity to the otherwise very sonically-similar tracks. The female vocals especially shine, sounding like a gorgeous post-punk reincarnation of Stevie Nicks, while the male vocals are solid but a bit generic even for the genre. Overall, I really enjoyed this album’s sound and can see myself jamming it in the future, even if it did grow off of me considerably from first listen. 3.8/5
8The Frozen Autumn
Emotional Screening Device

Neeka (Cont'd)
Track Listing: Second Sight (D): 8.5, Silence Is Talking: 8.5, When You Are Sad: 7.5, Wintertag: 7.5, Is Everything Real?: 7, Precious Lives: 8, Emotional Screening Device: 7.5, Verdancy Price: 8, Sperm Like Honey: 7.5, Freon Heart, Fayence Mind: 7.5, Second Sight (A): 8 (AVG: 7.77)
Turn on the Bright Lights

teamster's rec (originally Tyler's)

Con: I was thoroughly impressed with this album as it turns through twinkly, moody instrumentals and brooding post punk vocals. For an album that was made in the early 2000s it feels very refreshed, like a modernized post punk outfit. The first half of this album trudges its way through alt rock that is colored with a grey, sickly feeling. By the time Stella comes around the album is extremely tired and downtrodden, leaving the last couple of tracks room to breathe and snore. Although the second half lacks that twinge of life, it’s the highlights like Obstacle 1, NYC, and PDA that brazenly blasts through their own disappointments and failures. It's a record I kinda adore despite my general indifference towards this band, so this being the winner was definitely a surprise. 4/5
Turn on the Bright Lights

Neeka: In many ways, Turn on the Bright Lights features a perfect condensation of everything I’ve learned to expect from post-punk. It’s got a glistening deep atmosphere, oppressive guitars, and punishing fuzz, all which add up to probably the most post-punk album I’ve ever heard. Despite this, it’s hard to deny the quality and uniqueness of the album’s sound, it may take a lot of cues, but it’s adept blend of melody and scope makes it stand squarely on it’s own, perhaps evidenced best in the late album track “Roland.” This isn’t to say it’s a perfect record, far from it in fact. It can come off as a bit repetitive, the vocals are a bit monotone, and at it’s worst they do sort of sound like a Strokes cover band at times. Also, the best song on the album is so good that it seems like half the other songs are just pointlessly trying to capture that spirit, and do so completely unsuccessfully.
Turn on the Bright Lights

Neeka (Cont'd)
But yeah, credit where it’s due: this album really is great, and it grew on me the more I thought about it. 4.1/5

Track Ratings: Untitled: 8 Obstacle 1: 9, NYC: 7.5, PDA: 8.5, Say Hello to the Angels: 7.5, Hands Away: 8.5, Obstacle 2: 8, Stella was a diver and she was always down: 8, Roland: 8.5, The New: 8.5, Leif Erickson: 8 (AVG: 8.19)
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