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Neek's First Listen: Foo Fighters' "Concrete & Gold"
1Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Oh well that was unexpected. Was kinda expected a big-ass guitar crunch or something. This is pretty nice thoug—OH SHIT THERE WE GO. Okay well, wasn;t sure if they were gonna keep it the same throughout the short run time but this is still really nice sounding despite the volume. Wish this was a lot longer but I really liked that.
2Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Okay, that fade was awesome. Man I loved this song when it first came out and hearing it coupled with that opener makes me very happy, they compliment each other very nicely. I still love how those guitars tear into the song and the pounding drums mimic an almost tribal sound. Song’s pretty fuckin’ savage tbh. This heavy but melodic sound I feel is something that the Foo Fighters do extraordinarily well for their genre, but they don’t really utilize it as much as they should. Is this version a bit longer than the single/music video one? Maybe a slightly different mix? This song is an absolute jam tho.
3Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Make it Right
Liking these transitions, that was pretty nice too. Ooh damn that guitar is playful, I’m getting an almost country-rock sound from this one for some reason. The drums seem more pronounced on this album than on any of their other releases. That chorus is a little cringey but I think the verses make up for it. Yeah that riff is awesome. Got a little bit of a blues sound there too, it’s definitely a new sound for them, and the choruses are growing on me. Hearing a little QotSA here maybe, which wouldn’t be a surprise at all given Homme’s influence on him in the past. Yeah this song’s kinda all over the place sonically and it works better than you’d think even if it is the weakest offering so far, it’s definitely the most interesting.
4Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

The Sky Is a Neighborhood
Alright y’all were shitting all over this song but I think it sounds pretty awesome. It’s got a unique vibe to it from the rest of their music, definitely with some blues-gospel influences that sound surprisingly natural for them, especially in the context of this album. And that chorus (post-chorus?) is awesome, idgaf. I might even like this better on here than when I first heard it as a single, shit. Guitar sounds really cool on here. Man I’m vibing with this, I don’t have any shame for liking this either, you guys are just wrong sorry. God that fucking outro.
5Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

La Dee Da
Oh, okay, hello politics. Weren’t really expecting you here but go ahead. Weird-ass guitar sound here too, this is definitely the most ah…. not… generic sound that I’ve heard from them this far in their career honestly. I’ve always thought that even though I really like some of their stuff they’ve always been kinda “bland rock.” But this is definitely, despite some wonky execution, their most out-there album. And that can only be a good thing. Loving the heavy choruses on this thing, this album is even heavier than Wasting Light easily. Cool little guitar solo. There’s so many goddamn sounds in this thing I feel like my ears are gonna implode omg it’s great.
6Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Dirty Water
Oh well okay that’s a pretty guitar sound you got there Mr. Grohl. How long are you gonna keep it in your pants before this explodes into some hard rock anthem? Okay, maybe not. Liking those female vocalizations. Dude this has a cool sound, I wasn’t intending on digging this album this much honestly but here we are. Oh shit well there we go with the heavy, but it lasted longer than I expected honestly and it works way better than I thought it would. If anything it adds to it, fuck. Man this is funky, okay. This should be really repetitive and annoying, but it isn’t. I feel like this album is Grohl really coming into his own as a musician rather than just reworking old sounds, this sounds like he’s really making his own statement and style and it’s great fun to hear. Good shit, Dave my dude.
7Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Okay, cool sound there. I kinda like that vocal melody but at the same time it’s a bit samey sounding, like I’ve heard it on another track by them I can’t place. This build up is pretty intense tho, too bad it ended in a kinda flat end to the crescendo. Chorus isn’t that great either. Well this seems like a perfectly good and serviceable track but compared to the rest we may have found our first weak link. It’s a fun listen honestly, it just sounds the least inspired compared to the rest of the songs here.
8Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
Okay, some nice little acoustic stuff here. I’m getting kind of a Beatles vibe here. Almost an acoustic-Green-Day kinda thing going on here too. It’s pretty honestly, I’m liking those strings teasing in the background. Not sure how I feel about it quite yet, it’s kinda just doing it’s own thing without too much direction in mind. Oh SHIT that’s nice, idk if that’s the bridge or whatever but it sounded super good, fuck. Yeah this is a really nice track if a little distant and unsure, idk, words.
9Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Sunday Rain
Okay that’s nice. Apparently McCartney did the drums to this one which is cool. And that guitar sound is nice, great atmosphere so far. Oh shit, and Hawkins is singing I guess! He’s got a pretty cool voice, I can’t recall if he’s sung any of their other stuff but I really like him on this. This is a really moody, dreamy sounding song, didn’t think the Foos were ever capable of creating something so layered and deep sonically. Very impressed with this song and the album. It’s got a kind of classic/prog-rock vibe to it. It’s like they’re really playing with their sound here and having a blast. Man, I can’t even imagine what their next album’s gonna be like. Man another two minutes left and we got a cool jam going on, please just continue to jam for the remainder. Dude Hawkins really should sing more Foo Fighters stuff, his voice really matches this song well, it was a good choice to have him sing it.
10Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

The Line
Oh no, basic Grohl singings. Oh but that guitar sounds so gooooooood ugh. The guitar and drums are like in top form on this album and Grohl even has a lot of personality, what’s not to like honestly. This is one of the most friendly sounding songs on here, but it worst pretty well I think. It’s not mind-blowing but it’s an enjoyable track to say the least. So apparently this album was made with a pop producer like QotSA’s new album, which I honestly couldn’t have guessed. This is easily their most dense and interesting release like ever.
11Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Concrete and Gold
Okay well that’s pretty sinister sounding there. Got that menacing guitar and murmuring vocals, not sure where they’re going but I’m probably gonna like it. Okay, we got some big scope going on here now but I still feel like it’s a bit aimless. I like it though of course. Okay, some spacey guitar going on now. That’s really cool, fuck. Yeah I like the sound of this song but I still really feel like they could’ve done more with it given the style of it all. Kinda Pink Floydian honestly, I dig it. Okay well I think the songs over but there’s still a minute of song left. Maybe some guitar warbling? Feedback/distortion? Just silence? Okay that works too. LOLOLOL okay that wait was worth it.
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