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First Listen: LP's "One More Light"

Goddammit. Same as before, let me know your thoughts or if you enjoyed the write up, as lengthy and angry as it may be.
1Linkin Park
One More Light

Nobody Can Save Me: FUCK. We had to start right into like that huh? I was gonna give this the benefit of the doubt but that just killed any last hope I had for this album. Oh well. Vocals are shit. Alright, this atmospheric stuff isn’t too bad, digging the acoustic guitar in the background. FUCK is this the chorus? Is this how it’s gonna be? Decent, chill choruses and then shit-ass dubstep autotuned whatever-the-fuck that is? At least this has a decent melody here and there to give a bit of a boost. Oh my god this should have been over a minute ago, this chorus is not worth repeating three times. 3.5+/10
2Linkin Park
One More Light

Good Goodbye: At best, that last track made this tone-deaf single sound just a little bit better. God I forgot how generic this rap was, Drake might as well be on this. Trying to figure out whether the chorus or the rapping is more generic right now. Fuck those chipmunk vocals. Holy goddamn balls I can’t believe how done I am with this album and I’m not even two full songs in. This better be the worst one on the album. 3-/10
3Linkin Park
One More Light

I’ve never been so happy to hear Spotify commercials to give me a moment of rest.

Talking to Myself: Well, that’s… different. At the least I’m intrigued by that guitar thing. But Chester’s generic-ass vocals that have been on everything so far are clouding up everything right now. Oh my god can we please have some other focus than his voice. Okay, his melodies may suck but that chorus is actually kinda rad. I wish they had something else decent to back it up. The “Yeah I know!” part’s pretty okay even. Bridge… save this song, please. That’ll do for now. This one wasn’t that bad actually. THAT ACOUSTIC OUTRO SHOULD’VE BEEN LONGER. 5+/10
4Linkin Park
One More Light

Battle Symphony: Time for another generic single hooray. Opening is generic as usual. Vocals generic as usual. Instrumentation is barely existent as usual. This album puts way too much focus on his voice and these lyrics. They’re easily the most uninspired they’ve ever written, but they act like it’s pure poetry, and it really makes them look like fools. Bridge doesn’t suck, can’t believe I’m using that as a complement for this song. Wait… are those actual instruments? Jk, they were just there to create a false sense of growth into the boring-ass chorus. 3.5+/10
5Linkin Park
One More Light

Invisible: I’ve heard of stacking your singles in the front of the album, but three singles in a row in the middle of the album? Idk, I don’t care anymore. Oh hey, Mike you still exist? I forgot you were a part of the band at this point. To be fair, his voice does add some diversity to the track. It doesn’t really fit the pop genre, but it definitely works in a different sort of way. At the least it’s a good break from Chester’s annoying ass voice. Goddamn I loved this band, like almost too much. Every album of their’s I actually really enjoyed. Who else can say that? But this is just such a heap of crap. Is my ranting getting too off topic? I’m just waiting for the song to be over. Almost there. That piano’s kinda nice. Oh, we’re done I guess. 5-/10
6Linkin Park
One More Light

Heavy: I’ve heard this song probably too many times trying to find merit in it, and honestly it’s probably the best of the singles they’ve put out so far. Her voice works really well with the genre (at least 900% better than his does) and it adds a lot of variety to the song. The chorus really isn’t bad, just incredibly generic. And he crams way to many syllables in that opening verse. Is that even a verse? If it is, is there only one verse in this song? Is this just one gigantic extended chorus? Holy fuck, it’s like the perfect pop monster. 5+/10
7Linkin Park
One More Light

Sorry For Now: No you’re not. You’re not sorry one bit. Oh, a second Mike song? That’s unexpected. I don’t really get what they’re trying to do here. This sounds exactly like everything else either on this album or on the radio. It isn’t a single, so why make it sound like one? Is it just filler? It sure sounds like they’re putting emphasis into it. That’s probably the saddest thing about this album so far. It genuinely feels like they CARE so much about this album, like they really want it to be good and that they want people to like it, not just sell a bunch of ‘em and make a lot of money. For the life of me I do not understand it. “There will be a day that you will understand.” Heh. I sure hope so Mike. For now I’m just disappointed in you guys. 2.5+/10
8Linkin Park
One More Light

Halfway Right: GodDAMN I thought it was Heavy playing again for a second, this is literally just a carbon copy now. I swear I’ve heard every effect on this song somewhere else in the album.

(BREAK, called my girlfriend)

Hey this isn’t so bad, the melody sound kinda nice and his vocals have more inflection on them then the earlier ones. That gentle guitar in the background is decent too. Those “nahnahnahs” are almost okay too. This song does feel a bit more dynamic than a lot of the earlier songs, even though its very derivative of them. Wait were those bells? I swear, all of these songs have something net hiding behind the clumsy and loud production. 4.5-/10
9Linkin Park
One More Light

One More Light: Okay… not bad actually. Very subtle and gentle instrumentation. Light guitars, quiet reverb, even some solid vocals from Chester. There hasn’t even been a stupid drumbeat that came in after the first verse to signal another bombastic chorus. Is this all its gonna be? A relaxing little ballad to balance out all the bullshittery and symbolize actual maturation and not just pop crap? Just gonna let it sit here and listen. Mmmmmmm that bridge is nice. Those guitars are very atmospheric, I’m really digging the tone of this one actually. This kinda feels like what the album could’ve been. 7-/10
10Linkin Park
One More Light

Sharp Edges: Jesus fuck is this gonna be two solid ones in a row? Just some nice guitars and a bouncy rhythm and… wait, are those synths threatening? Okay right now there’s an uneasy marriage of the two but it can work if they don’t push it too far. This one is pretty alright too so far, I’m genuinely surprised that they managed to pull this out of their ass so last minute. Damn, well it’s definitely repetitive and I’m not sure how it would hold up on another album, but here it’s definitely one of the best ones, and it serves as an actually decent ending to an otherwise just plain bad album. 6.5+/10
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