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Perfect Gaming Music

A list of some of my favourite music to crank while gaming, which makes for rperfect companion rrrrrrpieces. It's not that the original in-game music is bad rper se, I just like to change it up revery rrrrrnow and then. Plus it makes for rsome epic and unforgettable moments.
Welcome To Sky Valley

Game: Red Dead Redemption on Ps3/Xbox360. A perfect album to crank while riding
horseback across sunset vistas in the Wild West. Especially Space Cadet.
2Murder by Death
Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?

Ok two games here, Gun for Ps2 and Red Dead Redemption Ps3 both have that western
feel which is complemented by this album. The concept of the devil coming to a
western town and infecting the town with alcoholism and adultery suits the mood
of both games perfectly, especially Gun. Such an under-rated game.
3Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Murder Ballads

Game: Gun Ps2 again, this album is actually a placeholder for The Proposition movie
soundtrack, written and scored by Nick Cave...if you haven't heard of or seen the
Proposition movie, it is set in the Australian outback in the 1800's and is one of the most under-
rated "Western" movies ever made.
4The Devin Townsend Project

Game: Okami for Wii. A simply beautiful game, made even more so with this album
playing in the background. the songs "Feather", "Fly" and "Infinite Ocean" in
particular suit the game well.
5Edge Of Sanity

Game: Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I expect to be flamed for this choice, but hear me
out. The whole Ganondorf backstory of how he is the only male born in the Gerudo
race every 1000 years or whatever, is eerily similar to the concept behind this epic
album from Dan Swano. Of course, the music is far better suited to Adult Link,
especially as you descend upon Ganon's castle and defeat Ganon. 40 minutes of epic win.
Blood Fire Death

Game: God Of War 1 Ps2. One of my top 5 games of all time is not lacking in terms
of sheer epic gameplay. What it does sometimes lack though, is epic music to
match it. Enter Bathory's Blood Fire Death. Kraaaaatossssss!
7Amon Amarth
Versus the World

Game: God of War 2 Ps2. In reality, I could pick any Amon Amarth album and it
would get the job done, but I chose Versus the World for one song only. Death In
Fire. Simply put, cranking this song while facing off in the final battle with Ares is
100x times more epic.
8Darkest Hour
Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation

Game: God of War 3 Ps3. This may seem like an odd choice, but ignore this album
except for one track. The 13 minute monolith that is "Veritas, Aequitas".
Simply epic to listen to as you progress through this game, preferably during those
awesome FMV cut scenes that pop up every now and then.
9Orphaned Land
Mabool (The Story of the Three Sons...)

Game: Prince of Persia trilogy on Ps2. A fantastic trilogy of games, with it's unique
fighting system and awesome visuals. The music in Warrior Within was actually
played by Godsmack (yuck) which made me wonder if only they chose a better
band. Enter Orphaned Land "Mabool", an album which has lost it's power over time
sadly but was still awesome to crank while playing the Prince.
10Iron Maiden

Prince of Persia Ps3. Another classic album that serves as a great backdrop for the
Prince of Persia, with it's arabic and egyptian themes. "Tell me why I have to beee a Powerslaaaave!"

Game: Metroid Prime Gamecube. One of the best 3D games ever made, Metroid
Prime is a game of beautiful sparse landscapes and a real sense of exploration and
urgency, which is made even better by listening to Burst's "Origo". Songs like "The
Immateria" "Flight's End" and "It Comes Into View" sound perfect as you descend
upon the icy landscape of Phendrana Drifts or the amazing Tallon Overworld.
The Sham Mirrors

Game: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. One of the best 3D sequels ever made, this game is
a little more claustrophobic than it's predecessor. Playing songs like "Star Crossed" and "For to end yet again" in the background
while playing this game sounds amazing. Especially the middle section of the latter, with it's amazing cascading piano work.
13Dark Tranquillity
Damage Done

Game: Perfect Dark N64. Ahh the memories. 4 player multiplayer with Laptop guns
and the Sniper Rocket thing. The single player mode of this game was no less
brilliant and I used to crank this album while playing Perfect Dark. Songs like "Hours Passed In Exile" and
"Cathode Ray Sunshine" with their futuristic keys suit this game really well.
14The Mars Volta
De-Loused in the Comatorium

Game: Perfect Dark N64. Again, this may seem like an odd choice but I used to
listen to this album while playing Perfect Dark and it put me in the mood. Songs like
Roulette Dares and Inertiatic Esp match the game quite well.

Game: Goldeneye 007 N64. The legendary game that gave us AR33 sniper rifles, Poison Knifes and RCP130's had some of the
best gameplay ever and the music wasn't too bad either. I used to love playing tracks like "Spybreak" and of course "On Her
Majesty's Secret Service" while playing this game, just to add to the experience of being James Bond. Who can forget "History
Repeating" too? Under-rated album.
The Shape of Punk to Come

Game: No More Heroes Wii. No More Heroes is an edgy game of punkish attitude,
and no better album to suit that mood than Refused's 1998 classic.

Game: Mad World Wii. The Wii isn't renowned for it's brutal games being a family
console with shit like Animal Crossing. And then Mad World came along and ripped
the Wii a new arsehole. So with the word brutal in mind, what better album to play
than Meshuggah's Chaosphere as you rack up a ridiculous body count in the chaos sphere of Mad World.

Game: Shadow Of The Colossus Ps2. Honestly, this game is great the way it is, and
it's absence of any real music is what makes it such a unique experience. However,
I have played segments of Black Rose Immortal, Advent, and a few tracks from Orchid and it makes for a unique experience.
Another album that goes well with this game is Ulver's folk album "Kveldssanger", but only during the scenes where the
protagonist (forget his name) is in the cathedral/church thing with his fallen lover. Definitely not during the epic colossus
Perdition City

Game: L.A Noire ps3 was a great game made even better by the smoky, noirish
sounds of Ulver's Perdition City. Key tracks "Lost In Moments", "Porn Piece" and
"Tomorrow Never Knows"
The Directors Cut

Games: Resident Evil 1 & 2 PsOne (!!) The original two Resident Evil games still send a little
shiver up my spine with the tense and chilling atmosphere, made even creepier by
playing some songs from Fantomas Directors Cut.
21Dead Can Dance

Game: Final Fantasy X Ps2. Totally forgot about this one, but for a time I used to listen to a mix of Dead Can Dance while
playing Final Fantasy X particularly songs like Xavier, Summoning of the Muse, Mephisto and Song of Sybill. They suit the game
nicely particularly during those FMV cut scenes with Yuna and the Aeons.
22Koji Kondo
The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony

Games, Zelda 1, 2, ALTTP, L.A, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess,
Skyward Sword. Of all these games I own, I would often try and match up the
orchestrated version of some themes to hear how much better the orchestra is
versus the midi music of the earlier games. Wow. Dynamic surround sound and
Zelda orchestra = epic.
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