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Madkungfu's Essential Kung Fu Flicks

20 Kung Fu movies that are definitely worth your time along with that most ressential kung fu raffilliated hip-hop group.....the Yin-Yang Twins! List is rloosely ranked by album and film
Liquid Swords

Enter The Dragon - Bruce Lee's finest hour and the genesis of the popularity of
kung fu films here in the states. Here you get to see one of the greatest martial
arts legends of all time in some of the best choreographed fight scenes ever
commited to film. The guy wasn't half bad at acting either.
2Wu-Tang Clan
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin - One of the classic martial arts films of the 70s.
While there's a boring civil war element to the plot, the journey of the protagonist
as he becomes a master of each of the 36 chambers of Shaolin is pretty goddamn
inspiring to watch. The film also features masterly choreography and one of the
most kickass protagonists ever in Chia Hui Liu
3Ghostface Killah
Supreme Clientele

Master Of The Flying Guillotine - Abandon any preconceptions of reality when
watching this film. With a one-armed kung fu master protagonist, an Indian yoga
fighter who can stretch his arms to about 8 feet in length to a deceptive japanese
fighter with hidden tonfa blades to the titular flying guillotine; a weapon so
spectacularly brutal that you don't even notice how ridiculous it is, this movie is
over the top kickass madness. The film's a ridiculously cheesy awesome joy to
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Drunken Master - This is the film that put Jackie Chan on the map in Hong Kong,
and it's not hard to see why. Combining frantic action choreography with the
slapstick humor that would become Jackie's trademark, this is the story of an
arrogant young fighter who goes through the training from hell courtesy of his
uncle, only to learn that his secret fighting style only works when drunk. The humor
really hasn't aged well, and the slapstick is made a bit out of place by some pretty
grim violence, but the fight scenes are excellent and it's Jackie Chan doing what
he's always done best.
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt II

Police Story - Probably Jackie Chan's greatest film and a real triumph of kung-fu
cinema. Chan plays a nice guy cop who has to protect a witness from a crime boss
after being framed for the murder of a corrupt cop. I really can't do the fight
scenes justice in words so just see for yourself:
6Ghostface Killah

The One-Armed Swordsman - The top martial arts film of the 60's this was an
extremely influential film in it's time, in terms of storytelling and choreography. While
the action scenes are pretty dated, and there is some slightly cheesy gore, this is
a very bleak, dramatic film with some real touching moments and some fairly good
7Method Man

The Raid: Redemption - Have you ever watched a John Woo movie and thought
"Y'know, this has too much plot. We should have some more action in there"?
Technically not a kung-fu movie, but one of the most balls out insane action movies
ever comitted to film. One of the most brutal, exhilirating martial arts films in recent
8Wu-tang Clan
Wu-Tang Forever

Ip Man - One of the modern classics of the genre. Fantastic fight scenes and some
heart wrenching drama in this loose adaptation of the story of the man who ended
up being Bruce Lee's instructor. It's set around the Sino-Japanese war so you know
things are going to get pretty grim.
9 Ol' Dirty Bastard
Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

Iron Monkey - Basically a Chinese adaptation of Robin Hood. Some great effects for
The Man With The Iron Fists

Five Fingers Of Death - The first kung fu film to really break big in the states, this
film was also one of the first to use the "rival schools in a tournament" plot. Also,
note the soundtrack sample that was used in Kill Bill.
Beneath The Surface

Fist of Legend - One of Jet Li's darkest and most serious films, this also takes place
during the Japanese occupation of China. There's a good revenge element to this
film, as well as a couple fairly sympathetic Japanese characters, which is rare for a
Chinese film. Jet Li has some of his most direct and brutal fight scenes of his career
in this film.
Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang

Magnificent Butcher - Like many of the older kung fu films, pretty cheesy in places
but some incredibly fast paced choreography and a pretty damn decent story make
up for it. The fight scenes really are top notch here, if only the sound effects
weren't so bad...
13Masta Killa
No Said Date

Cripple Avengers
14Masta Killa
Made In Brooklyn

Come Drink With Me
15 Ol' Dirty Bastard
Nigga Please

Once Upon A Time In China
16Inspectah Deck
Uncontrolled Substance

The Chinese Connection
17Wu-Tang Clan
The W

Tai Chi Master
18Ghostface Killah
Apollo Kids

The Prodigal Son
holy shit fuck dubs
19 Ying Yang Twins
Me & My Brother

The Legend

Have Sword Will Travel
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