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New Smash Bros. Most Wanted Characters

Since the new Smash Bros. is probably coming out at the end of the year, and they'll probably being showing off new characters at E3 this year give me your most wanted characters for the game. Here are mine

Travis Touchdown: Holy fuck No More Heroes is like the only awesome M rated
hardcore game on the wii, and this dude has a fucking beam sword and does
wrestling moves and shit, do I need to say more?

Banjo-Kazooie: OK this is not going to happen because Microsoft owns Rare right
now, and even though they're doing nothing with Rare they aren't going to let the
competition have em either

Female Pokemon Trainer with Gen 5 or 6 Pokemon: Smash Bros. have a serious
lack of female characters and this would be an easy addition that makes sense

Knuckles: OK so Sonic fans are the worst, and on every Smash Bros. characters
thread on the internet you'll find them suggesting every damn Sonic character
(even ones from Sonic 06 like really) but all that aside Knuckles would be cool, way
better than fucking Shadow which is just a pallet swap of Sonic
Owen (the ep)

Final Fantasy I-VI character: These games were 2nd party Nintendo games when
they came out so why not. It would be cool to see Cecil or Kain, or even just a
generic black mage or something. Or maybe a red mage who can use a sword and

Bomberman: The director of the game said he wanted to include classic Nintendo
franchise characters in the new game, so how about fucking Bomberman
No Good For No One Now

Megaman: here's a classic Nintendo franchise as well, and Capcom seems to hate
him now so why not
The Seaside EP

New Nintendo Franchise Character: So apparently Nintendo is working on their first
new major franchise since Pikmin, and it would make sense to include whatever
character is from this game in Smash Bros. if he/she/it fits
I Do Perceive

Bayonetta: So Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive and they desperately need female
characters that are actually fighters so this seems likely to me
At Home With Owen

Wolf Link/Midna: This would be awesome, that is all
New Leaves

Epic Mickey: Why not
Ghost Town

Female Fire Emblem Character: Tons to choose from if you need more female
characters like Lyn or somebody
13Brave Bird
Maybe You, No One Else Worth It

Tom Nook: Here's my idea, he throws fuckin leaves and they turn into random
Animal Crossing furniture and fruit and shit Mr. Game and Watch Style
Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang

Earthworm Jim: Another classic Nintendo franchise
15Choking Victim
No Gods, No Managers

Sora: the director of the game also said he really wants to limit 3rd party
characters to 1 or 2, but come on Sora would fit into the game so easy, and a
Kingdom Hearts level would be legit
16This Will Destroy You
Young Mountain

Paper Mario: Could work, a paper mario level would be swee
17Horse The Band
Desperate Living

Rayman: Would be a cool and unique character
18Mesa Verde
The Old Road

Dragon Quest Hero?: Dragon Quest is fuckin huge in Japan so it's kind of weird that
they haven't included a character yet, I guess they don't really have signature
characters like Final Fantasy so idk
19Off Minor
Some Blood

Krystal: That cunt from that Star Fox game where you're out of the ship, seems
likely, I don't really give a fuck though
20Joie De Vivre
The North End

Lanky Kong: He's an Orangutan with long ass arms and he can walk on his hands
and he's got a trombone and shit I mean come on
21Banner Pilot
Resignation Day

King K Rule: Not enough villains in Smash Bros come on
22David Bowie

Goemon: Another classic Nintendo franchise, hasn't been in anything lately though
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