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04-22Post Animal When I Think of You In a Castle FoozerFan
Amorphis Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes joepiestar
Vox Vocis Star Meissa beachdude
Sting and Shaggy 44/876 DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Kreator Renewal TJPeisker
Kid Rock First Kiss PolyrhythmStew
Demons and Wizards Demons & Wizards houseofclousemusic
Desaparecidos Read Music/Speak Spanish donttakeapicture
Rolodex Darko apoplex TheMonster
04-21TesseracT Sonder Happy2review
A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant Thrust!
Faces on TV Night Funeral ljubinkozivkovic
Inferi Revenant brainmelter
Cancer Bats The Spark That Moves DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Kid Rock Rebel Soul PolyrhythmStew
Greta Van Fleet From the Fires Ripper2020
A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant scarecrow46290
Greta Van Fleet From the Fires Baronessa
Greta Van Fleet From the Fires Holsety
Greta Van Fleet From the Fires TheLongShot
04-20The Mars Volta Frances the Mute TheWalkinDude
The Neighbourhood The Neighbourhood JohnnyBiggs
Biosphere Dropsonde Stratus2
Primus Pork Soda PsychicChris
Roy Orbison Mystery Girl AugustWest1990
A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant DropTune
Melvins Pinkus Abortion Technician Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant PostMesmeric
A Perfect Circle Eat the Elephant STAFF
Black Stone Cherry Family Tree Pagepage250
Sadist Tribe Madbutcher3
Melvins Pinkus Abortion Technician PsychicChris
King Ropes Green Wolverine ljubinkozivkovic
Kid Rock Born Free PolyrhythmStew
Sangre de Muerdago Noite Twilightfern
Remo Drive Pop Music neekafat
Verse Aggression EyeForAnEye
Kimbra Primal Heart Baronessa
04-19TesseracT Sonder STAFF
Iced Earth Horror Show houseofclousemusic
Blue Oyster Cult Club Ninja Batareziz
Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus PolyrhythmStew
Seven Sisters The Cauldron and the Cross 1TUFSS
04-18Max Richter Sleep lordworm00
Frank Sinatra L.A. Is My Lady AugustWest1990
Morgan X Barrie Fall ljubinkozivkovic
Kid Rock Kid Rock PolyrhythmStew
Ashley Tisdale Guilty Pleasure suddykilljaywalkers
04-17Yves Tumor Serpent Music VirtualBlaze
Iced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes houseofclousemusic
Billy Idol Kings And Queens Of The Underground Baronessa
ButchQueen and the Bad Habits Bare Grits ljubinkozivkovic
Kid Rock Cocky PolyrhythmStew
04-16Frank Sinatra The World We Knew AugustWest1990
Cheap Trick Dream Police Batareziz
Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause PolyrhythmStew
Yes Yesshows e210013
Mudvayne Mudvayne Bwgrotha1s
Slum Village Fan-Tas-Tic Vol.1 STAFF
04-15Heaven Shall Burn Wanderer Ponton
Frank Sinatra That's Life AugustWest1990
Iced Earth The Dark Saga houseofclousemusic
Gozu Equilibrium STAFF
Saba Care For Me PistolPete
The Wonder Years Sister Cities UnderoathFan725
Manic Street Preachers Resistance Is Futile STAFF
Secrecy Art In Motion Casavir
Our Place of Worship is Silence With Inexorable Suffering DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Kicking Against The Pricks widowslaugh123
Backyard Mortuary Lure of the Occult ffs
04-14Grateful Dead 30 Trips Around The Sun AugustWest1990
Eels The Deconstruction Hera
Miley Cyrus Younger Now SoccerRiot CONTRIBUTOR
Joan Baez Diamonds and Rust Divaman
Ronny J OMGRONNY Cosmopath
Tinashe Joyride davidwave4
Breaking Benjamin Ember DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Konstriktor Konstrikt Or Die! Allergist
Young Thug Hear No Evil STAFF
Omar LinX M.O.R. Asura14
04-13Iced Earth Burnt Offerings houseofclousemusic
Blood on the Dance Floor Haunted WeepinnWillow
Matt Douglas Affirmation (with Discomfort) robin
mol JORD Chamberbelain CONTRIBUTOR
Frank Sinatra Where Are You? AugustWest1990
Many Rooms There is a Presence Here STAFF
Fenne Lily On Hold stoch8sticity
Henry Cow Western Culture Zig
Johan Pull Up JesperL
Lautreamont Silence of the Deceased STAFF
Kate Fenner Middle Voice ljubinkozivkovic
Seven Sisters Seven Sisters 1TUFSS
Stereophonics Just Enough Education to Perform Batareziz
Sarcofago Hate Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Hinds I Don't Run JerzyNebraska
04-12Manic Street Preachers Resistance Is Futile genocidefish
The Dreadnoughts Polka's Not Dead clavier CONTRIBUTOR
Rocka Rollas Celtic Kings PsychicChris
Prince 3121 AugustWest1990
Many Rooms There is a Presence Here ramon. CONTRIBUTOR
Lack the Low One Eye Closed STAFF
Clowns Bad Blood nigelgrab
The Caretaker Everywhere at the End of Time- Stage 4 Winesburgohio CONTRIBUTOR
Seven Sisters Lost in Time 1TUFSS
Billy Idol Cyberpunk Baronessa
04-11Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour STAFF
Frank Sinatra Point of No Return AugustWest1990
Death By Unga Bunga So Far So Good So Cool Kompys2000
Slade Slayed? Batareziz
Slapp Happy and Henry Cow Desperate Straights Zig
Seven Sisters The Warden 1TUFSS
Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots DropTune
Caliban Elements NocteDominum CONTRIBUTOR
Ryan Hutchens Last Ten Years ljubinkozivkovic
Iced Earth Night of the Stormrider houseofclousemusic
04-10The Wonder Years Sister Cities McTime50
Whale Bones Island Fire Tranqyl
Black Satellite Endless SitarHero
Devin Townsend Project Ghost SoccerRiot CONTRIBUTOR
Witches Moon The Grim Botanical BallsToTheWall
Frank Sinatra Moonlight Sinatra AugustWest1990
Blase Blue Blasé Blue EP VengeanceCactus
Umbrella Bed Rotate ljubinkozivkovic
Woods of Ypres Woods V: Grey Skies and Electric Light MarsKid
Iced Earth Iced Earth houseofclousemusic
04-09Dr. Octagon Moosebumps STAFF
Frank Sinatra Sinatra and Strings AugustWest1990
Panopticon The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness STAFF
Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour robin
Underoath Erase Me Purpose
Hilary Duff Dignity suddykilljaywalkers
Yes Yessongs e210013
Patrick Grant A Sequence of Waves (Twelve Stories and a Dream) ljubinkozivkovic
Mary Beats Jane Locust Divaman
Mudvayne Lost and Found Bwgrotha1s
04-08Reindeer Field Reports From The Western Lands STAFF
Hop Along Bark Your Head Off, Dog STAFF
I/O (US) Anyone, Anywhere MarsKid
Grateful Dead The Closing of Winterland AugustWest1990
Barque of Dante Alchemist Meridiu5
Underoath Erase Me Drubbi
Can Bardd Nature Stays Silent NocteDominum CONTRIBUTOR
Hop Along Bark Your Head Off, Dog Haygoody
Kamelot The Shadow Theory Xenorazr CONTRIBUTOR
04-07Prince Come AugustWest1990
Underoath Erase Me beachdude
Palm Reader Braille Chamberbelain CONTRIBUTOR
The Voidz Virtue Frivolous
04-06Kamelot The Shadow Theory Toondude10
Thirty Seconds To Mars America AgentDeathbat
Cecil Taylor Unit Structures STAFF
Capstan Cultural Divide DropTune
40 Watt Sun Wider than the Sky thurs
Kylie Minogue Golden Alex61
Pain of Salvation In the Passing Light of Day franticj3
Procol Harum Procol Harum Holsety
Spanish Love Songs Schmaltz Soupy
Frank Sinatra Trilogy: Past Present Future AugustWest1990
Cardi B Invasion Of Privacy Baronessa
Powerman 5000 Tonight the Stars Revolt bentheREDfan
Rick Duff High Life AnnieWay
Panopticon The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness SomeGuyDude
Car Seat Headrest Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) ianblxdsoe
Paddy Hanna Frankly, I Mutate DoofusWainwright CONTRIBUTOR
Sloth and Turtle Sloth and Turtle ramon. CONTRIBUTOR
Thirty Seconds To Mars America DrGonzo1937 CONTRIBUTOR
Hot Snakes Jericho Sirens Kompys2000
CZARFACE and MF DOOM Czarface Meets Metal Face VirtualBlaze
04-05Hatred Embraced Suffering of the Holy combustion07
Judicator The Last Emperor PsychicChris
Autopsy Puncturing the Grotesque thurs
Prince One Nite Alone... AugustWest1990
Grateful Dead Go to Heaven AugustWest1990
Mount Eerie A Crow Looked At Me FreddieDelaney31
The Wonder Years Sister Cities brosephmcbrah
04-04The Vexing Grimoire The Vexing Grimoire STAFF
Jack White Boarding House Reach BlownSpeakers
Fickle Friends You Are Someone Else nigelgrab
The Carpenters Close to You Alex61
Primordial Exile Amongst the Ruins NocteDominum CONTRIBUTOR
Benjamin Dean Wilson The Smartest Person in the Room ljubinkozivkovic
Wampyrinacht We Will Be Watching... Casavir
Bladee Eversince AnimalsAsSummit
The Breeders All Nerve BlownSpeakers
My Epic Ultraviolet ahousedivided
04-03The Wonder Years Sister Cities mynameischan
Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour SoccerRiot CONTRIBUTOR
Warm Bodies Warm Bodies butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Heilung LIFA Chamberbelain CONTRIBUTOR
Eliane Radigue Trilogie de la Mort Marehelm
Jasmine Karimova From the Womb ljubinkozivkovic
The Weeknd My Dear Melancholy, STAFF
Jack White Boarding House Reach Pagepage250
04-02CZARFACE and MF DOOM Czarface Meets Metal Face butcherboy CONTRIBUTOR
Hop Along Bark Your Head Off, Dog FreddieDelaney31
Frankie Cosmos Vessel Divaman
Rise Against The Sufferer and the Witness DropTune
Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire Ultimate Songs from the Pit jonie148
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Japan - Tin Drum by undertaker
Metallica - Hardwired... to Self-D by Ikarus14
Kanye West - Graduation by wwf
Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Do by SowingSeas
Queen - Greatest Hits by undertaker
Sleep - Dopesmoker by BigBlob
Kate Bush - Aerial by RikRoach7
3 Years of Boney! by Pheromone
Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii by Darius
Kreator - Extreme Aggression by RippingCor
System of a Down - System of a Down by RippingCor
Black Thread - Meadowlark (Premonitio by rabidfish
Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour by TheLongSho
Kid Rock - First Kiss by RippingCor
Nokturnal Mortum - Verity by zaruyache
The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead by RikRoach7
Dope dark folk jams by budgie
Top 10 Joyce Manor by Snake.
ERRA - Augment by Darius
Massive Attack - Mezzanine by Muppelope
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Diabolical Masquerade - Deaths Design by Hawks
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Grizzly Bear - Horn of Plenty by SandwichBu
Gorguts - From Wisdom to Hate by DePlazz

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