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11-21Moi dix Mois Beyond the Gate SuiStation
11-20Night Flowers Fortune Teller Dewinged CONTRIBUTOR
Nile In Their Darkened Shrines random
11-19CHON CHON Launch
Morbid Angel Covenant Pcrook123
Hizaki Grace Project Maiden Ritual SuiStation
Denner's Inferno In Amber PsychicChris
Slow (BE) VI – Dantalion Nocte CONTRIBUTOR
11-18Esoteric A Pyrrhic Existence Nocte CONTRIBUTOR
Coffin Rot A Monument To The Dead PsychicChris
Caravan For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night e210013
The Stargazer Lilies Occabot Dewinged CONTRIBUTOR
11-17Abigail Williams Walk Beyond The Dark TheNotrap
Winterbreed A Weary Fading Soul TheClansman95
Hammock Silencia STAFF
11-16SebastiAn Thirst granitenotebook CONTRIBUTOR
Nameless Creations Upon God's Call SandwichBubble
Swans Leaving Meaning STAFF
11-15Fall Out Boy Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die – Volume Two Docky
Anna Meredith FIBS SublimeSound
Ludvig Forssell Death Stranding STAFF
Hakushi Hasegawa Air Ni Ni JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
11-14Latitudes Part Island MementoMori
Sturgill Simpson Sound and Fury PsychicChris
11-13Knocked Loose A Different Shade of Blue TakeToYourGuns
FKA Twigs Magdalene STAFF
Big Thief Two Hands JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
11-12Nick Lent The Fog 9Hammer
11-11Great Master Skull and Bones TheClansman95
Sophie Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides Drbebop
Laurie Anderson Mister Heartbreak ArsMoriendi
Funwari-chan with Funwari-chan! Lacedaemonius
Quiet Sun Mainstream e210013
Frank Zappa Jazz From Hell LePsych
Apophis Down in the Valley Source
11-10Counterparts Nothing Left to Love Dedes
Schammasch Hearts of No Light TheNotrap
FKA Twigs Magdalene Funeralopolis
11-09Blink-182 Nine WeepinnWillow
Garoad VA-11 Hall-A Prologue OST Lowlander2
N'Zwaa Maha Kali FLCL
Low Roar ross. STAFF
Blood Incantation Hidden History of the Human Race STAFF
Lapalux Amnioverse Lord(e)Po)))ts
11-08The Script Sunsets and Full Moons Archelirion
Slayer World Painted Blood matthew36
Have a Nice Life Sea of Worry OminousGargoyle
The Great Old Ones Cosmicism linguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR
Hinder Extreme Behavior AlexMichels
Eclipse (SWE) Monumentum Docky
Shin Guard 2020 Twilightfern
11-07Nile Vile Nilotic Rites TheNotrap
Earl Sweatshirt Feet of Clay STAFF
Have a Nice Life Sea of Worry STAFF
11-05Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason rellik009
Great Grandpa Four of Arrows dmathias52
Yeule Serotonin II Aberf
White Reaper You Deserve Love FromDaHood
NoNoNo (JPN) Live fast JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
Rosetta Terra Sola Confessed2005
11-04Khan Space Shanty e210013
Mother's Cake Creation's Finest Platinum572
11-03Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast - Re-Mistressed PumpBoffBag
Ben Kenney Distance and Comfort Kullnes
Mikal Cronin Seeker STAFF
11-02Sofia Sarri Euphoria MementoMori
Squarepusher Do You Know Squarepusher LePsych
Pantera Far Beyond Driven matthew36
Myles Oliver Bring On the Future theYearis1999
11-01Highly Suspect MCID Aerisavion
1349 The Infernal Pathway linguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR
Telescopium Signs of Life JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
Counterparts Nothing Left to Love Winsomniac
Victims Aren't We All Ugly WeepinnWillow
Wilderun Veil of Imagination ramon. CONTRIBUTOR
Thornhill The Dark Pool joshieboy
Fates Warning No Exit matthew36
10-31Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What! matthew36
Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift Madbutcher3
Show Me The Body Dog Whistle hung0ver
Thornhill The Dark Pool Tranqyl
10-30Alcest Spiritual Instinct Nocte CONTRIBUTOR
Swans Leaving Meaning SandwichBubble
10-29Norma Jean All Hail STAFF
Mayhem Daemon TheClansman95
Alcest Spiritual Instinct Scheumke
10-28Crumb Jinx Trifolium
Rimfrost Expedition: Darkness theyrehere
Metallica Kill 'Em All matthew36
Lil Peep Lil Peep Part One ian b
Kanye West Jesus Is King Itwasthatwas
Mayhem Daemon STAFF
10-27Vision Divine When All the Heroes are Dead Meridiu5
Various Artists STUMM433 jonie148
Hour of Penance Misotheism TheNotrap
PVRIS Hallucinations Aerisavion
Fit for an Autopsy The Sea of Tragic Beasts brettgoespunk
Seiko Oomori Tokyo Black Hole JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
10-26Kanye West Jesus Is King Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Saint Asonia Flawed Design STAFF
Botanist Ecosystem dbizzles
SACRED PAWS Run Around the Sun SandwichBubble
10-25Norma Jean All Hail markfromearly
Exhumed Horror TheNotrap
Lion Shepherd III Pratman
The Devil and the Almighty Blues Tre MementoMori
Abscess Horrorhammer DIRTYKUNSTVIDEO
Desert Sessions Volumes 11 and 12 STAFF
Underworld DRIFT Series 1 Sampler Edition Trifolium
10-24Haggard Eppur Si Muove metalhead2425
Madrost The Essence of Time Matches No Flesh DePlazz
Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis Madbutcher3
Deftones White Pony Confessed2005
Common Holly When I say to you Black Lightning neekafat CONTRIBUTOR
10-23Jeff Rosenstock Thanks, Sorry! Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Leprous Pitfalls STAFF
10-22The Bathers Kelvingrove Baby DoofDoof
Uneven Structure Paragon Nocte CONTRIBUTOR
Foals Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2 STAFF
10-21Vukari Aevum tectactoe
Jonsi and Alex Lost and Found STAFF
Jacob Lee Philosophy Aerisavion
Heldon Stand By e210013
BATS Alter Nature hesperus CONTRIBUTOR
10-20Messa Feast for Water MementoMori
Fleshlicker Video For Pleasure Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Mark Lanegan Somebody's Knocking STAFF
Teitanblood The Baneful Choir TheNotrap
10-19Slipknot We Are Not Your Kind Confessed2005
Dream State Primrose Path STAFF
Ray Alder What The Water Wants STAFF
Patrick Watson Wave STAFF
Autechre Confield TheSpaceMan
10-18Black Passage The Veil bloodshy
Thirty Seconds to Mars This Is War STAFF
clipping. There Existed an Addiction to Blood STAFF
Refused War Music Aerisavion
Desolation Realm Desolation Realm dwightfryed
10-17Bayside Interrobang dmathias52
Amen Dunes Freedom Kiran
Metallica The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited dwightfryed
10-16Tim Hecker Radio Amor Trophycase
Throbbing Gristle Part 2: The Endless Not DIRTYKUNSTVIDEO
Daniel Johnston Hi, How Are You STAFF
10-15Mortiferum Disgorged From Psychotic Depths MementoMori
Gulch Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Angel Olsen All Mirrors STAFF
Today Is the Day Kiss the Pig DIRTYKUNSTVIDEO
Suicide Watch Global Warning DIRTYKUNSTVIDEO
Rainbow On Stage dwightfryed
10-14Kadavar (DE) For the Dead Travel Fast linguist2011 CONTRIBUTOR
Metallica Master of Puppets matthew36
Pulsar The Strands of the Future e210013
In Mourning Garden of Storms Nocte CONTRIBUTOR
10-13Aspherium The Embers of Eternity MementoMori
BABYMETAL Metal Galaxy WeepinnWillow
Danny Brown uknowhatimsayin¿ STAFF
Shawn James On the Shoulders of Giants MementoMori
The Devil Wears Prada The Act MrGentleCat
10-12SeeYouSpaceCowboy... The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds counterparts24
We Lost the Sea Triumph and Disaster STAFF
Split End Deep Love JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
Aphex Twin ...I Care Because You Do Drbebop
Lightning Bolt Sonic Citadel SandwichBubble
Campfires Fare Trax Sunnyvale
Waterparks Fandom WeepinnWillow
Waterparks Fandom morbidstuff
10-11Profanatica Rotting Incarnation of God Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Pole 1 Trifolium
10-10SeeYouSpaceCowboy... Songs For The Firing Squad counterparts24
Korn The Nothing ValenDreth
Truckfighters Gravity X DIRTYKUNSTVIDEO
Jimmy Eat World Surviving STAFF
The Mighty Nimbus The Mighty Nimbus DIRTYKUNSTVIDEO
10-09Gatecreeper Deserted TheNotrap
Thaiboy Digital Legendary Member Bloon CONTRIBUTOR
Shijima World's End Relaxation jusplathemus
10-08Carlos Viola Blasphemous (Original Soundtrack) CaliggyJack
Garbage Garbage nomiddlename
10-07John Coltrane Blue World Asura14
Pulsar Pollen e210013
10-06The Eradicator Peak Eradicator SlothcoreSam
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Drbebop
The Menzingers Hello Exile STAFF
Wilco Ode to Joy STAFF
10-05Opeth In Cauda Venenum Pratman
Supercar Three Out Change!! JohnnyoftheWell CONTRIBUTOR
The Darkness Easter Is Cancelled STAFF
Lagwagon Railer STAFF
Kim Petras TURN OFF THE LIGHT dmathias52
10-04KOTO Platonic Planet Archelirion
Kublai Khan TX Absolute brettgoespunk
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Ghosteen STAFF
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy franconia
Wilco Ode to Joy H2okot
Jakub Zytecki Nothing Lasts, Nothing's Lost TundraL5Z
Spotlights Love and Decay bloodshy
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Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood by Titan
Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond The Dark by Concubinar
Pokémon Sword / Shield by Concubinar
Rush - Snakes & Arrows by Titan
Every Time I Die - Low Teens by MrGlass
Iron Maiden - Live After Death by Dewinged
The Stargazer Lilies - Occabot by Dewinged
12 Female-Fronted Bands You'v by JDubb
Marilyn Manson Ranked by JDubb
Cult of Luna - A Dawn to Fear by DDDeftoneD
Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the by Dmax28
The Menzingers - Hello Exile by butt.
Merciless - The Awakening by butt.
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis by Wildcardbi
Soundgarden - Superunknown by TheMightyS
Jesse Leach or Howard Jones? by dbizzles
Highly Suspect - MCID by Wildcardbi
Advice / Love and Relationshi by unclereich
hardcore/post-hardcore/metalc by Uzumaki
Best albums ever created by Johnnyofth
Premier League predictions by Deez
Anata - Under a Stone With No by bloc
Deftones - Koi No Yokan by Valkoor952
Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen by Johnnyofth
Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley by TheMightyS
Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork by Valkoor952
health thread by Relinquish
Esoteric - A Pyrrhic Existence by R4zor3dge
Nivhek - After Its own Death/ W by alamo
Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold by bloc
Playing Enemy - I Was Your City by Supercoolg
Vampire Weekend - Father Of The Bride by Observer
Sunhouse - Crazy on the Weekend by zakalwe
Scorsese is officially my fav by Josh D.
Extol - Synergy by Source
Northlane - Alien by TundraL5Z
Amenra - Mass VI by Sniff
Morton Feldman - String Quartet No. 2 by Winesburgo
La Dispute - Panorama by GreyShadow
La Dispute - Panorama by mrsaturn12
Brand New - The Devil and God Are by DeadBitchA
Steven Wilson - To the Bone by Sabrutin
Baths - Romaplasm by Lord(e)Po)
Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were by BigHans
Sputnik Copypasta by MyNameIsPe
the true best created albums by madrigal30
FKA Twigs - Magdalene by wwf
Norma Jean - All Hail by Danred97
Depeche Mode - Black Celebration by Sabrutin
New Paysage d'Hiver incoming by YungEarnYo
Krypts - Cadaver Circulation by chug73
Tool - Fear Inoculum by DDDeftoneD
luci's songs of 2019 by Ryus
Moron Police - Boat on the Sea by Dmax28
Hopesfall - The Frailty of Words by oltnabrick
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Danza IIII: The Alpha by MyNameIsPe
Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb by zakalwe
Sepultura - Machine Messiah by Flugmorph
CHON - CHON by SaveBandit
Candlemass - The Door To Doom by rockandmet
Slowdive - Slowdive by Johnnyofth
Schammasch - Hearts of No Light by DDDeftoneD
Schammasch - Hearts of No Light by BigHans
As Cities Burn - Scream Through The Wal by bananatoss
Sepultura release new single by Faenrir
I - Between Two Worlds by TheSpirit
Hammock - Silencia by Mongi123
💜budgie and the casual con by Trifolium
Tell me a secret. by JesperL
Behemoth - The Satanist by DungeonBoy
As Cities Burn - Come Now Sleep by bananatoss
The Damned - Damned Damned Damned by DeadBitchA
Alice Cooper Albums: Worst to by rockarolla
Hopesfall - Arbiter by KateBush
Grimes announces new album by chug73
AOTY 2019 by Johnnyofth

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