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09-19Carcass Torn Arteries STAFF
Lorde Solar Power FilteredSeaMen
Sonido de la Frontera Sonidero Guerrillero STAFF
09-18I Feel Fine The Cold in Every Shelter nilsson
Switchfoot interrobang Crxmateo
Spiritbox Eternal Blue STAFF
Eidola The Architect vult
Vulvodynia Praenuntius Infiniti TheCakeIsALie
Thrice Horizons/East whitecastle142
Dolly Mixture Demonstration Tapes WeepingBanana
09-17Amyl and the Sniffers Comfort To Me lz41
The Felice Brothers From Dreams to Dust STAFF
Berried Alive The Mixgrape CameronLaD
The Felice Brothers From Dreams to Dust Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Employed To Serve Conquering JesperL CONTRIBUTOR
Mini Trees Always In Motion STAFF
Thrice Horizons/East GarthAlgar
Daughtry Dearly Beloved Shamus248
DJ Seinfeld Mirrors eureka
Insomnium Argent Moon DarkNoctus
09-16Spiritbox Eternal Blue GarthAlgar
Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West Lacedaemonius
09-15Phinehas The Fire Itself Crxmateo
Blazon Stone Damnation STAFF
Injury Reserve By The Time I Get To Phoenix luci
Peste Noire Le Retour Des Pastoureaux garas CONTRIBUTOR
Deafheaven Infinite Granite PsychicChris
Anette Olzon Strong STAFF
Slauter Xstroyes Free the Beast Casavir
09-14Nightcrush You Mark Me the Deepest JesperL CONTRIBUTOR
Other Lives For Their Love STAFF
Prince The Black Album ghostalgeist
09-13Low Hey What Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Tenci My Heart Is An Open Field Biblius
Trophy Scars Astral Pariah STAFF
Drake Certified Lover Boy TheMonster
09-12Replicant Malignant Reality STAFF
09-11Low Hey What eureka
Kacey Musgraves star-crossed STAFF
The Mentors You Axed For It! FilteredSeaMen
Turnstile Glow On dedex CONTRIBUTOR
Heartless Bastards A Beautiful Life Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Frost-Rimed Iron The Fire of Conquest STAFF
Eunuchs The Castration of Gods STAFF
Femme Generation Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode SandwichBubble
09-10Jail Socks Coming Down nilsson
Sleigh Bells Texis STAFF
Split End moratorium STAFF
Trophy Scars Astral Pariah Odal
The Band CAMINO The Band Camino YoYoMancuso CONTRIBUTOR
09-09Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley DaveCasero
Jinjer Wallflowers STAFF
Aborted ManiaCult STAFF
09-08Bo Burnham Inside (The Songs) JefferyBigglestein2
Drake Certified Lover Boy Drbebop
Steely Dan Gaucho DivergentThinking CONTRIBUTOR
09-07Sturgill Simpson The Ballad of Dood and Juanita Kompys2000 CONTRIBUTOR
09-06Make Sure Ninjutsu STAFF
Earth Groans The Body tyman128 CONTRIBUTOR
09-05Hexenhaus A Tribute to Insanity Casavir
Little Simz Sometimes I Might Be Introvert STAFF
Guillaume De Machaut Messe De Notre Dame musichub
The Saints Eternally Yours lz41
09-04Love Forever Changes nilsson
Ruby Haunt Watching the Grass Grow Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Drake Certified Lover Boy ValenDreth
Drake Certified Lover Boy ghostalgeist
Antediluvian The Divine Punishment STAFF
Carnifex Graveside Confessions DivergentThinking CONTRIBUTOR
09-03Carbon Based Lifeforms Stochastic STAFF
CHVRCHES Screen Violence Parallels
Drake Certified Lover Boy Odal
Drake Certified Lover Boy JefferyBigglestein2
Imagine Dragons Mercury - Act 1 Aerisavion
Taylor Swift Evermore bkjpjaugan
Mariah the Scientist RY RY WORLD ReindeerAge
09-02Between the Buried and Me Colors II DivergentThinking CONTRIBUTOR
Kanye West Donda letsgofishing
Destruction Spiritual Genocide LilPeep
Howard Shore The Fellowship of the Ring TheFuriousTypist
Klaus Schulze Irrlicht nilsson
Iron Maiden Senjutsu STAFF
Grayscale Umbra JesperL CONTRIBUTOR
Turnover Peripheral Vision ReindeerAge
Emilie Nicolas Let Her Breathe ReindeerAge
Hooded Menace The Tritonus Bell STAFF
09-01Red Hot Chili Peppers The Red Hot Chili Peppers DaveCasero
Alora Crucible Thymiamatascension STAFF
08-31Dizzee Rascal Maths and English LilPeep
DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ Charmed STAFF
Kanye West Donda Drbebop
Kanye West Donda ghostalgeist
Kanye West Donda ValenDreth
Orla Gartland Woman on the Internet DivergentThinking CONTRIBUTOR
Little Majorette Waves Kompys2000 CONTRIBUTOR
08-30Lorde Solar Power notkanyewest
Phinehas The Fire Itself GarthAlgar
Pierce the Veil Collide with the Sky LilPeep
Prince Welcome 2 America ghostalgeist
Goat Headsoup STAFF
08-29Helcaraxe The Last Battle Dedes
Kanye West Donda STAFF
Meredith Brooks Blurring The Edges LilPeep
Kanye West Donda JefferyBigglestein2
Indigo De Souza Any Shape You Take STAFF
Halsey If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power STAFF
08-28Treow Piece of Cipher Biblius
Electroqute Tanpasin WattPheasant
Scarypoolparty The Act of Forgiveness STAFF
08-27CHVRCHES Screen Violence JesperL CONTRIBUTOR
Bjork Vespertine STAFF
Between the Buried and Me Colors II Scheumke
Leprous Aphelion GarthAlgar
08-25Hollywood Undead New Empire Vol. 2 Daisy99
Yung Kayo work in progress steelizo
Giles Corey Deconstructionist ConcubinaryCode
Feral Lord Purity of Corruption STAFF
08-24Press to Meco Transmute SitarHero
Quicksand Distant Populations theblacklodge
James McMurtry The Horses and the Hounds Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Deimos Those Who Built the Sky Waxadron
Dale Kerrigan noise bitch STAFF
Maroon 5 Overexposed Shamus248
08-23Mammoth WVH Mammoth WVH CaliggyJack
Big Red Machine How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last? STAFF
Between the Buried and Me Colors II STAFF
Switchfoot interrobang STAFF
08-22Bring Me The Horizon Count Your Blessings LilPeep
Deafheaven Infinite Granite nomadtexan
Tinashe 333 STAFF
Neurosis The Eye of Every Storm facupm
Rural Pitchfork Lies BitterJalapenoJr
Tropical Fuck Storm Deep States STAFF
08-21Villagers Fever Dreams Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Jake Bugg Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Aerisavion
Metallica Load LilPeep
The Killers Pressure Machine Parallels
08-20Between the Buried and Me Colors II theblacklodge
One with the Riverbed Absence JesperL CONTRIBUTOR
Deafheaven Infinite Granite STAFF
Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions LilPeep
Lorde Solar Power STAFF
Tash Sultana Terra Firma Aerisavion
Ulver Hexahedron STAFF
Abandoned Pools Humanistic ghostalgeist
Deafheaven Infinite Granite dedex CONTRIBUTOR
Deafheaven Infinite Granite BrushedRed
08-19Sugar Ray Little Yachty CaliggyJack
Envy Insomniac Doze YoYoMancuso CONTRIBUTOR
Metallica Reload JefferyBigglestein2
Slayer Reign in Blood LilPeep
Blue Stahli Obsidian Aerisavion
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp We're OK. But We're lost anyway. STAFF
Steely Dan Aja DivergentThinking CONTRIBUTOR
08-18Metallica Master of Puppets LilPeep
Moon Machine Moon Machine Maverick821
BUCK-TICK Tenshi no Revolver JohnnyBBad
Sungaze This Dream JesperL CONTRIBUTOR
Mortal Decay Sickening Erotic Fanaticism blou52
Wolves in the Throne Room Primordial Arcana STAFF
08-17Pop Smoke Faith JefferyBigglestein2
Unreqvited Beautiful Ghosts Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Groza The Redemptive End STAFF
08-16Moon Machine Moon Machine WattPheasant
Meet Me @ The Altar Model Citizen STAFF
Maroon 5 Jordi ghostalgeist
08-15Aenigmatum Deconsecrate STAFF
Love A Jagd und Hund haesslichermensch
A Great Big Pile of Leaves Pono YoYoMancuso CONTRIBUTOR
08-14The Killers Pressure Machine STAFF
Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not Aboodash56
t.A.T.u. Dangerous and Moving Aerisavion
Reverorum Ib Malacht Not Here Lichtmensch
Yukiga Futte Uresii Chuusuu no Romero STAFF
08-13Lorna Shore ...And I Return To Nothingness theblacklodge
Nothing But Thieves Moral Panic II Aboodash56
Fawn Limbs Darwin Falls STAFF
Diskord Degenerations STAFF
08-12Bendigo Fletcher Fits of Laughter STAFF
Maroon 5 Overexposed ghostalgeist
08-11Laura Stevenson Laura Stevenson Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
Qrixkuor Poison Palinopsia STAFF
Jaz-O The Warmup CaliggyJack
Nas King's Disease II JefferyBigglestein2
08-10Torres Thirstier turnip90210
08-0921 Savage, Offset and Metro Boomin Without Warning Ebola
Sleep Waker Alias theblacklodge
Maroon 5 Hands All Over Shamus248
Wesley Willis Rock n Roll Will Never Die random
08-08Nova Twins Who Are The Girls? Daisy99
Samia Scout STAFF
Schammasch Hearts of No Light 0BSCURA
08-07Needtobreathe Into The Mystery STAFF
Silver Jews Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea tom79
Andrea von Kampen That Spell Sunnyvale CONTRIBUTOR
08-06Eluvium Virga II hel9000 CONTRIBUTOR
Foxing Draw Down the Moon STAFF
MC Solaar Qui seme le vent recolte le tempo dedex CONTRIBUTOR
08-05Oublieth À l'Ombre du Royaume en Cendres garas CONTRIBUTOR
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