Krallice - Demonic Wealth by Space Jest
Texas Is the Reason - Do You Know Who You by BMDrummer
Greyhaven - Empty Black by DreamAgain
Realm - Endless War by Source
Novelists FR - Souvenirs by SteakByrne
Vildhjarta - Thousands Of Evils by Purpl3Spar
Aequorea - Dim by Gnocchi
Hallas - Conundrum by Dewinged
Amorphis - Queen of Time by Gnocchi
Pinegrove - 11:11 by ABdayCandl
Eastshade - When Colors Fade by Storm In A
Obscura - A Valediction by FR33L0RD
Dir En Grey - The Insulated World by DrGonzo193
Mojave 3 - Excuses For Traveler by Sunnyvale
Sinister - Diabolical Summoning by FR33L0RD
Head Automatica - Popaganda by SleepyAndS
Gang of Youths - Go Farther in Lightn by onionbubs
Million Dead - A Song to Ruin by BMDrummer
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of by RogueNine
Sweet Trip - A Tiny House, In Sec by GhettoHmbr
The Body and Big|Brave - Leaving None But Sma by porcupinet
Obscura - Cosmogenesis by FR33L0RD
Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Moun by Cormano
Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus by Hendoi
maudlin of the Well - Leaving Your Body Ma by CaptainDoo
Metallica - ...And Justice for A by FR33L0RD
Nile - Vile Nilotic Rites by FR33L0RD
Blood Incantation - Starspawn by DavidYowi
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavo by FR33L0RD
Neil Young - After the Gold Rush by DominionMM
Believer - Sanity Obscure by Get Low
Cloakroom - Dissolution Wave by loveisamix
Forte - Stranger Than Fictio by LaughingSk
Peste Noire - Ballade cuntre lo An by Evok
Slytherin - Tales of Hogsmeade V by Gnocchi
Pensees Nocturnes - Douce Fange by Gnocchi
Dream Theater - Awake by Get Low
Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension by Cormano
Vildhjarta - MÃ¥sstaden by Get Low
Nile - Ithyphallic by JokineAugu
Finch - Say Hello to Sunshin by JayEnder
Six Feet Under - Haunted by TheSpirit
Immolation - Unholy Cult by FR33L0RD
Mgla - With Hearts Toward N by FR33L0RD
Circa Survive - A Dream About Love by SlothcoreS
Owel - The Salt Water Well by efp123
Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb by Emim
The Presidents of the United States of America - The Presidents of th by WatchItExp
Deftones - Black Stallion by Wildcardbi
Doss - 4 New Hit Songs by neekafat
dltzk - Frailty by luizprigol
Judas Priest - Painkiller by MrSirLordG
Johnny Booth - Firsthand Accounts by Purpl3Spar
Every Time I Die - Radical by Flugmorph
Thornhill - The Dark Pool by outliers
Shining (SWE) - VII: Fodd Forlorare by Frost15
Underoath - Voyeurist by treos777
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing..... by budgie
Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Cafe by normalocta
Symphony X - The Divine Wings of by FR33L0RD
Immolation - Failures for Gods by FR33L0RD
Symphony X - Iconoclast by Meridiu5
Dayseeker - Sleeptalk by Purpl3Spar
Denzel Curry - TA13OO by bloc
Madvillain - Madvillainy by bloc
Erra - Erra by Purpl3Spar
Funeral for a Friend - Welcome Home Armaged by Pikazilla
The Ruins Of Beverast - Exuvia by Dedes
Fit for an Autopsy - Oh What the Future H by bloc
Christopher Larkin - Hollow Knight by patrickbui
Nile - Those Whom the Gods by FR33L0RD
Reptaliens - Multiverse by Sunnyvale
Big Pun - Capital Punishment by frigyourge
Alustrium - A Monument to Silenc by AaroN911
Beirut - Gallipoli by Purpl3Spar
Blind Guardian - Imaginations from th by FR33L0RD
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Hum by jemaiseyet
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood by Titan
Deep Purple - Machine Head by Titan
Agalloch - The Serpent and the by TheBarber
Low - Hey What by AlexKzilli
Tomb of Annihilation - End of Time by mindleviti
Mortal Incarnation - Lunar Radiant Dawn by CaptainDoo
Godflesh - A World Lit Only by by Flugmorph
LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver by ArsMoriend
Mortification - Scrolls of the Megil by CaptainDoo
Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects - Sol Niger Within by parksungjo
Current 93 - Aleph At Hallucinato by parksungjo
Japanese Heart Software - SOFT by JesperL
Ian William Craig - Red Sun Through Smok by TheBarber
Agalloch - The Mantle by TheBarber