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Busta Rhymes

Trevor George Smith Jr. (born May 20, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York), better known by his stage name Busta Rhymes, is anAmerican rapper and actor signed to Universal Motown. He began his rap career in the group Leaders of the New School, andthen released his debut album, The Coming, in 1996. He has since released 1997’s When Disaster Strikes, 1998’s E.L.E.(Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front, 2000’s Anarchy 2001’s Genesis, 2002’s It Ain’t Safe No More, 2006’s The BigBang and 2009’s Back on My B.S. His ninth studio album, The Chemo, will be released early 2010 an more

Trevor George Smith Jr. (born May 20, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York), better known by his stage name Busta Rhymes, is anAmerican rapper and actor signed to Universal Motown. He began his rap career in the group Leaders of the New School, andthen released his debut album, The Coming, in 1996. He has since released 1997’s When Disaster Strikes, 1998’s E.L.E.(Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front, 2000’s Anarchy 2001’s Genesis, 2002’s It Ain’t Safe No More, 2006’s The BigBang and 2009’s Back on My B.S. His ninth studio album, The Chemo, will be released early 2010 and is said to be 80%completed. Born to parents Geraldine Green (1947) and Trevor George Smith Sr, and he has a younger brother, Paul Smith. His parentsdivorced when he 10 years old. Busta’s time during the year of 1983 was that of change, his parents got divorced and hisway of thinking was altered, during that year he also changed his religious beliefs and re-named himself ‘Born Justice GodAllah’ because of the supreme sorts of names that he now believed in and looked up to. He discovered hip hop music throughlistening to the Zulu Beats Radio Show, something influenced him from that show and three years later he would form agroup. Busta also went to school i United Kingdom, where he lived in Blackpool, Preston and Morecambe. Ended up graduatingfrom George Westinghouse High School in downtown Brooklyn.As a youngster he played basketball, football and soccer. His Panamanian baby-sitter, Aunt Mitzi, made him listen to all the rap radio stations. So, He would sit there at 2 in themorning rapping when he was supposed to be sleeping. I just couldn’t be too loud or Mitzi’s poodle would start dancing aroundand barking. One night, the poodle barked and Mitzi took my radio away. So he said, “I don’t need that radio. I’ll write myown rap songs.” Busta Rhymes later became part of a B-Boy crew with mainly latinos, a couple of white kids, and Busta, theonly black one. When he was about 10 years old after he moved from Brooklyn to Long Island, where he became a member ofthe crew when it was a big contest happening which the leader of the crew, Johnny Juice watched. Busta just came up tohim like, “Are you Johnny Juice?” and Johnny answered like “Yeah.” and he said he wanted to be down with this crew. Hestarted poppin’ and Johnny said he was dope so he said “We’re about to do this contest” and they wanted to put him downwith them, but he didn’t know the routines. But they put him down anyways and they lost the contest because they didn’tknow where to put him in the routine. The next contest they had was more of a battle, for the crown of best b-boys in LongIsland and they had their crew there and they won. Busta destroyed these other guys, when he was poppin. Johnny Juicesays “even if you listen to his rhymes now, you can tell by the way he rhymes and the way he moves around he’s really dopeon the popping shit”. Before his leap to stardom, Rhymes, was a rambunctious middle-class kid from Long Island who wrote “rap poetry” anddropped out of high school to pursue a music career. “I really thought he’d be a dancer,” says his mother, Geraldine Green.“At family cookouts he would win all the dance contests. He was always a showman.” He reminds his worst job: “I used towork as a stock boy at a department store called Cheap John’s,” he says. “I knew that I couldn’t really wrap my head arounddoing that kind of work. Even if your heart is not in something, your mind has to at least be able to be willing to do it. So, Itook the job and I worked for about two weeks, and then I quit.” Why?“They just had me doing too much. I had to line upthe roach sprays on the shelves and make sure they were all in order, facing the same way, with the logos facing the front.The dishwashing liquids, the detergents, the boxes that they came in when they came from the actual shipping companiesthat they were manufactured at. After I lined them up on the shelves, I had to cut up the cardboard boxes, fold them upneatly and tie them up so that they could do the recycling thing with them. After a couple paper cuts too many, and handsthat were calloused and ashy and bruised, I said ‘this is definitely not the thing for me to continue to be doing.’” Busta adds, “I used that as inspiration to go into the studio all the time when I had a free moment. After work, during mylunch break, traveling back and forth to work … to just apply myself creatively, and the opportunity finally came one daywhen I was downtown.” At 17, Rhymes landed a six-figure record deal. LONS signing with Elektra His first name as a rapper was Chill-o-ski, but he thought it was a corny name, and Chuck D from Public Enemy gave him anew name, Busta Rhymes. He got the name from an american football player from the eighties, George “Buster” Rhymes, andpeople always asked him to “Bust-a-rhyme”, so the choice was easy. In the end of the eighties he met Charlie Brown atTurtlehook Middle School and they formed Leaders of the New School with Dinco “The rhyme scientist” D and Milo In DeDance (aka The Cut Monitor). They were on Rush Management. They was signed to Elektra Records December 12th 1989.First Recorded Appearance: “Mt. Airy Groove” from the Rubaiyat compilation, Elektra 1990. A&R Dante Ross heard aboutLeaders of the New School from Hank Shocklee [Bomb Squad] and Chuck D [Public Enemy] and them.He says “I knew theywere one of their burgeoning groups and I also knew they didn’t have a record deal. I heard they were performing and I wentto check them out. I had just got my A&R gig at Elektra. I went there, saw them perform, grabbed them right after theperformance and told them they had a record deal if they wanted one. LONS released 2 albums, “A future without a past” in1991, and “T.I.M.E.” in 1993. In 1992 Busta’s girl was pregnant, but the baby died right after he was born, and Busta had bigpersonal problems after that, but he got great support from his group members. In 93 they where divided because of ego inthe group. A couple of other things that made him well known before his solo career was a couple of cameo performances, among themA Tribe Called Quest’s remix of “Scenario” with Leaders Of The New School, and the “Flava in ya ear remix” with Craig Mackand Rampage. It took Busta three years before he released an album for Elektra, in 1996 he released “The Coming” with the hits “Woo hah!Got you all in check” featuring Rampage and “It’s a party” featuring Zhane. while recording his debut album, he left the studioto check on his new SUV. He’d recently purchased the Toyota Land Cruiser, a giant vehicle that gives the impression ofdriving on an elevated track, for $40,000. Rhymes took the elevator down and came out on Broadway, in lower Manhattan, at11:30 p.m. His ride was gone. Furious, he marched back inside and closed the door in the recording booth. “There wasnothing I could do at that point, so I just vented that angry energy into three songs,” he says. Woo-Hah!! Got You All inCheck, one of the tracks he completed by morning, went on to become a street anthem and crossover hit, his first ever. There was a short gap between the release of Busta’s first album and his second album, but it came sooner than peopleimagined it to. Busta was sceptical about bootleggers copying the new album so for reviewing purposes he only sent outalbum samplers. In 1997 he released his second album, “When Disaster Strikes”, and after that, his popularity exploded. 1998became a very good year for Busta, he started his own clothing line, BUSHI designs, and released his third album “ExtinctionLevel Event (The final world front)” and Flipmode Squad’s debut “The Imperial”. Flipmode Squad at that point included BustaRhymes, Rah Digga, Spliff Star, Rampage, Baby Sham & Lord Have Mercy. 1999 became a year with problems for Busta, he had to visit the courthouse a couple of times because of child support, andpolice stopped his car and found an unregistered gun. He lost the case about child support, and he got a 5 year probation forthe other case. Now Elektra started to shut him down with less studio time and promotion for his next album. Busta didn’t likethat, and took his squad over to J Records in 2001 after his fourth release in 2000, “Anarchy”. J Records His first album at J was “Genesis”, with the hits “What it is” featuring Kelis, “Break ya neck” & “Pass the courvoiser part 2”featuring Pharrell and P. Diddy. Now he is CEO for Flipmode Records. In november 2002 he released his most fervent album sofar, “It Ain’t Safe No More” with the singles “Make it clap” featuring Spliff Star, and a remix of it featuring Spliff Star and SeanPaul. Other achievements in 2002 was the movie roles he had in “Halloween: Resurrection” and “Narc”. In 2003 his SUV wasshot up with 6 bullets while he was in the Violator offices, that happened just a month after a couple of people shot insidetheir offices. The collaboration with Mariah Carey & Flipmode Squad named “I know what you want” on “It ain’t safe no more”became Busta’s biggest hit so far. Aftermath In February 2004, Flipmode Squad joined Aftermath Records, New members was added to the squad: M. Dollars, Labba andformer Blackstreet Chauncey Black joined them. In March he got a six month probation sentence after pleading no contest toa charge that he assaulted a woman during a concert in Fall River, Massachusetts, in December 2002. In November 2005 the first official single off the album “Touch it” was released to radio. The video premiered in December. Heis now the father of four children (born in 93, 99, 00 and 02). In February, while making the second video for “The Big Bang”-the “Touch it remix” ft. Mary J. Blige, Missy, Rah Digga, Lloyd Banks, Papoose and DMX, one of his bodyguards, Israel Ramirez,who recently started working security for Busta as his jewelry handler, was shot and killed shortly after midnight outside ofthe Kiss The Cactus Production studio in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, NY. According to eyewitnesses, the shootingwas a result of an argument that began inside the studio and continued outside. The Aftermath chief Dr. Dre said before the release of The Big Bang that ”All of sudden I’m hearing people in the streetstalking about hos Busta’s back. In my mind, he never left, and that’s why I wanted to fuck with in the first place. He’s gotthat drive, and he never stops trying to top himself. Anybody who knows Busta knows that he’s always gonna come withheat.” His third video from “The Big Bang” was released 10th May, “I love my bitch”. The video features actress GabrielleUnion and the Black Eyed Peas’, who produced the song, but Kelis who is featured on the song, was not in thevideo. The single also features Kelis, but she’s not featured in the video. Also changed is his appearance, as he has cut offhis trademark dreadlocks as part of a personal renewal. “Eight years of court appearances later and I was awarded custodyof my children,” he explained. “My hair was remindful of the unnecessary rocks in my career and life. So it was time to shedthe locks… I’ve got my career and family right.” “The Big Bang” was released 13th June. The fourth video was released inJuly, “New York shit” and the fitth video came out in August, “In the ghetto”. The album was certified Gold in that month too.This month he was also charged with an assault after the Amsterjam Music Festival on Randalls Island, and he was ticketedafter police saw him talking on his mobile while driving past a Manhattan police station. On January 3rd 2007 he turned himself in to police custody after he allegedly attacking someone on Boxing Day. Lt. JohnGrimpel said a man told police that Rhymes, had punched and kicked him repeatedly after an argument over money. On May3rd was arrested on a drunk driving charge by police in New York City. Officers stopped Rhymes at about 12:40 a.m. becausethe sport utility vehicle he was driving had overly tinted windows, officers then smelled alcohol on the rapper’s breath and hewas subsequently arrested. was released on $7,500 bail, set by Judge Tanya Kennedy. After a 8th May court appearance, hewas free to drive. Rhymes’ lawyer said a judge ruled against a prosecution motion to suspend the rapper’s license followingthe driving-while-intoxicated arrest. He also turned down a plea deal that day that would have sent him to jail for one year,the Manhattan district attorney’s office said. Bus appeared in a Super Bowl finale commercial for Pepsi Max Diet in February. Busta Rhymes pleaded guilty on 23rd Januaryto assault, two driving infractions and weapons possession, avoiding a trial and the yearlong prison sentence recommendedby prosecutors. But Judge Larry Stevens disagreed with prosecutors that Rhymes deserved time behind bars. Instead, hesentenced him to three years’ probation and 10 days of community service for beating a fan who reportedly spat on his car inAugust 2006, and then assaulting his driver, Larry Hackett, that December. Rhymes was also fined $1,250 for driving with asuspended license in 2006 and driving while intoxicated in 2007. “I just want to say that I’m very grateful to the judge, I’mvery grateful to the system. I believe in the system. It hasn’t failed me personally yet,” Rhymes, dressed in a crisp blackpinstripe suit, said outside the courtroom.“I’m just glad that all of this is finally behind me and I can go back to doing what Ido best - making great music and great films and being a people person,” he said. His 8th solo album “Blessed” was set for a release in July 2008. First he called it “When Hell Freeze Over” then he changed itto “Back On My B.S.”, a title Pharrell helped him come up with, last it was changed to “Blessed” in April 08. Rhymes wasadded to Projekt Revolution 2008 (summer tour), He was joining Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, The Bravery, and Ashes Divide onthe main stage. After the first week of touring he had to leave the tour because of business matters; Late July he leftInterscope, because they couldn’t agree with Busta how to handle the final version of the album. Motown In September 08 he his new deal was announced, with Motown/Universal. He then re-titled his album to “Back On My B.S.”The first single was released in October 2008, called “Arab Money” featuring Ron Browz. 2 remix videos with different guestswere later releases in February 09. The second single, “Hustler’s Anthem 09” was released in Febuary too. The third single’svideo “Respect My Conglomerate” was released in March. “Back On My B.S.” was released May 19th 09, and entered theBillboard chart at #5, after a lot of delays; 1st July 08, 9th Dec. 08, 10th Feb. 09, 24th March 09). In June, the video for “Ifyou don’t know” was released. The video for “World Go Round” will be released soon. « hide

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