Brendon Small   Galaktikon
Release Date: 2012

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3.5 greatAngelboros | June 7th 15

In the brutal, most meaningless time of our fetid lives, there is only man formidable when it comes to releasing the kitties - and that man's name is Brendon Small, who is primarily known by the meek who inherit this wretched earth for creating Dethklok (and by extension, the metal-as-fuck animated series that is of course Metalocalypse alongside Tommy Blacha); he's even lent his voice to quite a few characters on the show and was also the titular character in Home Movies. As the years have progressed, our lake troll of an entertaining bastard has become a fairly respected figure in the metal community - and I suppose you could fill in the rest of the blanks here. Galaktikon discards Dethklok's death metal ways in exchange for an unapologetic heavy metal style containing prog elements sandwiched between the overall musical direction. If you were anticipating a briefcase full of guts whilst pressing the play button for this offering, then you'd probably be a little disappointed. However, that's not to say Brendon Small himself is without his merits. He still has a flair for sweet guitar riffage and unleashing ridiculous concepts that take themselves a bit more seriously than necessary, and on top of all that, Small's quite the accomplished vocalist despite the Nathan Explosion-centric growls commonly utilized at his disposal being absent here. Galaktikon is an enjoyable journey from Mordhaus to God knows where in the galaxy, and it's nice to see Small putting most of his influences to use incredibly well. Technicality: P-I-S-S.


5.0 classicSpydermar | February 16th 13

This album Is Epic! The Best Damn Album I have ever Listened to! I would not be sad at all If Brendon stopped doing Dethklok to make more Concept albums like this. The Vocals are great! who knew Brendon could sing that well! The guitar Leads are Epic and Powerful. Love how he Layered the guitar tracks. The lyrics and story are great. I LOVE this album!


4.0 excellentEvilMarshmallow | August 25th 17
3.0 goodDabaens | August 12th 17
3.5 greatpricealex | December 22nd 16
4.0 excellentICDD | November 10th 16
4.0 excellentVanFullOfSpooks | April 21st 16
3.5 greatdesecravity | April 6th 16
4.0 excellentMathMetal09 | March 9th 16
3.0 goodIntestineBaalism | November 12th 15
4.0 excellenttoolhed462 | December 1st 14
3.0 goodGwyntTywyll | February 17th 14
5.0 classicxdenzleed | January 10th 14
3.0 goodzaruyache | October 17th 13
3.0 goodironalien | April 22nd 13
3.5 greatVicariously | March 4th 13
3.0 goodLilLioness | November 21st 12
3.0 goodAdrianAran | November 16th 12
3.0 goodDolving999 | November 4th 12
3.0 goodEvokeDominion | October 25th 12
3.0 goodbornthetravestyofman | October 24th 12
2.5 averagexplosive59 | October 20th 12
2.5 averagejayfatha | October 10th 12
3.5 greatsomegreenguy | October 4th 12
3.5 greatTimothyBryce | October 4th 12
4.0 excellentNeoSpaz | September 27th 12
3.5 greatSkyhunter | September 26th 12
4.0 excellentSabaton | June 19th 12
3.0 goodHyruleRaven | June 12th 12
4.0 excellentnbmatt | May 25th 12
3.5 greatCutMan | May 19th 12
3.5 greatkroglor | May 13th 12
3.5 greatlerem | May 11th 12
4.0 excellentgallus90 | May 8th 12
3.5 greatDrThodt | May 3rd 12
3.5 greatDummit | May 2nd 12
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | May 1st 12
3.5 greatFilthyBorgir | May 1st 12
3.5 greatFictionalFlames | April 28th 12

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