Stooma   Long Live Stooma
Release Date: 2012

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0.0 Deviant. STAFF | February 18th 12

Yes, but the real question here is will it blend?

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5.0 classicforeverjohndeered | February 18th 12

this is an amazing piece of music. the story behind it will blow your mind

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0.0 Systemunfolded | February 19th 12

The 21st century's Dark Side of the Moon

3 Bumps | Bump

5.0 classicstoomapuma | February 18th 12

this is the best of stoomas short lived carer and it may never be topped

sample album:

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0.0 WeepingBanana | February 19th 12

The capacity of human intelligence seems to limit the capabilities to expand upon any possible creative aptitudes. Indeed, if one cannot even notice the facets that the ingenuities around him are comprised of, how can he be expected to fashion a beast of his own? This inveterate sense of constraint is a great blow to the veracity of mankind?s abilities. It restrains us and holds our minds to the ground below, averting any possibility of rising above ourselves to something greater; something not fathomed by the conventional mind. This concept of seeking to go beyond one?s self, known as ?transcendence?, is essentially a gateway to unlocking pieces of ourselves that can lead to some of the most elaborate and significant creations of our world. For many, this quest to transcend and form creations that were once considered unthinkable and overwhelming consumes life. Certainly it is rare to find such people, but when they are found, creative barriers are destroyed.

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1.0 awfulReturnOfTheDnor | February 18th 12

Trash album that if you don't instantly give it a 1, you don't know music.

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3.0 goodTrebor. STAFF | February 19th 12

The new Elliott Smith, I just hope Stooma doesn't stab himself like Smith

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0.0 stoomatwoma | February 19th 12


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5.0 classicnewjunkaesthetic93 | February 18th 12

Grape Soda Jamb, It's a metaphor. Get it?

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0.0 Sevhead | February 29th 12

i was really thirsty for but then i saw stooma had electrolights for me to have


0.0 Jade EMERITUS | February 22nd 12

The bread and wine of human life, in its most unadulterated form.


0.0 someguest | February 19th 12

a scientific journey from the people who brought you buttz: the hairy edition and space: it's deep and dark (just like your mother)


0.0 DeafMetal | February 19th 12

S T O O M A has released what perhaps will be remembered as THE defining album of this generation


0.0 Scoot | February 18th 12

it was so good i stoomad in my pants


0.0 Fugue | February 18th 12

what dnor said.


1.5 very poor | January 1st 15
2.0 poortreefingered2 | March 19th 14
5.0 classicTrollGerald | November 19th 12
1.0 awfulLakesss | September 11th 12
1.0 awfulVirFortis | May 28th 12
1.5 very poorCalicula | May 16th 12
1.0 awfulChristoMarko | March 17th 12
1.5 very poorWinrar | March 11th 12
1.0 awfulVyndax | March 1st 12
1.0 awfulLainVesper | March 1st 12
1.0 awfulRecklessAbandonment | March 1st 12
5.0 classicn00n00 | February 29th 12
1.5 very poorAliW1993 | February 23rd 12
5.0 classicBallsToTheWall | February 21st 12
4.0 excellentDotEight | February 21st 12
5.0 classicSiliconFields | February 20th 12
1.0 awfulDimor | February 20th 12
2.0 poorcrandynewman | February 20th 12
1.0 awfulDetritivore | February 19th 12

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