Apartment 213   Cleveland Power Violence
Release Date: 1997

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3.5 greatlepaysage | March 30th 16

This is an album for indiscriminately hitting things. Its about punching, kicking, clawing, stabbing, maiming, burning, bludgeoning, shooting, and otherwise hurting people. Ignorantly, and without purpose. Cleveland Power Violence is a tribute and soundtrack to the beatdown. It goes on and on for about half an hour. It doesn't go anywhere. It knocks you out immediately, then kinda just lays on your chest. The guitars and drums punch, kick, claw, stab, etc. Serial killers are sampled, women cry, men roar. Straight up powerviolence, dude. Sometimes it is melodic ("Bizarre and Brutal Crimes", "Wife Beater"), usually violent (every other song, but really, man, that first ***ing riff in "On Her First Birthday"), and occasionally a passable noise/pe track ("Lockweld: Infection", "Freak War"). It's hateful, misogynistic, and degenerate. Lyrics cover the incredible range of serial killers and spousal abuse. At one point he says 'I'm gonna make it hurt!', and it does, it truly does. The vocals are that low awesome drunk east coast italian dad yell most of the time, and they make the album. The guitars play tough guy hardcore riffs alongside faster grind work. Nothing too out of the punk box, but done with a good dose of malice. Great album, well deserving of the Jeffrey Dahmer moniker.


3.5 greatMillionDead | December 9th 16
3.5 greatJaykNekowl | February 15th 16
4.0 excellentanachronisticanarchy | May 24th 15
3.0 goodIlloomorpheme | February 11th 15
3.5 greatXDisasterX | March 27th 14
2.0 poorrecycledcopier | April 30th 13
4.5 superbMarchelloZ | February 11th 13
4.0 excellentaccompliceofmydeath | January 27th 12

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