Coroner   The Unknown Unreleased Tracks (1985-1995)
Release Date: 1996

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4.5 superbMentalVortex | September 26th 15

Great comp. If you want thrash look somewhere else. I enjoyed the ambience and remixing. Shame they put the
demo tracks on here, ruins the flow a little (and they are available elsewhere). The live tracks are probably my
favourite coroner recordings ever, Grin and later tracks played in the style of Mental Vortex, raw and fantastic.
There are a few minor flaws with the sound like the slightly irritating squeaking noise that sounds like a truck
reversing outside every now and again, consider it like scars on fine leather. Great to hear that this band were
absolutly on point till the end. Great and very diverse record but arrive with an open mind, this is not like other
Coroner releases.


2.5 averageFirstStrikeIsDeadly | December 14th 14

Look, I get that Coroner is often avant-garde, but a lot of this is just a little too out-there for me. Octopus is really cool and atmospheric, and S.W.A.T. is just awesome, but most of the "ambient" stuff here can really just be thrown away. Also, the recording quality of the live tracks sucks, and it's honestly a little distracting how downtuned the guitars are in the live performances. But hey, the demo tracks with the frontman of Celtic Frost are cool!


0.0 bloc | June 12th 12

I love Coroner but what the fuck is this supposed to be...


3.5 greatdeadrisingx1 | June 1st 17
3.5 greatdesecravity | July 12th 16
4.0 excellentGrandpaSeth3000 | July 17th 14
2.5 averagekual21 | April 3rd 13
3.5 greatthemadavenger | December 10th 12

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