Deep Blue Something   Byzantium
Release Date: 1998

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3.5 greatAndreasFlea | November 1st 14

Leave "Breakfast at Tiffany's" behind and let Deep Blue Something take you a little trip to Byzantium. On their third record (released on Japan and some European countries only, due to the fact that the band sued Interscope to break its contract), the band does everything it can to prove that they are not one-hit wonders. Needless to say, the record failed to match the success of "Home" and the band was back where it started. That doesn't necessarily mean that the record was bad. On the contrary, it was way better than "Home". They try a variety of music genres, from alternative rock all the way to jazz and they- almost -never fail (for example "Daybreak and a Candle End" sounds like a The Cure reject). The lyrics, written by the talented Pipes Brothers, can turn into smart ass mumbo jumbo sometimes but the beautiful instrumentation overshadows them. The song titles namecheck well-known 19th century figures William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) and Dr. Crippen. The 12th track is named after Pullman, the largest town located in Whitman County, Washington. It's too bad, that most Americans will never have a chance to listen to that hidden gem.

"Daybreak and a Candle End" - 2.5/5

"So Precious" - 3/5

"She Is" - 4.5/5

"Cherry Lime Rickey" - 5/5

"Byzantium" - 3.5/5

"Everything" - 3.5/5

"Enough To Get By" - 3/5

"Hell In Itself" - 3.5/5

"Dr. Crippen" - 3/5

"Tonight" - 4/5

"William H. Bonney" - 5/5

"Pullman, Washington" - 3/5

"Light the Fuse" - 3.5/5

"Parkbench" - 3.5/5

"Becoming Light" - 3.5/5


5.0 classictigstygrrr | December 29th 14
3.0 goodswapdand | November 20th 11

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