Coaltar of the Deepers   Come Over to the Deepend
Release Date: 2000

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4.5 superbJared Floryan | September 26th 17

Thanks to a certain human content machine as well as a friend that will go anonymous, I managed to sit my ass down and hear a Coaltar of the Deepers album in its entirety; in this case, the third full-length release Come Over to the Deepend, a play on the Tokyo-based group's abbreviated moniker. Consisting of 9 tracks, the album is the equivalent of a nocturnal person hopping on a broom, shouting 'Tia Freyre!', and soaring over to a world encased in fuzzy dreams. That said, there do exist sparse moments of metallic aggression (e.g. "Mars Attacks!") alongside rip-roaring rockers a la "Unlimber" and "C/O/T/D." Over the course of the record's runtime, there's certainly much in the way of personality demonstrated, particularly concerning production and even the vocals which are split decently between main composer Narasaki and guitar player Ichimaki. You'll also find that there are narrators scattered throughout ...Deepend's duration - usually following a song's coda - ergo I get the feeling this offering's meant to have a narrative holding the material together. Generally speaking, Coaltar's 2000-released affair is a meticulous creation that is far from dispassionate. Anybody into alt-rock, shoegazing, or both genres should give the outing a thorough listen.

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4.0 excellentloppakslusk | February 6th 12
4.0 excellentDonnyinaNightgown | October 27th 11

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