Consider Me Dead   Consider Me Dead EP
Release Date: 2011

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3.5 greatReap37 | October 25th 13

First off I want say that this is my first review so if you don't agree to some of the things I say don't be too harsh, ok? Thanks!
I would like to start off by saying that Consider me dead was actually the first band that I'd downloaded from iTunes as a full album and I don't regret it one bit.
Consider me dead is really hard to label in a specific genre but if I had to choose a genre that fits, I'd say more than likely a form of trance-pop core.
Now lets get to talking about the album itself. The first song on the album is called "The prologue". The song opens up with a great and strangely haunting tune then the lead singer - sorry they're new so I don't know their names at the moment - comes out of the catchy melody and says, "I can't handle this right now." Then the melody continues to bring us to the next song…
"#Getonmylevel is probably the second most catchy song on this album. A piano plays for awhile then a heavy bass drop starts up the song. The song seems to me to be about a teenager who is confused and is trying to remember something that has happened to them but they can't remember what happened no matter how hard they try. Then another heavy bass drop plays…the singer sings more about how he's trying to remember something that happened to him. Overall a great song!
The third song on the album "the view from here", is more mellow than the last song but to me it seems like a love song and my girlfriend and I can really relate to this song. It's not the most catchy song, however because the voices can be clearly heard as auto-tuned. But once again, not terrible.
The forth song "chasing California" is another mellow song but more upbeat. It's a song that puts the image of rebellious kids who are in love running away, in my head. 
The tune is nice and the lyrics are catchy.
The fifth song called "where are you now", is the most catchy and moving song, (in my opinion), on the album. The intro is really good and the lyrics speak for theirselves. It's a song that has gotten me through a lot of breakups and betrayals. Definitely the highlight of the album.
And finally the sixth and final song, "after it all". Consider me dead did really well on wrapping the album up with this song. This song is more dark than any of the ones recently mentioned. And finally some screaming vocals filled with anger sings about how soon everything will be over, plus they have clean vocals in it too. The beat in the background fits the song perfectly.
Well, to wrap things up, all in all the album is the start of a band that could have great potential and other than the auto-tuned vocals throughout most of the tracks, I'd have to say that this band is probably the best in its genre.
You won't regret trying them out. Thanks for reading.


3.0 goodRobbyInfamous | September 11th 11

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