Fit for Rivals   Steady Damage
Release Date: 2009

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2.5 averageCK | March 3rd 13

No, skele, no

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0.0 Exhorder | November 26th 12

The best album i have ever heard i think. Every song on here is a refreshing and fully energetic performance from every member of the band all of whom are absolutely incredible on here. The guitars are brilliant, the drumming good, the bass fantastic and the pacing is incredible. However it is renee phoenix who steals the show with probably the best vocal performance that i have ever heard and who makes every song that much better. Each and every song is a masterpiece, with Crash having an amazing chorus, Damage being insanely catchy and showing off Renee's higher register of vocals a little more and Hallelujah having a marvelous drum solo to kick it off and the best chorus on the album. THe only one that is even slightly worse than the rest is cut off your hands and even that absolutely rules with some great instrumentals that carry it despite sounding a little more lazy than the rest of the album. THis is a fucking classic

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5.0 classiccarachangren | August 11th 13

One of the most flat out perfect albums ever recorded, this album rules so hard that it is hard for me to find the words to put it into. However, I shall give it a go. The guitars go hard, I mean wow they rule. The guitars are probably the best ever written, check out Get With Me and Hallelujah for chords of truth, meanwhile the latter of those two songs also opens with drums of truth that go hard I mean wow. The vocals are probably the best in the world ever and Renee Phoenis is hot to boot. One thing left to say - fuck deviant.

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0.0 necksputnik | March 22nd 13

just... beautiful.. renee... please... i would do anything...

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5.0 classicDeathPiercedMe | March 3rd 13

Steady Damage is so awesome and renee phoenix is so hot and pretty and has such a nice voice and would love to marry her and did i mention renee phoenix is hot, these guys arent shit like fruitcakecore bands are, but they actually rule. Graet guitar work, awesome drumming, cool vocals, you cant hear the bass but it rules and im sure they have a bassist, cool vocals, great solos, cool vocals and did i mention renee phoenix is hot? dam.

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5.0 classicbullymong | December 17th 12

The most beautiful voice in hard rock music helps make this one of the best albums ever recorded. Steady Damage truly is a spectacular debut that leaves me just waiting for more from the band. Every song on here is an absolute classic with amazing guitar work and singing that can only have come from an angel. Renee Phoenix really has alot of power to her voice on this release and props to her for that

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0.0 clockworkangel | December 12th 12

Yes, it is just THAT good tha tit merits a 5. this is the perfect album from start to finish with energetic instrumentals and vocals that could make an angel weep. This relaly is the most perfect album ever recorded and there is nothing bad whatsoever that can be said about it. Really amazing work from Renee and the crew.

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0.0 souleater | November 8th 12

Amazing rock music that really does show off so many different emotions and a hell of a lot of musical talent. Really well written, with Damage standing out as one of the best songs ever written and crash also being one of the best out there. An incredible achievement

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5.0 classicskeletorissatan | November 1st 12

My favorite album at the minute, Damage in particularly is an utterly incredible song, and Renee Phoenix is so hot!

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3.0 goodiGuter | August 4th 14

It's been a while, but I remember listening to this band back in '09. Simple and hard album with raspy leading lady.


0.0 motherofallhubberds | April 24th 13

Album is rule and wow i bet renee even does queefs that smell of strawberrys


0.0 | January 16th 12

With harsh yet essential feminine vocals, grinding guitars and catchy hooks, Fit For Rivals deliver an enjoyable hard rock record that won't be breaking any new boundaries in the genre, but will certainly turn some heads in their direction.


2.5 averageJoran | October 28th 17
4.5 superbDurok1337 | October 17th 17
4.5 superbsebasvq123 | July 8th 17
3.0 goodSeaOfNovacaine | August 11th 16
3.0 goodSnide | August 11th 16
4.0 excellentmackenzie45220 | March 20th 16
3.0 goodLuksG | March 4th 16
3.5 greatKritical | October 5th 15
2.5 averageOutkast150 | March 17th 15
3.5 greatJonHardy | February 26th 15
2.5 averagemetalheadrunner | February 9th 15
3.5 greatDerek521 | January 20th 15
3.0 goodASnideReturns | September 13th 14
3.5 greatSlimePrincess | August 10th 14
3.0 goodAsdfp277 | July 22nd 14
4.0 excellentDumbledore | June 26th 14
3.0 goodchrisvasco23 | April 22nd 14
3.0 goodDvelez98 | April 18th 14
2.5 averageWillie STAFF | February 27th 14
1.0 awfulChortles | December 25th 13
2.5 averagemaaikebeautynpain | December 1st 13
4.0 excellentSlowlyFallingAwake | October 11th 13
3.5 greatBroonist | July 28th 13
5.0 classicMagnapants | May 14th 13
2.0 poorPerplexion | May 9th 13
2.0 pooramberasyylum | April 25th 13
1.0 awfulPunchforPunch | April 24th 13
2.0 poorVakarian12 | April 16th 13
1.0 awfulblacktheripper | March 23rd 13
1.0 awfulYoutellme | March 22nd 13
2.0 poorMunsuLight | March 22nd 13
2.5 averageNeoSpaz | March 22nd 13
4.0 excellentcompromisedreality | March 15th 13
1.0 awfulXingKing | March 3rd 13
4.0 excellentTacosaredelicious | January 26th 13
3.0 goodInsurrection CONTRIBUTOR | January 12th 13
2.0 poormanosg STAFF | January 9th 13
3.0 goodpacedown | January 7th 13
5.0 classicGabryBon | January 1st 13
3.5 greatWatchItExplode | November 26th 12
2.0 poorSolisis | November 15th 12
2.5 averageZombieParty | November 3rd 12
3.5 greatonlyhuman | October 28th 12
3.5 greatdemetrius2733 | October 23rd 12
2.5 averagefyffe | October 21st 12
3.0 goodRiban986 | April 29th 12

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