Pressure 4-5   Burning The Process
Release Date: 2001

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4.5 superbTheEarthVolta | July 30th 07

Ahh...where do I begin with this band...well for starters,Pressure 4-5 is a fairly unknown american hard rock band that never got the chance to be something more.Sure they gained a little popularity from their single 'Beat the World',but these days,an american rock band needs more than that to succeed."Burning The Process" is a cd filled with satisfying songs,by all means.They posses more-than-decent lyrics with easy-listening guitar work.What more do you expect from a band that ceases to exist?These songs are filled with great harmonies and catchy chorus' that will keep you listening and have you thinking,"how did this band fall apart?".Well,the answer is simple,'all good things must come to an end'.Which is very true,I mean half of today's music is overtaken by sobbing teenagers attempting to sing.It is a real disappointment when there are bands like Pressure 4-5 who created solid songs.Songs like"Melt Me Down". and "Stares" are all together good,the songs are filled great vocals,guitar work,and all together just good songwriting.If you are in need of a cd to listen to because you think you have heard everything that hard rock or alternative has to offer,think again.There is nothing more to say when it comes to this band.Pressure 4-5 were great musicians who could write solid,more-than,'radio friendly' songs.I find it odd that a band that broke-up had such a chemistry on this cd.The song structures are great,simply because of the 'catchiness',if you will,but be warned,more than one listen to this cd and you will find yourself humming along to the sound of Pressure 4-5.

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3.0 goodBritch2tiger | December 12th 15

One of the few nu-metal albums that stand out from the rest and actually sound better than most of the mainstream hard rock of their decade and even onto the next. Even so, there are (nu-metal) bands out there that have put out better albums of this genre...


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4.0 excellentbeastface44
3.5 greatrmgebhardt
3.0 goodengleprunt

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