Company Of Thieves   Running From A Gamble
Release Date: 2011

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4.0 excellentguitarechoes | November 8th 11

Company of Thieves sophomore album is something very special, two years from their debut album 'Ordinary Riches' the new album 'Running From A Gamble takes a more hard hitting rock approach in stark contrast to the soft indie sound of the first album, owing to the fast paced drums of Chris Faller and guitar work of Marc Walloch, all while consistently maintaining the distinct vocals of Genevieve Schatz. While the heavier side of the album is distinct it's softer tracks such as 'Never Come Back' and 'King of Dreams' where Company really shine artistically and the blues influenced feel of the tracks really compliments the more hard hitting tracks such as 'Modern Waste' and 'Gorgeous Grotesque' to create a constant rollercoaster of sound throughout the album.
The intense 'Death of Communication' definitely deserves a mention, the first single of the album contains three and a half minutes of fast paced drums and creative guitar riffs. Genevieve's loud but tight vocal styles are reminiscent of a young Alanis Morissette and work so well on such an anger fuelled track. All in all 'Running From A Gamble' is an album I would definitely recommend buying and has a place in everyone's music collection.

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4.5 superbthatguy84 | July 11th 11

Holy crap! This album completely took me by surprise. Their first album was decent, but Company of Thieves just plain nails it here. It's everything one could want from a second album: it builds upon the sound of their first one while introducing many new styles. King of Dreams has a tense, bluesy funk feel that just wraps you up in it and doesn't let you go. Tellulah incorporates lively, almost motown-like horns. Gorgeous/Grotesque is one of the most filthy blues songs I've heard in some time (and I mean that in a good way). Look Both Ways has a chorus that's just unbearably catchy. Overall a fantastic listen that I'd recommend to anyone who likes rock in general. Every song is good!

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4.5 superbAspenshadow | September 14th 11

This is absolutely superb indie rock right here. Not only are the songs original and interesting, but they pack a punch not many bands of this genre can pull off, not to mention the singer is absolutely phenomenal. This is probably one of the best finds I've had in recent memory.


2.5 averageDivaman | August 19th 16
3.5 greatelry2k | May 6th 15
5.0 classicDoReMe | March 10th 14
4.0 excellentCrowing87 | January 7th 14
4.5 superbkelano | August 22nd 13
4.0 excellentwireforawire | May 7th 13
4.0 excellentDiCarloM73 | April 13th 13
4.0 excellentSpoonerMcgee | October 26th 11
4.0 excellentxxxzzz | October 7th 11
4.5 superbDJD | September 23rd 11

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