Dispatch   Dispatch EP
Release Date: 2011

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2.0 poorFoGownz | May 19th 11

This EP is awkward. It's a product of three songwriters who haven't written together in
about a decade. Their old material, while lacking in maturity, had a charm and sense of
melody that appealed to me when I was 13 (and still do, but not as much). The main problem
with this EP is that there isn't a single thread that holds it together. Each songwriter is
very out of sync, bringing their own style of music and lyrics without regard to how it
effects the overall sound. Dispatch was never a very consistent band stylistically, but they
were always consistent in the spirit of their music. This EP fails in that regard, losing
the charm that made them appeal to me in the first place.

Also, these songs simply are not very memorable.

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5.0 classicpedroia55 | May 17th 11

Dispatch is back.

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3.5 greatlostndsurf | June 18th 11

The old dispatch was so0o much better i miss their old style kidding... I was worried what this album would be like. I was afraid they would try to redo their old stuff instead they put out some good new material. Con man is definitely one of my favorites. I hope they will put another full length out its pretty hard to put out material after being separated for so long so I am pretty stoked it came out this well.


3.0 goodHomunculusninja | May 29th 11

Its not awful by any reason, as all songs are somewhat enjoyable, but it doesn't hold a candle to what they used to be, nothing is quite memorable, and the melodies are not very strong. Its length may be its saving grace.


4.0 excellentrootsorange | October 24th 15
3.0 goodaaronrkc | January 12th 15
3.5 greatSyne | May 22nd 14
5.0 classictfunks | May 15th 13
3.5 greatDiCarloM73 | April 13th 13
4.0 excellentKeiRei | December 22nd 12
4.0 excellentAudiophile93 | May 27th 12
3.5 greatTim00w | April 16th 12
4.0 excellentjmh886 | March 11th 12
5.0 classicBradBlacktooth | October 30th 11
5.0 classicdude293 | September 9th 11
3.0 goodtaftie12 | August 6th 11
3.0 goodgliate | July 15th 11
4.0 excellentdub sean | May 20th 11
4.0 excellentWurmz123 | May 20th 11

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