Sleeping Peonies   Ghosts, and Other Things
Release Date: 2011

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4.0 excellentlotsajoy | February 21st 12

I'm pretty sure DarkNoctus is a troll and a fairly cheesy one at that.

(*he might also be someone I've personally trolled, too. And I'm willing to bet that's true*).

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1.0 awfulDarkNoctus | September 20th 11

Imagine if you took Velvet Cacoon and put them in Disneyland, gave them a MIDI machine and told them to make an album out of what they saw out of the window. Not to mention giving them shrooms. Enter Sleeping Peonies. The sound-off could end right here, but for the sake of my own entertainment and yours, allow me to divulge.

Sleeping Peonies is a direct result of the existence of Alcest and similar bands, but they decide to take it into an even more whimsical and incoherent direction. Be it the horrible production, the bad performance of everything, the awful song structures with the least subtle transitions imaginable or the general sickening feeling you get listening to it; Ghosts, and Other Things fails on all fronts.

Much like eating an entire huge bar of chocolate, it makes you feel bad and unclean after having it all in one go. This record is pretty much that feeling. But on the plus side, if it keeps you away from sweets, it might be a neat weight loss scheme. :]

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4.0 excellentwyankeif1337 | August 14th 11

noctus: you're breaking my heart, man :[


3.5 greatJLR2DEG | June 18th 18
2.5 averagebrain. | October 30th 16
4.0 excellentJoergsonVomWalde | April 10th 16
4.0 excellentcb123 | December 30th 15
3.5 greatDickens44 | October 1st 14
4.0 excellentgeasoftime | August 24th 13
4.0 excellentUqnivde | April 27th 13
4.0 excellentDomesticTerrorist | June 6th 12
4.5 superbjoyless | February 5th 12
4.0 excellentIgnimbrite | December 31st 11
4.0 excellentFuneralFog | December 12th 11
4.5 superbfoxblood | November 25th 11
2.0 poorlobby | July 22nd 11
2.0 poorMisterSteel | July 6th 11

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